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Anupam Rasayan IPO Allotment Status You can check now

Are you Looking for how to check the allotment status of Anupam Rasayan ipo ? Then you are at right place, You can check your anupam rasayan ipo allotment status. One can check thier Allotment status on 19th March 2021. Visit us on 19th sep to check your status of anupam rasayan ipo.

What Are the different ways you can check the Allotment status of Anupam Rasayan?

Anupam rasayan ipo’s Lead manager and Registrar looks after the process of allotting the shares to each invidual investor or business. Anupam Rasayan ipo registrar is Kfintech Private limited. You can even check the status in BSE Ipo Allotment Page.

Anupam Rasayan ipo Allotment Status Check IN Kfintech :

  • Visit the Registrar Website Kfintech Clicking Here :
  • Select The recent Ipo’s Tab.
  • Now Select Anupam rasayan ipo in company’s IPO Tab.
  • Now Query By select Application No/ PAN CARD/ CLIENT ID.
  • Application Type select whether applied through ASBA OR NON ASBA.
  • Now Enter your Application Number. Enter The Captcha Code.
  • Now Enter the submit Tab.
  • If you got allotment display the result.

Check your Allotment Status in Bse Allotment Page for Anupam Rasayan IPO :

  • Visit The Allotment status page of bse: Click Here
  • Now you can select the issue type.
  • Choose your issue name as anupam rasayan ipo.
  • Now enter your Application Number from your client.
  • Enter your PAN CARD off the applied application.
  • Now fill the captcha code.
  • Now press the search option.
  • You will get result of your anupam rasayan ipo allotment status

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Anupam Rasayan IPO Review, Business Analysis Industry Financials :

Let’s talk about another IPO named Anupam Rasayan, its business, its industry, and the financials soo that you can decide whether to invest or not.

Anupam Rasayan IPO Company Analysis :

Let’s start by talking about the company’s business.

The company manufactures custom synthesis and special chemicals. Assume to manufacture a chemical you need a particular molecule and is specifically needed for the product and would be made with the same purity as required and is called custom synthesis. Companies get these molecules made for specific requirements and this is where this company comes into the picture.

If I talk about the special chemicals, that have been manufacturing agro, fertilizers and construction chemicals. The company has two verticals named life sciences and other specialty chemicals and if we talk about life sciences, the company has been manufacturing agro, fertilizers, cosmetics.

An interesting fact is that this business vertical gives them 93% of their total revenue And if we see the crop protection segment, it contributes 71% to the total revenue. Life sciences and crop protection segment can be considered the most important for the business due to revenue generation. Under the other specialty segment, they have been manufacturing pigment, dyes, and polymers which contributes 6.2% to their total revenue.

Now since crop protection is one of the big revenue-generating segment, they have some customers with whom they have a strong relationship namely Syngenta, Sumitomo, and UPL who take their services to produce their final products. They have strong long term relationship building with their customers which have spaned to 10 years Anupam Rasayan ipo Allotment Status. They have 53 domestic and 17 international customers to whom they have exported their product.

Company’s Main Focussed Business :

Let’s now talk about the main focus areas of the company in the coming future.

They want to focus on innovation in custom synthesis to provide better service to customers. Secondly, they want to expand their product portfolio which can bring them significant growth Thirdly, they want to improve cost efficiency in the coming time.

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Anupam rasayan ipo Industry :

Let’s now talk about the industry under which the company has been operating. We will speak about the whole specialty chemical industry. We will try to see the bifurcation of the global industry in terms of different countries and total value. This pie chart tells you the global specialty chemicals market, 2019, in which the value was 725 billion USD. In the breakup, 45% comes from Asia-Pacific Anupam Rasayan ipo Allotment Status, 21% to North America, 23% to Europe, and 12% to the rest of the world.

From here you can gauge that Asia-Pacific is the most prominent. Since we have seen the overall value of specialty chemicals, now would see the specific chemicals which have the largest market share Anupam Rasayan ipo Allotment Status. From 2015 to 2019, the industry saw a 5.4% CAGR, and is expected to be 5.5% by 2024.

If I talk about 2019, agrochemicals have the biggest market share which is 121 billion USD followed by fertilizers, water treatment chemicals, pigments, dyes, textile chemicals, flavours and fragrances and personal care ingredients and from here you can understand that the major contributor is agrochemicals and would remain that in 2024 too, where their share would go from 121 to 159 billion USD.

The overall growth is said to be 5.5% but if we see F&S report, India can see a growth of 10-11% CAGR. Now, why would India grow more than the world is because of the concentration in Asia-Pacific Anupam Rasayan ipo Allotment Status. Secondly, the stringent norms in China have shifted most of the production to India due to which a 10-11% growth can be seen in India. And the custom synthesis industry in India can also expect a growth of 11-12% because it is used in the end product hence the demand can rise.

