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4 Email Marketing Tips To Improve Print On Demand Sales

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies in digital marketing, as it’s easy to execute, and even small businesses with limited budgets can generate profits from email. For example, print-on-demand marketing can’t grow without an effective email marketing strategy to sell products, offer quality content, and build brand loyalty. 

For that reason, successful print-on-demand businesses take advantage of the full potential of email marketing to send timely, relevant, and personalized emails. On top of that, they utilize print on demand templates to save on time and money.  

To help you with email marketing, below are a few email marketing tips to help you grow your print-on-demand sales and revenue. 

  1. Take Advantage Of Email Software 

Marketing can be challenging if you don’t know how to use an email marketing software. Using email software is a must if your goal is to increase your subscriber list and expand your print-on-demand sales. It allows you to automate essential marketing tasks such as adding subscribers to a list, collecting email addresses, generating marketing analytics reports, and auto-responding. 

By utilizing the best software for email marketing, you can save and organize your email subscribers in a particular place and segment them according to several list parameters. You can also acquire professional-looking email templates, as most email marketing software offers customizable templates. 

Furthermore, you can also attach campaign landing pages with email software. It helps you keep your emails short by simply including links to your print-on-demand pages that provide further information. Additionally, you can add a buy button to your email to ensure subscribers buy your products. 

  1. Keep It Short And Clear 

Even if you already have a few loyal customers, there’s only limited time and attention they can spend on reading your emails. So, if your emails are incredibly long, you run the risk of losing your existing subscribers. It’s essential to get your message across as quickly as possible and focus only on your key points to ensure you get your customers hooked.  

Accordingly, make sure you use power words to instantly catch your customer’s attention. Keep your emails short and clear instead of creating long paragraphs that take a long time to read. Since most customers check their email on their smartphones, it’s wise to add links to your website to give more information.  

Furthermore, your subject lines should produce at least one of these critical emotions: excitement, urgency, joy, and curiosity. It’s because excitement triggers the readers to be interested in reading the entire content, urgency makes them act fast, joy causes them to feel good about the email they’re about to read, and curiosity gets the readers to click to learn further. 

  1. Make It Personalized 

Email personalization isn’t just about addressing your subscriber’s name in the subject line. It’s also about creating personalized emails that show they’re essential to you and that you sympathize with their demands. That said, making your print-on-demand customers feel validated is another way to ensure you turn them into loyal customers. And you can do that by sending them valuable, personalized emails to make them feel appreciated.  

Accordingly, you should send behavior-triggered emails or emails that are in alignment with your customer’s behavior. For instance, you could send a welcome email the moment after a subscriber signs up or an email of confirmation to assure them that their products are on the way. It’s also a good idea to add a personalized video to your customer that includes their name, favorites, or interests. Furthermore, it’s also ideal to send emails with discount gifts or coupons when you send them a birthday or anniversary email. 

  1. A/B Test 

Conducting A/B testing can efficiently help you develop email marketing ideas for your print-on-demand business. It’s a process of experimenting with two or more varieties of the same item to determine which one has the best efficiency. Thus, with A/B testing, you can choose between several marketing strategies to employ in your email campaigns. It also lets you see which email marketing campaigns for your print-on-demand business can increase your traffic and sales. 

With A/B testing, you’ll know what particular tactics catch the customer’s attention the most. This way, you can enhance the quality of your marketing efforts. Note that you can test any part of your email, such as the subject line, inviting message, and action buttons. For example, if you want to test your subject lines, simply change their sentence lengths, tone, and emotion periodically. Furthermore, after testing, make sure to analyze your data to gain new insights. 


All in all, email marketing is cost-effective and is one of the best marketing strategies that can help you reach out to your potential customers and leads. You may utilize these tips in your print-on-demand company so you can build your brand, turn clients into loyal customers, and increase your sales. 


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