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MTAR Technologies IPO Allotment Status Click Now TO Check

mtar technologies ipo allotment status

Mtar Technologies ipo Allotment status will be made available on March 10th 2021 in our site, Users can check thier mtar tech ipo Allotted shares by following steps or process/ Methods. Mtar technologies have Fully subscribed on day 1 3.86 times. Due to its strong business model, The grey market price for this ipo is trading currently at 86% premium in the unlisted market.


Are you wondering how to check your mtar technologies ipo Allotment status? Then, You landed on the right place, We will help you check your ipo allotment status off mtar technologies. Here, We will discuss different ways/Methods you can use to get your ipo allotment.

Check Allotment Status in BSE IPO Allotment Status Page :

  • Visit BSE IPO Allotment Page By Clicking Here
  • Select the issue type : Equity/Debt( Choose Equity)
  • Now Select the issue name as Mtar Technologies IPO
  • Now Enter the Application Number which you got while applying for the IPO.
  • Now Enter The PAN NUMBER in The given Tab.
  • Now Enter/ Click Search Option in the Menu.
  • If you got the allotment then it will display total number of shares allotted to you.

How to Check IPO Allotment Status of MTAR TECHNOLOGIES In Registrar Website ?

Kfintech Private Limited is the registrar for this MTar Technologies IPO. If you want to check the status of your IPO Application by visiting this registar, then you need to follow this procedure :

  • Select MTAR Technologies in Select ipo section
  • Select the mode you want it : Application No/DP id/Pan card
  • Select Application Type : ASBA/UPI/Non-ASBA
  • Now enter the Application Number
  • Fill The Captcha Code
  • Now enter the Search Tab
  • If Shares Allotted, It will Display in the screen.

MTar Technologies IPO Overview :

IPO Opening DateMar 3, 2021
IPO Closing DateMar 5, 2021
Issue TypeBook Built Issue IPO
Face ValueRs. 10 per equity share
IPO PriceRs. 574 to ₹575 per equity share
Market Lot26 Shares
Min Order Quantity26 Shares
Listing AtBSE, NSE
Issue Size10,372,419 Eq Shares of Rs. 10
Fresh Issue2,148,149 Eq Shares of Rs. 10
Offer for Sale8,224,270 Eq Shares of Rs. 10

MTAR Technologies Grey Market premium (GMP) Today :

MTAR Technologies Debuted strongly on the first day off subscribtion which subscribed fully hours after open for subscribtion. Mtar Technologies grey market premium trading 86% in the unlisted market on 1st march 2021. The Shares of mtar tech ipo saw a surge in demand from last weekend. However, The Agents in the unlisted market booking this IPO’s Subject to sauda price at 8500 with max trades.

The gmp today for mtar technologies ipo is around 430-450 INR, It’s expected that the price off this ipo will get more interest in the coming days. Hence, The brokerage Houses gave the buy rating for this ipo. Mtar technologies ipo allotment status

MTar Technologies IPO Analysis :

Friends, an IPO is coming named MTAR technologies. We will tell you about the company’s business, its financials how the company has performed and most important about the industry in which it operates. and will tell you about everything in detail and also the players who have been in the industry. Let’s quickly move towards the company’s business. The company is a precision engineering provider where they manufacture precision components. The room for errors is less, hence they have to make accurate products.

So this company serves projects of national importance through its precision machining, quality test control, specialized fabrication and serves projects of national importance of Mtar technologies ipo allotment status. If we speak about its customers, major of them are nuclear, defence, space and clean energy. Some names include ISRO, NPCIL, and DRDO which are very important for us as a country. MTAR has 7 high-tech manufacturing unit and one of them is specialized for exports meaning it manufactures those products which are meant for export to other countries.

Revenue :

Let’s now see that how much revenue has the company generated from these sectors as a % of their total revenue. For which I will take you to my screen so that you get an idea from where the company has generated its revenue. If I speak about 2018, they generated 28.89% revenue from the nuclear sector 20.06%, From space and defense and the major contributor being clean energy with 49.14%.

If we see 2019, the revenue from clean energy rose from 49.14% to 61.42%. And in 2020 it goes to 64.34% From this, you might have sensed that the major revenue generator comes from the clean energy sector. If I give you an interesting insight about the company’s revenue generated till Sept 30 of this financial year is around 47.48% and the revenue from the nuclear sector as of FY2020 is 30.17%. Whereas space and defense revenue is 20.46% of their total revenue.

Now that we have talked about the company’s business, Let’s now see why the company is coming up with an IPO.

What is the objective of the IPO?

  • First is being to pay off their borrowings.
  • Second to maintain working capital, the amount required to run the company.
  • Third, being to meet the other corporate requirements.

