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Antony Waste IPO Allotment Status Available to Check

antony waste ipo allotment status
Antony waste handling cell ipo allotment status

Antony waste IPO Allotment Status can be checked here. If the allotment of antony waste ipo equity shares is allotted to you then you can check the status here by clicking here. The Shares of Antony Waste handling Cell IPO will be Finalized ON Dec 29th 2020.

Antony waste IPO Allotment Date :

The basis and finalization of antony waste ipo allotment status Date is December 29 2020. The shares will be allotted on 28th dec 2020. You can check the allotment of antony waste handling cell ipo shares in your demat account. The antony waste ipo willl get listed on NSE, BSE on Jan 1 2021.

IPO Open DateDec 21, 2020
IPO Close DateDec 23, 2020
Basis of Allotment DateDec 29, 2020
Initiation of RefundsDec 30, 2020
Credit of Shares to Demat AccountDec 31, 2020
IPO Listing DateJan 1, 2021

Allotment status of antony waste handling cell ipo can check via Three Methods.

Antony waste IPO Allotment Status Check Online :-

Antony waste ipo allotment can be checked either on Registrar Website or Bse website.

  • Antony waste Ipo allotment status check in LinkinTime Website.
  • The IPO Allotment status of Antony waste IPO in BSE Website.

How To Check Your Allotted Shares of Antony waste IPO Online in Linkintime?

To Check your Allotment status off your antony waste IPO in Linkintime follow this simple steps to check your Status.

  • Click The given link here to redirect too Linkintime Website page.
  • Select Antony waste handling cell company IPO.
  • After selecting the company, Enter Your pancard or Application Number.
  • Click Search Option in toolbar.
  • If the shares allotted to you the results will be displayed in the menu.

Antony waste ipo allotment status check in BSE IPO Allotment page :

To check the status off your IPO Application off antony waste handling cell IPO in BSE Website. Then You Require the following documents or information.

  3. DEMAT Ac Number/DP ID.
  4. ASBA Reference No

If you have the following details with you then click here to visit the website. Follow this steps.

  1. Select Antony waste ipo as company.
  2. Enter the pan No, Application No, Demat Account No.
  3. Click the search Button to Know your Status.
  4. If the shares have allotted you then it will appear in the search page.

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Antony Waste IPO Detailed Analysis :

Hey friends! I will discuss Antony Waste’s IPO in today’s article that will start the bids from 21 December, Monday. An interesting thing about this company is that it had an IPO in March as well, but it did not get a good response due to the covid situation being at the peak. Hence it had withdrawn its IPO. Now it has again brought its IPO.

In today’s article, we will talk about its business, core strengths and weaknesses, and financials. In the end, I will try to decode whether you should buy this IPO or not.

Antony Waste Handling Cell Business :

Without taking much time, let’s talk about the business of Antony Waste, i.e., the work company does. As it has waste in its name, you would have understood that it has a waste management business. In simple terms, I will explain to you how it runs its entire business. I will give you a simple example to understand the company’s business. The things that we use in our house generate waste and we store this in one place. There are waste collection norms of a society where waste is collected.

The solid waste is picked up from the municipality location to another, where the waste is collected, processed, and buried with proper norms. This is an end to end management of waste. This is called landfill construction, where entire solid waste is picked from the municipality, processed, and buried. There are a lot of companies that handle this end to end. They transport waste from the municipality, construct and process it, and then do end to end management. This is the exact business of the company that I tried to explain to you through an example.

This company is the second biggest player in solid waste management, and it carries out- waste transportation, collection, processing, and burying. So these were the highlights of the company’s business that I wanted to explain to you. Company’s business highlights that can be important for you are that the company has 25 projects running in India while 18 ongoing projects.

In emerging times, they will also go into processing. Besides this, the company has more than 1,100 vehicles that can be used for waste transportation. Currently, the company has 7000+ active employees. This tells that the company’s overall size is huge, and its big projects are currently running. Besides this, the company is bringing such projects that will contribute to its revenue. The entire money of the company comes from India’s municipalities (clients). This is because municipalities are responsible for collecting waste, and hence they pay companies like Antony Waste. They pick the waste, process it, and also ensure proper disposal. From here, you might have understood that the company is wholly dependent on municipalities for its revenue.

Antony Waste IPO Financials :

After business now, let’s talk of its financials, i.e., how the company performs financially. For this, we will first talk about the company’s revenue, profit, and assets. First, I will talk about the company’s revenue. Let’s talk about the company’s revenue and profit. If I talk about March 2018, the company’s revenue was Rs.290 cr, out of which its profit was around Rs.39.8 cr. It means that the company had PAT of Rs.40 cr from Rs.290 cr of profit.

After this, in 2019 (31 march), its revenue increased from Rs.290 cr to Rs.298 cr. While its profit fell from Rs.39.88 cr to Rs.34 cr. The company’s topline is increasing, but its bottom line isn’t. Now let’s talk about 31 March 2020 when its revenue increased well from Rs.298 cr to Rs.464 cr. Besides this, its profit increased from Rs.34 cr to Rs.62 cr. From here, you can understand that in comparison to 2019, the company has performed well in 2020 and gave great returns to its investors. This year’s September results of the company have shown Rs.215 cr sale and Rs.29 cr profit. It means the company’s performance till now has been reasonably well.

