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How to make internet in little alchemy

The world of “Little Alchemy” is a digital sandbox where players combine different elements to discover new ones. From basic elements like water and fire, to more complex ones like computer and internet, the game provides an engaging platform for exploration and creativity. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of creating “internet” in the Little Alchemy universe.

Understanding the Basics

Before we dive into creating internet, it’s essential to understand some fundamental principles of the game. In “Little Alchemy,” elements can be combined to form new ones. For example, combining water and fire produces steam. This forms the basis for all the combinations we’ll explore in this guide.

Step 1: Earth and Fire

To begin the process of creating internet, you’ll need two basic elements: earth and fire. Earth is one of the four basic elements in the game and is represented by a square icon with a soil-like appearance. Fire, on the other hand, is another fundamental element depicted by a flame icon.

Step 2: Creating Lava

Combine the earth and fire elements to create lava. This combination is a fundamental step in the process of generating internet. Lava is represented by a molten, flowing substance and is a key element in many of the game’s advanced combinations.

Step 3: Creating Stone

Next, take the newly formed lava and combine it with earth. This combination will result in the creation of stone. Stone is a versatile element in “Little Alchemy” and serves as a building block for numerous other combinations.

Step 4: Creating Metal

Now that you have stone, combine it with fire. This combination will yield the element of metal. Metal is an important element in the game, as it’s a precursor to several advanced combinations.

Step 5: Creating Electricity

Combine metal with electricity to generate the element of electricity. This is a pivotal step in the process, as electricity serves as the foundation for creating more complex elements, including computer and internet.

Step 6: Creating Computer

Combine electricity with a series of logical steps involving various elements, and eventually, you’ll arrive at the creation of a computer. A computer is a significant advancement in the game, representing a major technological milestone.

Step 7: Creating Internet

Finally, with a computer in your arsenal, combine it with various elements in the game. Through a series of experimental combinations, you’ll ultimately unlock the coveted element: internet. This marks a significant achievement in your “Little Alchemy” journey.

Crafting the Internet

Now that we’re well-acquainted with the elemental foundations, let’s delve into the step-by-step process of creating internet:

1. Earth and Fire:

Begin by combining earth and fire. This initiates the process by forming lava, a flowing molten substance that sets the stage for further transformations.

2. Stone:

Utilize the newly formed lava and combine it with earth. This results in the creation of stone, a robust element that acts as a cornerstone for various combinations.

3. Metal:

With stone in your inventory, combine it with fire to create metal. This marks a significant advancement, as metal serves as a precursor to more intricate transformations.

4. Electricity:

Now, combine metal with fire. This fusion yields electricity, a pivotal element that introduces a new level of complexity to your alchemical experiments.

5. Computer:

Take your newly acquired electricity and embark on a series of logical combinations. Through experimentation, you’ll eventually arrive at the creation of a computer. This milestone signifies a major technological achievement.

6. Internet:

Armed with a computer, you’re now poised to venture into the final stage. Combine the computer with various elements in your inventory, exploring different combinations. Through persistent experimentation, you’ll ultimately unlock the highly coveted element: internet.

Embracing Creative Exploration

While the steps outlined above offer a structured approach, it’s crucial to remember that “Little Alchemy” thrives on creativity and experimentation. Don’t be afraid to deviate from the prescribed path and explore unconventional combinations. Sometimes, unexpected elements can lead to the most exciting discoveries.


Creating internet in “Little Alchemy” is a rewarding process that involves combining basic elements like earth and fire to ultimately unlock one of the most advanced elements in the game. It’s a testament to the game’s engaging mechanics and the sense of accomplishment it provides to players.

Remember, the journey to creating internet is just one example of the countless combinations and discoveries awaiting you in “Little Alchemy.” So, dive into the digital sandbox, let your creativity run wild, and see what new elements you can uncover! Happy experimenting!

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