Strategy :

Another important aspect we will discuss is the strategy of the company and how will they expand in the coming future The company wants to keep its product portfolio intact rather wants to make it more robust but the company wants to explore the products where growth possibilities exist. The company wants to make its portfolio robust because they think that the opportunities in the nuclear sector are huge. Other than this our government has taken initiatives soo that more manufacturing can happen in defense of Mtar technologies ipo allotment status.

The company also sees growth after the commercialization of the space sector. The company is going to stay focused on the exports business because 35% of their revenue is seen from exports. but want to expand into products which would lead to an increase in their exports business.

Mtar Tech ipo Industry :

Let’s now speak about the industry, from which the company comes from because it is believed that a company grows from its own policies as well as the growth potential of the industry. The engineering sector is divided into two named heavy and light, This division is made on the basis of products that come from its sub-sectors. and from the technology which is used to make heavy or light engineering products.

The manufacturing and assembly of industrial machinery and plant equipment is done under heavy engineering. This equipment is made in a way that can be used directly in different sectors. like fertilizers, textile, petrochemical, nuclear, thermal are done under heavy engineering. Sophisticated equipments are manufactured under light engineering in sectors like automobile, thermal meaning which are very sophisticated precision wise Precision engineering is the manufacturing of products that are low-tolerance and can be used in multiple cycles. meaning those equipments which would give the same results even after a lot of usage Mtar technologies ipo allotment status.

As you might have understood, these components are made for precision, low tolerance, and have fewer errors. and are used in sectors like aviation, aerospace, thermal and nuclear.

Industry Size :

Now let’s see how big an industry is this, for which I would like to show you a report by CRISIL, If we speak about now, FY 2020, the industry is at 4098 billion and is expected to rise to 5550 billion by FY 2025 which shows an expectation of 6-7% CAGR. The major contributor to this industry is automobile components meaning the revenue is the highest. If you see the breakup where it displays the contribution of different sectors to the industry.

If I speak about 2020, automobile components at 51%, defence and aerospace at 19% and if we see the expected numbers till 2025, then also automobiles would be the largest contributor at 54% defence snd aerospace would be at 18% followed by engg and capital goods at 13%.

Let’s now try and understand the contribution of the nuclear sector in India’s total energy. As you can see the contribution of nuclear from 2000 to 2019 in terms of total power generation in India. This number was 16% in 2000 and is 10% now however is same in absolute numbers which peaked in 2006. Total power generation has increased in India but total contribution has reduced a bit. If we speak about the estimation, the installed nuclear capacity will increase by 7-8% CAGR. Mtar technologies ipo allotment status

Defense :

Let’s now see the defence sector, like the government allocates some portion of the GDP to it. soo that the expenditures can be covered and India’s defence is strengthened. So it is important for us to understand the allocation in terms of GDP and how can it grow. Where you can see a growth in defense expenditure and a growth of 11% is seen in 2020 and we have seen growth every year and is expected to rise by 7-9% CAGR by 2025.

Energy Sector :

Lastly, let’s see the clean energy sector which gives the company maximum revenue. Let’s speak about the total clean energy generation globally and its contribution. The maximum electricity generation is done by coal in today’s time which 36.4% followed by natural gas at 23% and renewables at 10.44% and nuclear at 10.4%. This was the breakup for 2019 but in today’s time countries all over the world are focusing on renewable sectors.

If we look at a forecasted number for 2040 you will get to know how the % will change in the coming years. Here you can see a projected pie chart of 2040 by IEE. which will tell you the gross world electricity production in the coming time. The contribution of coal which is 36.4% right now will reduce to 22.5%. but the major jump would be in solar which would contribute 13% and biofuels at 3.4%.

Whereas if we see wind, it will also become one of the contributors at 12.8% globally From here you can get an idea of how these numbers would change if everything goes right. due to which the company might get an opportunity to grow.

MTAR Technologies IPO Financials :

Let’s now speak about the financials of the company and compare with its industry As you can see, some are in direct competition with the company and some are indirectly linked to the industry. Like GMM Pfaudler, Thermax, Hindustan Aeronautics, and MTAR technologies, At first we have kept the PE ratio of MATR at 46 GMM Pfaudler at 76, Thermax at 90. Whereas Bharat dynamics and hindustan aeronautics have lower PE ROE of MATR tech is 13.61%, GMM Pfaudler at 23.51%, Bharat dynamics at 21.94% Hindustan Aeronautics at 22.03%, if we talk about the operating profit margin, its normally around 20% Operating profit margin of MATR is around 20.28%, GMM Pfaudler at 19.48% , Bharat dynamics at 17.16% and Hindustan Aeronautics at 22.92% If we see the debt to equity ratio, MATR tech is at 0.18, GMM Pfaudler at 0.16 Hindustan Aeronautics at 0.31 and Thermax at 0.8 and Bharat dynamics is purely a debt free company. This company is the smallest among all in term s of market cap at 1538.65 Cr BEML at 4400 Cr, GMM Pfaudler at 6183 Cr and Thermax at 15400 Cr. Mtar technologies ipo allotment status


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