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Online Tutoring For Students: Free Offers

Online Tutoring For Students

You are about to take an important exam and are urgently looking for math tutoring for students?

Are you studying mechanical engineering and don’t know what to do next? Is your literary studies lecture giving you a headache? Is your first state examination coming up?Before you ask around at the tutoring institutes and private tutors that you may still know from your school days, try out online tutoring!

On the Internet, you can find learning videos on a wide variety of areas, material for sample tasks and solutions to practice, as well as entire online courses including private support via Skype.We, at StudyMInd,have taken a closer look at the topic of “online tutoring for students”. For instance, one of the best examples of online tutoring for students is GSCE biology tutor.

In the following you will find an overview of the providers and reasons that speak for tutoring online!

That speaks for online tutoring during your studies

As a student, you have already proven that you can learn independently and have something in your head – because you have passed the (technical) Abitur or have made it to your studies thanks to years of practical experience and additional training.

That speaks for online tutoring during your studies

In contrast to private tutors, you often lose private supervision, but as just described, many students no longer need it as much as, for example, lower and middle school students. Study groups, students from older semesters, library meetings and tutorials for the lectures can help you to keep the level of motivation high and to support each other.

In contrast to tutoring institutes or private tutors, online tutoring is often much cheaper and more convenient for you.All you need is your laptop and a stable internet connection and a wide range of tutoring options is available to you!

Whether via apps on the mobile phone (especially useful for long train journeys!), As a Skype course or as a learning video – there is a large selection of help offers for students on the World Wide Web if the shoe pinches.

However, if you are faced with major technical difficulties or, for example, before the third attempt at an important exam, the classic one-to-one tuition with a private tutor is of course a good solution. They are trained to tailor their lessons to the individual weaknesses of their students. Online tutoring – except perhaps the private Skype sessions that some platforms offer – very often cannot offer this personal support.

The largest tutoring providers for students

The best-known online tutoring providers for students are unfortunately not initially free of charge.Nevertheless, we would like to introduce them to you below, because mostly they offer trial periods for free and make one or the other demo learning video publicly available.

Student Sky

The StudyMind tutoring institute for students also offers online tutoring for anyone who does not live in the UK and can use the service personally.The focus here is on Skype tutoring, where you can work specifically on your “construction sites” with tutors. There are also teaching materials and exercises that you work through independently and then discuss.You can take tuition at Student Sky for the following areas: accounting, bookkeeping, accounting, KLR, statistics, and math. The prices depend on the different learning packages. You can find out which offer suits your situation and how much it costs as part of a free consultation.


On this learning platform, online courses are offered that are primarily aimed at the needs of students and professionals.The special thing about this is that in addition to the conventional subject areas – law, medicine, accounting, among others– there are also courses for personal further education.

The prices at Lecturio depend entirely on the scope of the course.

The “Guitar Lessons for Beginners” course is available for $2.99, and a package to prepare for the first state examination in law costs $49.99.

There is also the option to create a profile and try out some of the video courses for free.

Study group

If you want to take online tutoring at StudyMind, you can choose between the subjects: math, law and anesthesia.

This online tutoring is again offered in the well-known concept of ” video chat + teaching material “.

You can also decide how many lessons you need – and then either book individual lessons or take out subscriptions for several weeks and months!

Here, too, you can first test the StudyMind offer or the demo class for free.

Free lectures, learning videos & material for students online

Before we go into the various subjects, we would like to recommend the searching through the web, which offers a whole range of free lectures. The humanities, which are otherwise rarely represented in online tutoring, are not neglected here either!The website directs you – depending on the topic – to various university websites that make their lectures available via audio recordings, transcripts or videos. So, the quality is guaranteed!

Studying Mathematics Online

Mathematics tutoring for students is in demand like no other subject. That is why there are so many free offers on the net.One medium is a pioneer in this regard and has so many learning videos to choose from that the searching student does not even know where to start. We’re talking about YouTube, of course.

Here you will find countless explanatory videos on all topics related to mathematics, whereby there are also great online tutoring offers for elementary school students, for example.

The following channels are particularly popular with students:

The former teacher is now a YouTube star. From math basics to high school preparation to math for students – everyone will find what they need here, and the math is explained simply and clearly!

Just go to Daniel’s YouTube channel or his website and learn under the categories “University Mathematics” or “Business Mathematics”!

Here, too, you will find short and well-explained learning videos on the trickiest topics and important basics in math.The laid-back university professor has already put over 2,500 clips online that made him really famous.Former math student Markus also has a large selection of well-illustrated learning videos to offer.

If you like his way of explaining things, you can also buy entire online courses on Markus’ new website. These are explained in more detail and include exercise sheets with solutions.


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