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10 Effective Marketing Strategies And Tactics to Use in Attracting Customers

10 Effective Marketing Strategies And Tactics to Use in Attracting Customers

A great marketing strategy is vital for small business owners. Not only will this allow you to grow your brand, but it can also attract customers to try out your products and services.

While it’s hard to reel in new customers, you can do it with these marketing strategies and tactics to attract customers.

Attract Customers by Exploring Their Personas

For your business to succeed, you must first know every customer in your market.

You can do this by developing a customer persona. With this, you get valuable insights into your clients’ buying patterns, including all the details that will help you serve them well.

Use Social Media

As much as 3.5 billion people, or 45% of the world’s population, use social media networks. If you want to tap into this massive customer base, you have to take advantage of such platforms.

All you need to do is create a business page and promote your product or service through photos, videos, and other related content.

Social media can also attract new customers since it establishes a free line of communication. By readily answering comments and private messages, you can offer the service to prod users to switch to your company.

Start a Blog for Potential Customers

Businesses need more than just a website — they need a blog as well. Through a blog, customers can get the information they need throughout the buying process.

Depending on your marketing plan, you can post content on a daily or weekly basis. You can also get guest bloggers to create posts meant to attract customers.

If you want to make the articles viral, remember to share the posts through your social media accounts. You may also tap the services of influencers to widen your reach.

Make Sure to Implement SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is all about improving your website to rank higher in search engine results. Indeed an important marketing strategy, SEO helps you attract new customers in search of the products you offer.

For example, if you’re selling boots, you can find your target audience using keywords like ‘winter boots women,’ ‘knee-high boots,’ or ‘women’s hiking boots.’

Create a Call to Action to Compel New Customers to Act

A call to action or CTA is an excellent way to reel in an audience and generate sales. With this, you can persuade customers to ask a question, learn more about the brand, or purchase your product.

When it comes to attracting new customers, you need to establish a sense of urgency. You can do this by formulating a CTA in question, suggestion, or offer form.

A good example is, “Sale ends Monday. Get yours now!” With this form of advertising, you’re sure to find more people switching to your brand.

Email Marketing is Good for Attracting New Customers

This marketing strategy has a long-term appeal, making it one of the best tactics in the field. With a mailing list, you can disseminate the sales information that will attract new customers and even reel in the old ones to come back.

Apart from targeting a specific niche, email marketing can be automated and personalized to your target audience.

Here are some email offers that can draw a customer to your business:

  • Sign up for emails to access our free ebook
  • Subscribe now for a 10% discount on our services

Use the Chat Feature

Each customer concern is important, so you need to address it in the shortest time possible. You can work this efficiently by installing a chat feature on your website.

With this, you can let the client know about delivery times or troubleshooting solutions, to name a few. You can even automate it so that you can answer queries even if you’re asleep.

Host a Webinar for New Customers

Hosting a webinar is another way to attract more customers to your business. This information session usually comes with a question and answer portion so that the client gets to know more about the product.

Of course, it’s best equipped with an enticing call to action at the end, as it’s the pivotal time for the customer to avail of your services.

Hire the Best Influencers

If your business strategies involve social media marketing, you should get influencers, too. They can attract more customers by wearing or using your products, among many other things.

Given their effect on the buying process, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are using influencer content to attract potential clients online.

Start an Affiliate Marketing Program to Attract New Customers

An affiliate marketing plan is the best way to promote your company without doing a lot of work. All you just need to do is pay the online affiliate for every customer they refer to your business.

It’s also a good strategy to improve your reach, as these affiliates can tap on an audience you haven’t fully explored.


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