Talking about assets, the last three years’ assets have improved well every year. In 2018, 2019, and 2020 (three years), the company’s total assets were Rs.428 cr and Rs.512 cr, and Rs.672 cr, respectively. Let’s talk about the company’s mid-year results. The company’s current asset base is Rs.707 cr. It means that the company’s assets have grown well. The company’s profit from 2018-2020 has also grown well. Also, the company’s overall topline has shown good growth in terms of financials.

Now let’s talk of Price to earning (P/E ratio) multiples. This figure is currently at 12.98, i.e., almost 13. It is important for you to understand that I told you the last three years’ returns but now let’s talk about the last 5 years’ sales CAGR growth. You will not want to invest in a company whose sales rise by 50% in one year but do not increase for the next 5 years. You will want to invest in a company whose sales rise continuously by a huge amount.

The last 5 years’ CAGR of sales of Antony waste is more than 12%. This can be considered a remarkable number. The return on equity of the company is more than 21%. While the debt to equity ratio is around 0.5.

Antony Waste IPO Details :

Now let’s talk of the IPO’s core details, i.e., the important dates for you. Lets me first talk about the total IPO size, which is Rs.300 cr. Out of this Rs. 85 cr is a fresh issue. It means that the company is bringing new shares (funds) to use for its business. But the remaining amount of Rs.215 cr is an Offer for sale where promoters will sell their stake for encashing it.

I told you about this in the last IPO article about the importance of knowing OFS and fresh issue. The amount for the fresh issue is normally used in the company’s business. Currently, the ownership of promoters is more than 51%. However, through the IPO, the owners are bringing OFS. Through this, they will sell their stake. After this, their stake in the shareholding pattern will fall from 51% to 46%.

Antony Waste Handling Cell IPO Dates :

The important dates of this IPO for applying are from 21-23 December. The Allotment status of antony waste handling cell ipo will be available on 29th dec 2020. The listing date of this company on the exchange is 1 January 2021. It has 47 shares in one lot (lot size). The share price is set in a range of Rs.313 and Rs.315. As a Retail investor, you can maximum apply for 13 lots. The company’s overall objective to bring the IPO (fresh issue) is to fund its waste to power project and reduce overall borrowings/debt.

After all this information, let’s speedily talk about important aspects of the IPO, i.e., the pros(strengths) and cons(weaknesses) of this IPO. I will first talk about the pros.

Strengths Of Antony waste IPO :

  • The first pro of this company is from its industry. The business of the company is solid waste management, which comes from cities. As you have seen that as India is moving towards growth in emerging times, the chances of urbanization will increase. More and more people will move towards cities, which will lead to urbanization.
  • This will create waste and an opportunity for this company. The estimated industry size number of this industry was Rs.3200 cr in 2018. It is assumed that if urbanization continues, then as per the forecast in 2023, the overall industry size will rise from Rs.3000 cr to Rs. 6,200 cr, i.e., a CAGR growth of more than 15%, is being expected in this industry.
  • This is a huge number. If there is growth at this pace, then this industry can grow and become a big one. The second pro about this company is the end to end solution that it provides. Assume that a company is under solid waste industry and works for execution/disposal and outsources transportation.
  • Over here, the outsourcing cost is not in their control. But Antony Waste provides an end to end solution from transportation to landfill construction. The entire work comes under the company’s control. The company can control its cost along with having strong control over its processes.
  • The third point is that the company has strong financial numbers like Return on equity and a low P/E ratio (considered great for investors).
  • In the last five years, the company’s operating profit margin has become stable to around 30%. So this was regarding strength. But whenever you invest in a company then along with pros/strengths, you should also know about cons so that you can make an informed decision.

Risks Related To Antony Waste handling cell IPO :

  • Now let me speedily talk about the cons. The first con is the business model of this company, which is dependent on municipalities. These companies give them business/work, which is executed by them. The entire money is then receivable by the company from the municipality.
  • The financial conditions of a lot of municipalities are not gleaming at times. In recent times the company’s outstanding receivables from municipalities have increased in amounts.
  • Over here, there can be a small issue related to their core dependency on municipalities. A lot of talks are also there regarding garbage mafias in this sector. I will not tell you much in detail about this, but I will ask you to research more on the companies’ problems.
  • Let me give you an idea that other industries in the sector that are unorganized in India. There are many opportunities to convert the unorganized sector into an organized one, but challenges are also there. Allotment status you can here. As it is not easy to convert an unorganized sector into an organized sector. This will be a challenge for the company. In emerging times, we will get to know how the company will tackle this challenge.

Conclusion :

I hope you exceedingly liked today’s article. I tried to explain this IPO in a simple language. You should invest only if you see long term growth prospects in the company’s financials and business. If you invest for less than 2-5 years, I guarantee that your chances of making losses will rise.

Antony waste ipo allotment status check online is given in detailed and hence our users can get the detailed and got there allotment results.

Choose good companies and make long term investments in a disciplined way. You will surely make returns in the long term. We incur losses when we move away from our discipline and enter speculation. Take care of all of these things, make great investments in the long term. Happy investing!


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