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Anonymous Writing Platforms & Benefits You Should Know

Anonymous Writing Platforms

Have you ever tried writing on anonymous writing platforms? If not then you must seriously consider it and must give it a try.

 “I’m pretty sure I’m a narcissist”

“I left my husband when I found him cheating on me. I Did’nt think twice when I have did it.”

“I have dissociative identity disorder and I would like to share a revelation with you in this topic.”

These are just a few of the confidential posts on anonymous writing platforms that encourage unnamed users to post anonymous confessions, secrets, thoughts, complaints, gossip and many more. These networks, which include Whisper, Confide, and the latest Vigyaa Anonymous, make it possible to share thoughts anonymously with strangers. Before sharing more information about these platforms, let’s explore the benefits of anonymous writing first.

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Benefits of Anonymous Writing

 1.Writing is the visible form of our ideas, emotions, feelings, desires, and problems, expressed in words. By putting them on words we release them and thus allow our mind to rest. By writing we bring to light what we feel, the pros and cons of a situation or a relationship and we can explain to ourselves what we had not understood before. By acknowledging conflict, writing breaks through repetition of negative thoughts. That is, we stop ruminating.

 2.Writing has always been valued as a therapeutic tool. Not in the sense of solving problems directly perhaps, but, of course, it is usually a good way to expose what we carry inside, vent, clarify our feelings or our doubts, encourage us, get to know each other better and even help us to make some decisions.

3.Unlike Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, there is no need to worry about offending your friends, damaging your career, or tarnishing yourself online.

 4.Without bearing the consequences of posting under real identities, writers of those posts can be brutally honest.

 5.For many people, anonymity can mean a freedom to maintain their personal brand, the “me” that they carefully edit for their friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

Anonymous Writing Platforms


Whisper, launched in 2012 by Michael Heyward, is an online mobile application where millions of users around the world share real thoughts, opinions, business advice, and gain inside information. It is an anonymous social media application that allows its users to post and share videos, photos and emails without revealing their identity.


Confide, launched in 2013 for iPhone and aimed at professionals, the application allows you to share encrypted messages (via SMS or email) that are destroyed once read. The intention is to adapt the idea of ​​“off-the-record” – a term used by journalists to distinguish publishable from non-publishable statements – to mobile platforms. The app is also available in 14 languages.

Vigyaa Anonymous

It is the simplest of all the other platforms, just write your post and publish instantly. The best part is you don’t have to download and register. It provides full anonymity, no login required and no IP tracking. It is a safe place with a compassionate community of helpful readers to share your inner feelings, discuss sensitive topics, get suggestions on personal problems, brainstorm ideas or give unfiltered opinions without fear of being judged or labeled.

To conclude,

If you are looking for apps for anonymous writing then you can try Whisper or Confide, but if you want to get something off your chest instantly being completely anonymous and you don’t want to sign up or login, maybe the platform Vigyaa Anonymous is for you.

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