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Nazara Technologies IPO Allotment status:Follow this to check

Nazara Technologies Ipo allotment status? You are searching for the status of your application for the ipo. Then the ipo allotment status check date is 24th march 2021, You can check your allotment status by following steps or procedure :

How to check your Nazara tech IPO Allotment status in Linkintiem?

•    Step 1: Browse the website and by simply clicking on the given link here.

•    Step 2: Now, go to the “Recent IPOs” tab.

•    Step 3: In the company’s IPO section, choose IPO allotment status.

•    Step 4: For inquiry of a query, enter your details. Here, you will have to enter your application number, PAN card number as well as client ID.

•    Step 5: When you have done with the previous steps without any interruption, you have to enter the type of your application. This means you have to fill either it is of ASBA type or non-ASBA one.

•    Step 6: After it, enter your application number and verify that you are not any robot by just entering the CAPTCHA code given at the end of this form.

•    Step 7: Now, click on the submit button given below the form.

•    Step 8: The system will automatically display the output whether you have got any allotment or not.

Nazara tech ipo Allotment status You can check Now : Follow this instructions –

You can follow this steps to check your Nazara Technologies IPO Allotment in Bse allotment page by following Instructions :

•    Step 1: Go to the “Allotment Section” of the Bombay Stock Exchange by clicking here.

•    Step 2: Now, select the type of issue about which you want to know the instructions.

•    Step 3: After this, select the name of the issue as IPO.

•    Step 4: After doing this, carefully enter the application number that you had received from your client.

•    Step 5: Then enter the PAN card number of the investor who applied for this.

•    Step 6: When you have done all these steps, enter the CAPTCHA code shown on the screen for verifying that you are not a robot.

•    Step 7: Now, click on the ‘SUBMIT’ button.

•    Step 8: The system will show the results of your IPO allotment status.

Nazara technologies Company Analysis :

Let’s talk about some games which you play on your phone like subway surfers, candy crush etc. Now would you buy the shares of the company making these games, which brings us to the upcoming IPO which is an interesting one named Nzara Technologies who develop games. Another interesting fact is that one of India’s biggest investors, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has a stake in the company. Let’s talk about the Nazara Technologies IPO Allotment company’s business, industry soo that you can make an informed decision.

Incorporation :

Nazara Tech was incorporated in 1999 and is the leading gaming companies of India and provides different mobile gaming and esports to its customers. The company is spread across the world in countries like Middle East and Latin America too.

Now, what is esports? 2 professionals or teams play the same sport at the same time and challenge each other. The company has a major market share in esports streaming and on-demand esports. Some of the famous esport games in India are carrom clash, world cricket championship.Nazara Technologies IPO Allotment : Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has 10.8% stake in the company and is not selling his stake in the IPO. Monthly active users are very important for any gaming company and what are these It is the number of users that visited the app and played different games.

If we talk about Nazara Tech, their MAU base is more than 57 million and how their games are extensively used. Let’s now talk about the segment-wise revenue the company generates. As you can see the different segments under which Nazara Tech has operations Like gamified early learning, esports, telco subscription, freemium and real money gaming. The total revenue was 2000 million till Sept 2020 and the largest share was from gamified early learning which contributes 39% to the total revenue of the company. esports at 31.78% nazara tech ipo allotment date, telco subscription at 21.33% Till the last year, their major revenue contributor was esports at 34% and telco at 33% meaning recently the revenue from gamified early learning has risen quite high.

Nazara technologies IPO Company Revenue Analysis :

Let’s now talk revenue in terms of geography. If we see, North America has given the major chunk of revenues till Sept 30, 2020, which is 41.64% contribution to the total revenue From India, 41.15%. Till the last year, major revenue came from India at 59% and was only 12.91%from North America and in today’s time the company has generated more revenue from other countries.

Let’s now talk about the whole industry and compare it with the world’s movie and music industry. In 2017, the gaming industry was 116 billion USD, which is now at 157.5 billion USD. This industry has taken a huge leap over music and movie industry allotment status for nazara technologies , the movie segment at 39.8 billion USD and the music segment at 57 billion USD and this was a comparison of gaming industry to the world’s movie and music segment. An interesting comparison between the Indian gaming industry to Bollywood. As of 2020, the total gaming segment is 1.5 billion USD and Bollywood at 0.9 billion USD And if we see the expectation for 2023, the gaming industry would be at 3.5 billion USD and would get doubled as per the research report.

Financial Analysis for Nazara technologies Ipo :

Let’s now talk about the financials and compare the revenue and profits of the company. If we see 2018, the total revenue was 181.94 Cr, 2019 was 186 Cr and the profit rises from 1 Cr to 6 Cr. The revenue jumps to 262 Cr in 2020 but profit falls to -26 Cr. If I speak till Sept 30, 2020 the company has booked 207 Cr in revenue and profit at -10.1 Cr. The operating profit margin of the company is -2.94% meaning the expenses are more than the revenue. The net profit is the subtraction of expenses from revenue and is at -4.88% currently. The market cap at which the company wants to list itself is 6200 Cr and since the company is loss-making we cannot talk about the PE ratio, lets see the PB ratio which is at 10 and price to sales ratio is important for online companies meaning how much price do you pay for a sale. The price to sales for the company is 30 and the company is completely debt-free.

Advantages of Nazara Tech ipo :

Let’s start with pros of investing,

  • The first pro comes across as the whole gaming industry, there are 3 reasons which can be seen as positives for the industry First being smartphone penetration Nazara Technologies IPO Allotment, their has been a huge amount of penetration due to the falling prices of smartphones from which the gaming industry saw a growth and if it continues to grow, the gaming industry would have a direct advantage.
  • The second being the speed of the internet, which has increased with the data charges reduced the industry has benefited and in turn the company has and will and most of the games need internet due to the multiplayer facility and the speed of internet has directly impacted the industry.
  • The per capita growth and rise in disposable income is an advantage as people normally do online payments.
  • The company has a leadership position in a diversified set of offerings. The company has grown inorganically too, they acquired Next Wave company in 2018 to better their cricket offerings.
  • The company has been growing organically and inorganically Nazara Technologies IPO Allotment to better their products and diversify their offerings Next is the monthly active user base being 57 million who visit the application daily and if monetised properly, the revenue can be increased a lot. but it can be seen in the coming times that how the company uses active users to build revenue.
  • Next, the industry is an asset-light business, meaning they don’t need heavy capital expenditure.

Disadvantages of Nazara Tech IPO :

  • The first con is that the company is loss-making and has booked a loss in the last 6 months too. The PB is 10, Price to sales at 30 from which we can imagine PE being very high due to which we can say that the company’s valuations are at a premium.
  • The company also has civil and legal cases with a total liability of 11 Cr.
  • The industry has seen a lot of competition in which new players have tried acquiring market share and did extensive marketing. For example, Dream11 and MPL are the startups which are running their business in the segment.

Nazara tech ipo Allotment Dates :

Let’s talk about the important dates and numbers to keep in mind before bidding The IPO will be from 17th March to 19th March and the tentative listing date is 30th March 2021 meaning it will be listed on NSE and BSE The price band is from Rs 1100 to 1101 and the minimum lot size is 13 shares, Nazara Technologies IPO Allotment will check here.

Nazara technologies ipo status check here :

You can check ipo allotment status of nazara technologies by following this vedio :

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