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IPhone 12 Specfications |Release Date|Price In India

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Iphone 12 Specfications and things you can expect from apple. Before the release of iphone on 13th october 2020. here we got the important things you should know about iphone 12.

Iphone 12 Specifications:

Apple iphone 12 specfications, Apple is launching its new mobile on october 13 2020. The key specfications and what you can expect. We discussed in detail about iphone 12 before its release. The top 10 things you can expect it from apple here are they are:

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Summary Off Iphone 12 Review and Specifications:

PerformanceApple A14 Bionic
Storage64 GB
Camera12MP + 12MP + 12MP
Battery3210 mAh
Display6.1″ (15.49 cm)
Ram6 GB
Launch Date In India0ct 13, 2020 (Unofficial)

Key Specifications of Iphone 12:

Front Selfie Camera12 Megapixels
Battery Capacity3210MAh
ProcessorApple A14 Bionic
Display Ratio6.1 inches
Ram/Storage6 GB/8GB
Rear/Main Camera12 MP + 12 MP + 12 MP

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Special Specifications/Features:

Other SensorsLight sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Barometer, Compass, Gyroscope
Fingerprint Sensor PositionOn-screen
Fingerprint SensorYes

Peformance and Processor for Iphone 12:

ChipsetApple A14 Bionic Processr
GraphicsApple GPU
ProcessorHexa Core
Architecture64 bit
Ram6 GB/ 8Gb

So if you’re interesting in the new iphone 12. But you really don’t know what to expect with the latest release from apple iphone 12. Let us help you out, here’s our top 10 things we know about the new iphone 12.

1. New Design- Iphone 12

You can definitely expect to see a new overhaul design. But something that will feel sort of familiar think iphone 4 or even the new ipad pros with a square edge stainless steel frame between two pieces of glass. There could also be a new navy blue finish for iphone 12 pro models which makes even more sense. Considering that apple just released a new blue apple watch series 6. Another rumor suggests the iphone 12 models could come in light blue violet and light orange among other colors.

The Main iphone 12 specfications is its new design and overall performance of apple’s new upcoming mobile iphone 12.

2. Four Models In Three Sizes

We can also expect to see four different models in three different sizes. Those sizes being a 5.4 inch iphone 12 mini a 6.1 inch iphone 12 and 6.1 inch iphone 12 pro as well as the super sized iphone 12 pro max coming in at 6.7 inches.

3. 5G Connectivity

All of the iphones in the 2020 lineup will support 5g connectivity. There is a possibility that only the high-end 6.7 inch iphone 12 pro max will feature faster millimeter wave 5g technology. In certain territories that can take advantage of it with the other models having slower but more widespread sub 6 gigahertz 5g only.

The New iphone 12 specfications will definitely have 5g connections as many brands are bringing 5g to its smartphones.

4. All-OLED Lineup

In years past the non-pro models usually came equipped with an lcd display over the more premium oled displays found in the pro models. But this year we can expect to see oled displays across the board every iphone 12 should have an oled display. This will allow for richer colors and truer blacks and honestly just a much better looking display over a traditional lcd display.

5. A14 Bionic Processor

The a14 bionic chip was actually already announce inside of the new ipad air 4 that’s expecting to be release later this month and was said to be 40 faster than the a12 bionic with a 30 faster gpu this is equivalent to a 16 faster cpu and 8 percent faster gpu compared to the iphone 11’s a13 bionic chip in other words your iphone should just be faster than ever before.

6. Lidar Scanner

The a14 chip is also suppose to help speed up ai and ar tasks on the latest iphone which makes a lot of sense considering that apple is planning to include a lidar scanner on the rear of the iphone 12 pro models similar to what we saw on the 2020 ipad pros the lidar scanner in the ipad pro uses reflected light to measure the distance from the sensor to surrounding objects that are up to 5 meters away and is essentially able to map the environment at nanosecond speeds.

7. No 120hz Display or USB-C

This one’s going to hurt me a bit this year but apple is not expect to proceed with the 120 hertz refresh rate displays for this generation of iphones as well as switching the port from lightning to usbc current ipad pro models already have a 120 hertz refresh rate or what apple calls pro motion but it looks as if promotion won’t make its way to the iphone until at least 2021. considering that a lot of other smartphone manufacturers are already offering higher refresh rates at 90 or 120 hertz as sort of the standard new feature it’s a bit surprising that apple didn’t follow that trend for this year.

8. Updated Storage Configurations

Rumors suggest that the storage space on the iphone 12 and 12 mini models will start at 64 gigs with apple also offering 128 gigabytes and 256 gigabytes of storage options available as an upgrade the iphone 12 pro and 12 pro max could start at 128 gigs of storage with upgrade options for 256 and 512 gigs.

9. New Cable: No Power Adapter or Earpods

As i mention before apple is not expected to switch to a usb-c port for the latest iphone instead sticking with a lightning port for yet another year with that said users can expect a usbc to lightning cable inside of the box but that’s pretty much all that apple is planning to include which means no earpods or a power adapter not really a surprise anymore considering that the new apple watch series 6 and apple watch se only came with a charging cable and no power adapter.

10. Iphone 12 Price in india

Finally pricing on the iphone 12 could start at $ 649 this year which would be the lowest price that apple has charged for an oled phone.

  • The 5.4 inch iphone 12 mini could be price at 649.
  • The 6.1 inch iphone 12 could come at 749.
  • The 6.1 inch iphone 12 pro at 9.99
  • The iphone 12 pro max at 1099.

There’s also a new rumor that indicates a tuesday october 13th. event for the unveiling of the new iphone with an october 16th pre-order date. and device is expected to ship the following week on october 23rd. iphone 12 specfications and iphone 12 price in india, release date for india will be expected soon.

As of now the sources said that the iphone 12 price in india is quoted around $ 750. The main iphone 12 specfications for india is same and colours will depend on the coutry region.

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