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Benefits Of Using Stock Screener For Your Portfolio In Indian Market

Benefits Of Using Stock Screener For Your Portfolio In Indian Market

Gone are the days when you needed to perform in-depth research and analysis in order to find the best companies and stocks for making investments. All thanks to stock screeners, you can find the desirable stocks in just a matter of minutes. In this article, we will throw some light on the top advantages of using a technical stock screener in India. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started!

Stock screeners are powerful stock market analysis tools.

What is a technical stock screener in India?

A technical stock screener in India is a tool or software that allows you to screen or filter stocks on the basis of some specific criteria. Of course, you need to do your homework in terms of personal research and analysis, but you can actually screen or filter out the entire stock market in just a couple of clicks, create your personal watchlist, save screens for easy access, and so on.

Main characteristic of a technical stock screener in India

When you search for a technical stock screener in India, you’ll surely come across hundreds of them. They have become quite popular over the past few years, mainly because they act like a medium that offers large number of exclusive and profitable investment options for the users. Below are the main characteristics of stock screeners :

There are many free stock screeners available in the market. They are great for beginners as they can try out using them without having to pay any hefty charges.

Screeners have a huge listing of stocks from the biggest stock markets. Hence, they cover all the stock options efficiently.

Although there are myriads of stocks listed in the stock exchanges, there is still a chance to miss out on the profitable stocks. The stock screeners make it easy for you to find out new and better investment options, which went unnoticed by you.

Stocks screeners also include data points and market inclusions.

How to use stock screeners?

Stock screeners are just like any other tool or application. You can either use them in your PC or install an application in your mobile phone. They can be used in the same way as any other mobile application. Just like you do while online shopping, you can set your preferred criteria as filters, market capitalization, preferred price range, for example, and run the screener to get a list matching that criteria. In this way, you can easily bypass the companies that don’t meet your expectations. So, all you need to do is learn how to use a stock screener.

Here is how you can use a technical stock screener in India:

  • Perform your research and discover the metrics of stocks you want to search for, the ones that sound most profitable to you.
  • Now, enter the same criteria in your stock screener and lock your preferences.
  • Once you run it, the screener will provide you with a list of stocks, or company shares tjay match your criteria.
  • The metrics you set at the time of search can also be saved. You can save your screens for easy access, and can also create watchlists to keep an eye on the performance of your

shortlisted stocks /companies.

Check https://www.tickertape.in/screener for technical analysis using fundamental indicators.

Benefits of Using a Technical Stock Screener in India

If you’re wondering why stock screeners are the most useful tools for the investors, then wonder no more. We are stating some obvious facts that show why stock screeners are useful and how they can help you.

Save time

There are hundreds and thousands of stocks available out there, and eliminating the unwanted stocks would take a lot of time, energy and efforts, if you go the old traditional way. It is nearly impossible for investors to check out each and every stock or company’s profile.

Helps in making well-informed investments decisions

Emotions and behaviour coming between your investment decisions can be very unhealthy and lead you towards risky investments. A stock screener eliminates the possibility of taking emotionally-biased decisions by filtering stocks based on facts and figures.

Opening new investment options

As discussed earlier, there are thousands of stocks listed on different stock exchanges. Hence, knowing all the options is not possible for the investors.

Stock screeners offer a medium through which you can discover new and better investment options. Thus, you can increase your knowledge of valuable stocks that are listed in various stock exchanges.

Final Words

No doubt, stock screeners make a great stock market research tool. But you can’t simply expect them to a magical ingredient to bring you the perfect stocks. It doesn’t work that way.

Stock screeners are simply the software or tools that make your task a lot easier. You can shortlist the valuable stocks you might be interested in. They save your time and contribute to your research, in finding the best investment options.


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