Financial’s Of Anupam Rasayan IPO :

Let’s now talk about the revenue and profits the company has earned In March 2018, total revenue was 349 Cr and the company made a 40 Cr profit which rises to 520 Cr and profit of 50 Cr in 2019 and a profit of 52 Cr in 2020 with a revenue of 539 Cr And if we see till dec 30, 2020, the company has made a revenue of 563 Cr and booked a profit of 48 Cr And the trend of revenue and profits shows us that the company has shown growth continuously.

Let us now compare Anupam Rasayan with its industry peers. We have made a comparison with Chemcon, Tata chemicals, Deepak nitrate and tried comparing different parameters. Now Anupam Rasayan wants to list itself at a PE ratio of 72.2 and is the highest among all of them PI Industries had a PE of 51 whereas Chemcon had 32 and the PE of the company can be considered higher than the industry. The ROE of the company is 7.44%, whereas Chemcon is at 40.17% Anupam Rasayan ipo Allotment Status, Deepak nitrate at 46.57% and PI Industries at 18.55%, soo the ROE of the company can be considered low compared to the industry. The operating profit margin of the company is 20.67%, Chemcon at 26.83%, Deepak nitrate at 26.68% The debt-equity ratio is 1.02 and the rest of them are less than 1

Pro’s and Con’s of Anupam Rasayan IPO :

Anupam Rasayan IPO, The pros and cons of investing in the IPO and the important dates to keep in mind. I’ll quickly start with the pros of investing in this IPO.

Pro’s of Anupam Rasayan :

  • The first pro can be considered the industry’s growth drivers, migration from China is happening to tech advanced countries. If we speak about India, many specialty chemicals are being produced here and the major reason being the stringent norms due to which many companies were shut from which India benefited.
  • Second can be the rapid urbanization due to which land availability is under pressure and to fulfill food requirements the demand for this company’s product has risen.
  • The third being that the products of this company are used in many industries and as industrialization will grow, the demand for their products is expected to rise. Anupam Rasayan ipo Allotment Status
  • he next point is the barriers to entry in this industry is very high and barriers to entry meaning, no company can easily setup their business and acquire market share. and if we try to understand why the barriers to entry are high here Customer validation and approvals are very important in the manufacture of these products and the specifications also become important due to which entry for a company and to get so many approvals is not viable and to manufacture specialty chemicals according to the specifications is not easy.
  • Next being the strong and long-term relationships with customers and relationships with customers also act as a barrier to entry This would be seen in the coming time that how the company retains its customers and expands its product portfolio.
  • Next is the company’s diversified product portfolio and there are things if not supplied could directly impact the company’s revenue due to which the company has kept its portfolio diversified soo that that can be away from cyclicity to maintain revenue and profits.
  • The revenue from operations of the company saw a 24% CAGR from 2018 to 2020 and their exports too saw a 34% CAGR in the past few years. Even after covid impact, the company’s operating profit margin is 20% which is a healthy number.

Con’s of Anupam Rasayan IPO :

  • Now let’s talk about the cons and risks of investing. The debt-equity ratio of the company is 1.02 which is the highest in the industry and the ROE is 7% which is not a good number. And the PE ratio is 72 which is a very high number as compared to 20 of the industry meaning the company wants to list itself at premium.
  • Now when a company supplies its product to customers, they expect timely payments because that timely payment is very important for the business and their cashflows This point becomes very important in Anupam Rasayans case because their trade receivables are very high and its trend over the past years has been increasing. The TR of the company in 2018 was 883.92 million, which increases to 1205 million, then close to 1300 million, and currently 1414 million which is very high and you might have to do a deeper analysis in a collection.
  • Other than this, the sector in which this company operated has seen good competition from MNCs and since they have capital, the risk is higher on companies like these in an capital intensive sector The company is dependent on its top 10 customers for 85% of the total revenue and this becomes risky because even if one of them shifts, it could impact a company’s revenue and profitability So you should see how the company retains its customers and diversify its revenues Anupam Rasayan ipo Allotment Status.
  • After this, I will talk about a point which many people won’t talk about. Anupam Rasayan does have a long term agreement with its suppliers for raw materials and why is it important Because whenever there is a shortage of raw material, their costs shoot up and when a company doesn’t have an agreement and the prices go up, the margins and profits of the company are severely impacted. We will have to see how the company maintains its raw material costs and its margins Now I would request you to pay attention to related party transactions which are important for a healthy business.

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Important Date’s of this ipo :

Let’s now talk about the important dates and numbers which are Important before bidding The IPO will open on 12th March and will close on 16th March and the tentative listing date is 24th March 2021 on BSE and NSE. The price band for one lot is Rs 553 to Rs 555 and a minimum of 27 shares in a lot. The total issue size is 760 Cr Anupam Rasayan ipo Allotment Status.

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