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Top 10 IT Sector Jobs in India| High Paying Jobs in 2020

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The IT sector jobs, Now this sector is booming i.t jobs. Form a leading employment sector with generous returns to its employees. with a revenue generator observed to have grown rapidly in the year 2020. Alone reaching a massive 168 billion dollars. Hence we have put together a list of the top 10 highest paying tech jobs for the year 2020.

No 1 Data Scientist

Let’s start at number one we have a data scientist.

Nowadays data science is one of the best trending technologies. data scientists can work on all aspects of data science. Data scientists get highly paid as in U.S. salary is 117345 u.s dollars. and in India they get paid up to 17 lakhs. This is one of the IT sector govt jobs.

Skills Required to Become Data Scientist

So technical skills required for a data scientist are.

  • The first and basic skill is they must have hands-on programming languages.
  • Such as python Scala sql and for statistical analysis the are language is a must.
  • Secondly major skills related to big data tools and platforms.
  • such as spark Hadoop a third important skill is you should be an expert at data visualization tools.
  • such as tableau power but last but not least you should know linear algebra and multi-variable calculus.

No 2 Data Architect

At number two data architect. a data architect is a practitioner of data architecture lots of companies are hiring for this position. data architect salary in the u.s is 141250 and in India is 20 lakh rupees.Data architect is considered to be highest paid it sector jobs salary in india.

Skills Required To Become Data Architect

The technical skills required for a data architect are:

  • Data architect also need to know about basic programming languages like java python data architects.
  • Should be skill in  using by tools like power b and tableau.
  • Should have basic knowledge of database sql is mandatory.
  • Strong knowledge of data warehousing solutions is a must big data platform’s knowledge like spark hive pig is a must for data architects.

No 3 Devops Engineer:

Now at number three we have devops engineer. a devops engineer is an it professional who works with software. developers, system operators and admins devops. Engineer’s salary in the us is 110000 and in India is 18 lakh. If you are looking jobs for It sector you should learn devops.

Skills Required to Become Devops Engineer

Let us look at skills required to become devops engineer.

  • Most of the work includes automation.so for automation mostly one of the ruby java python is require.
  • You should have testing knowledge.
  • Expertise in cloud skills like azure aws gcp is highly preferable.
  • you should know these tools at primary level chef Jenkins Docker puppet cabernets.

No 4 Cyber Security Engineers

On number four security engineers. They designs and implements secure network solutions designed to defend against hacker’s cyber-attacks and other persistent threats. We have a security engineer the average annual salary for security engineers. in the us is 120708 dollars and in India 1 million 60000 rupees.

Skills To Required Cyber Security Engineer

Let’s talk about technical skills required for security engineer security engineers.

  • Must know common programming languages like java c plus.
  • Scripting languages like php python Perl or shell also disassemblers.
  • Assembly languages other than that he must have hands-on experience with operating systems like Linux Unix.
  • Windows knowledge of database platforms like MySQL.
  • They should know about firewalls and network load balancers and cloud security.

No 5 Mobile Applications Developer

At number five we have mobile applications developer. windows apple iOS android. and says developers are all in high demand and as the world adopts more and more technology. this demand will rise so is mobile app development a good career to start. the average salary of a mobile application developer is 107000 us dollars and in India it is 13 lakh rupees.

Skills Required to Become Mobile Applications Developer

Skills required to be mobile developer are firstly programming languages.

  • Such as c hash java are preferable knowledge of various interfaces like android iOS.
  • You should have the ability to understand and follow technical plans.

No 6 System Administrator

On number six we have system administrator a system administrator. or sysadmin is a person who is responsible for the upkeep configuration. and reliable operation of computer systems especially multi-user computers such as servers. The average annual salary of the system administrator in the u.s is 84827 and in India they paid up to 10 lakh 62000 rupees.

Skills Required to Become System Administrator

Talking about technical skills required for system administrator.

  • Firstly system administrators should be Microsoft solution experts.
  • The system administrator must know oracle Linux VMware and red hat.
  • Additionally they should have in-depth knowledge of LAN and wan mail servers file servers etc.

No 7 Software Engineer

At number seven we have software engineer. if you’re considering software development as a career choice. The good news is that it can be a great deal. of fun for those who love puzzles problem solving and technology. The average salary in the us is 125750 and in India it is 20 lakh rupees.

If you want to become software engineer then software engineer can be the it sector jobs for freshers as its new and you get to learn alot.

Skills Required to Become Software Engineer

  • For becoming a software engineer you should have knowledge about java html css javascript.
  • you should be expertise in sql database dot you should have the ability to solve system technical issues.
  • Experience in Linux Unix dot you should have knowledge of ui tool kits.
  • frameworks is require these skills are so easy to learn and you can try it for this position if you are starting your career

No 8 Data Engineer

At number eight we have a data engineer. they are software engineers who design build integrate data from various resources and manage big data. Data engineers paid up to 130525 in the us and an India 10 lakh rupees.

Skills To Become Data Engineer

Now let’s have a look on technical skills required for data engineer data engineers.

  • Should have in-depth knowledge of coding languages such as java c plus python. l
  • Along with that they should have deep knowledge of sql based technologies and no sql technologies.
  • Hands-on experience of machine learning and predictive analysis is a must.
  • other than that data engineers are require to have hands-on data mining tools and data modeling tools.
  • Such as haggle rapid miner and particular knowledge of data warehousing is in need.

No 9 Solution Architect

At number nine we have solution architect a solution architect. They are responsible for the design of one or more applications or services within an organization and is typically part of a solution development team the average annual salary of solution architect in the u.s is 126000 and in India 18 lakh rupees now.

Skills Required To Become Solution Architect

Let’s talks about the technical skills required for system architect.

  • System architects have to have a solid knowledge of object-oriented programming.
  • Dns active directory SMTP sql.
  • They should have an understanding of the development and implementation of computer systems.
  • Additionally hands-on windows server VMware is require.

No 10 Artificial Intelligence engineer

At number 10 we have an artificial intelligence engineer. Artificial intelligence is the fastest growing technology. It is the best choice to get start the average salary of an artificial intelligence engineer is 100000 in us and in India 30 lakh rupees. It sector Jobs in india

Skills Required To Become Artificial Intelligence

Let us see one by one which skills are require for an artificial intelligence engineer.

  • You should be perfect at any of the programming languages like java c plus python.
  • Should have knowledge of artificial intelligence is a basic skill.
  • Must have hands-on knowledge of artificial intelligence software development.
  • most important is you should be skill in Linux.

We have discussed all jobs for IT Sector which pays well and requires less expereince to get a job. what do you think from above all job positions which job profile is appropriate for you comment down below and if you want to know more about this topic then please go check out the blog.


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