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Top Latest Technologies in computer science In 2020

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Latest technologies in computer science in 2020 are given below, based on thier demand and job opportunities we listed top 10 latest New technologies in Computer Science.

Today we are living in the world of digitalization we have this new emerging technology. New things are being inventing almost every year. The purpose is to make the life of human beings easier. latest technologies are always fun.

These have evolved to find lacking in education and their application. This technology has emerged to fulfil the gap between learning and applying it.

There are so many examples we can find nowadays. Artificial intelligence, 5G, virtual reality, fashion photo editor device, blockchains, robotics, quantum computing– these all are includes in latest technologies in computer science.

Know about List of Emerging Technologies in computer science
Technologies that are being develop, and getting applicable day by day, are termed as an emerging technology. 

Artificial intelligence (AI)

This comes in the top list. Artificial intelligence means programmed algorithms , so this is quite different from natural intelligence. That’s why it is also termed as machine intelligence. In this case, a machine comes forward, which can perform cognitive functions. In fact, the device can also act like a human mind. For example, gathering knowledge, solving math, etc.

Journal of emerging technologies and innovative research can be discused in Ai for innovative research and emerging technologies is Ai.


The term which comes after 4G is calls 5G. It means five generations of the mobile network. This system can assemble every one from each corner of the world. It connects humans, machines, and objects as well. This system is based on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing.

  • It provides high-speed networking.
  • High connectivity.
  • This produces a digital signal that can avoid interference.

Serverless computing

This is a cloud system computing module. To understand about serverless computing systems, we have to know first about server-based computing systems. Server-based computing systems follow three rules or three architecture rules- the database layer, the presentation layer, and the application layer.

The database layer is where data is preserves, and the application layer is where your application code runs. And, the presentation layer is where the UI is provide to the user. and this is considered to be the latest technologies in computer science.

Serverless operating systems change the whole idea because the three rules don’t work here. You do not worry about the servers during application. No operating system is need to take care of. There is no need to manage software, and hardwired don’t need to upgrade. It allows high availability, fastest marketing, without any fault.

Devices and Photo editing Apps

To be honest, photo editing doesn’t come in the top line of emerging technology. But we can place it in the device improvement section. Well, there are thousands of device production companies. They are upgrading their device- such as mobile, computer, tablet, camera day by day.

Without these devices, day to day life is hard enough. We use them for our professional, work, thesis, paper, exam, graphic design, illustrating, architecture, pdf formation, logo design, etc. Another essential thing is photo shooting and photo editing. The better the device, the better software they get for photoshopping, such as wedding dress photo editing, fashion photo editing, still photo editing, etc.

Based on this, there are many photo editing services. Clipping path CA is one of them.

Robotics-Emerging technology 2020

This is a branch of engineering, which consists of computer science engineering, mechanical engineering, information science engineering, and electronics engineering. There are some rules maintains in robotics.

  1. A robot may never injure a human being.
  2. they must follow all the commands given by a human being.
  3. A robot must defend for its survival, but it can not break the first and second law.

There is a machine that can perform a series of works simultaneously. It has three features- sense, think and act. Robot’s uses its provided sensors to gather information from their surroundings. A robot can think with the help of microcontrollers and microprocessors. A robot works by an actuator. You may wonder what an actuator is. An actuator is a machine that converts energy to various forms.

latest technologies in computer science, 
Latest technologies in computer science in 2020 are given below, based on thier demand and job opportunities we listed top 10 latest New technologies in Computer Science, technologies

These robotics are used in the develops countries in the factories, mills, laboratory, etc. They have reduced human work, and one day, there will be unemployment due to this robotics application.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is a computer-controlled scenery that gives the user the feeling of living in their sight for real. It will be easy for you to understand if I tell you that you can live in your dream. Here, physically you are not present in that virtual life, but mentally you are there.

Video games have already used this technique. You can see yourself in the battle-field fighting against your enemies, or your own built town, or driving your favourite car.

Some devices are use in this process. The most popular one is the headset. Through a headset, a three-dimensional video is creating every time. This shows the different sided videos with your movement to that side, and VR sensation controls sound and other tactile senses. Virtual interactivity controls a user’s navigation. That’s why we get really entertaines by this invention. We can watch a movie wearing a VR set or 3D sensor glass. We can enjoy the game. New technologies are fun, aren’t they?

Role of Emerging Technology

Technology is directly related to economic growth.

  1. Research and development: The best countries are using their technology in case of research, and evolving scientific products which can make our life better and easier. Some countries that spend on research are:
  • China
  • United States
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Russia
  • France
  • Italy
  • Canada
  • Australia
  1. Defence: Well, the defence is an integral part of a country. The more robust defence system a state maintains, the safer of its people can be. It is vital for reducing crime. For example, DARPA (defence advanced research projects agency).
  2. Science: Technology has played the most roles in case of the invention. Nowadays, rockets, satellites, electric cars, robots- hold the most attractive and most innovative ideas.

In short, we can’t finish the roles of latest technologies in computer science.

Final Thoughts

What is Top 10 latest technologies you may ask? This is such a thing that is something new, that is innovative, that is not discovers or invented yet. But these are not available still. Each and every corner of the world has not getting the taste of this technology.

Basically, these technologies are used in developing countries to some extent. They are working for economic growth, scientific experiment, or for reducing social work or developing machinery. General people may not need this at all. But in the future world, we can see, everyone is benefits with this type of technology.

A detailed international journal of emerging technologies and innovative research is discussed and you can download the journal by visiting here.



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