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How To Check The Allotment Status of Easymytrip IPO?

easymytrip ipo allotment status (1)
easymytrip ipo allotment status (1)

Easymytrip ipo allotment status link will be activated on March 16th 2021. If you have applied for this ipo then you should be expecting allotment for this ipo. However, Whether the shares allotted or not for your easymytrip ipo application you can use the following methods to check the allotment status of this ipo.

What’s The Allotment Date for Easymytrip IPO ?

The registrar and company management has finalized the basis of allotment of shares of easymytrip ipo to be allotted to the applications recieved will be done on 16th march 2021. Investors can visit our site to check whether they got the allotment for thier application.


How to check easymy trip ipo allotment status ?

Do you applied for easymytrip ipo? Then grey market premium off this ipo might increase your enthusiasm for applying for this ipo and keeping patience after applying is quite hectic. Now Worry not, We have got the process how you can check whether you got the allotment or not.

Follow this steps to check the allotment status of easymy trip ipo?

Today’s article is on should you invest in Easemy trip IPO allotment date or not. and what are the important dates and numbers which you should know before investing But before starting easymytrip ipo allotment status, I would like to tell you about the article made earlier on this IPO discussing the business and industry and we also discussed the company’s financials and the objective of the IPO.

Easymytrip IPO Allotment Status In Kfintech Private Limited ?

  • Visit Kfintech Pvt Ltd IPO Allotment page.
  • Select the IPO as Easymytrip ipo.
  • Now Select the method like app No, Demat id or pan card.
  • Choose your application type ASBA/NON-ASBA.
  • Enter the application number.
  • Fill The captcha code.
  • Press Search tab and results will be shown if you got the allotment.

Check Status of EasyMytrip Ipo Allotment Status :

  • Visit The BSE Website IPO Page for easymytrip ipo.
  • Now you Should Choose Equity as The Issue type.
  • Now select the issue name as easymytrip ipo.
  • Enter the easymytrip Application id provided by the NSE/SEBI.
  • Enter your PAN CARD. Choose robot captcha for traffic detection.
  • Now Enter the Search option TAB.
  • If you got the allotment then it will display the results.

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EaseMyTrip IPO Details

IPO Opening DateMar 8, 2021
IPO Closing DateMar 10, 2021
Issue TypeBook Built Issue IPO
Face ValueRs. 2 per equity share
IPO PriceRs. 186 to ₹187 per equity share
Market Lot80 Shares
Min Order Quantity80 Shares
Listing AtBSE, NSE
Issue Size(aggregating up to ₹510.00 Cr)
Offer for Sale(aggregating up to ₹510.00 Cr)

Time-Table For Easymytrip IPO :

IPO Open DateMar 8, 2021
IPO Close DateMar 10, 2021
Basis of Allotment DateMar 16, 2021
Initiation of RefundsMar 17, 2021
Credit of Shares to Demat AccountMar 18, 2021
IPO Listing DateMar 19, 2021

Easymytrip IPO Grey market premium (GMP) :

Easymy trip ipo grey market premium today i.e 10th March 2021 is trading over the price is 59% to the issue price. The ipo got subscribed 7.63 times on 9th march 2021, However the surge in grey market premium for this ipo is trending over a week. Although, Today its the day where the QIB’S & HNI’s Fill thier pockets. It becomes important and will increase the price after the bid closes.

The grey market premium or gmp is the price for the unlisted market, Hence here trades are done over trust and hence this market is not organized.

Pro’s off Easymy Trip IPO :

Let’s start the article by discussing the pros of investing in the easymy trip IPO.

  • The first pro that comes out from the industry being the initiatives made by the government. The first initiative being e-visa for 169 countries.
  • The second, being permission to 100% FDI to strengthen the hotel infrastructure. meaning any foreign hotel can set up their hotel with a 100% stake soo that the hotel segment can be made more robust of easymytrip ipo allotment status. The National Aviation Policy launched in 2016 by the government to make aviation more convenient and affordable. So that the middle-income class can also benefit from these by making it more affordable But from time to time we tell you that the growth of the company can be seen with the growth of the industry.
  • The third pro can be the growth drivers of the industry which can help in the growth of the company. The first being the huge amount of internet penetration in India meaning ticket booking which is B2C has seen immense growth. and if it continues to grow with people’s incomes rising, it can see a huge growth too.
  • The fourth being the comfort of people in doing online transactions, If I talk about a few years back, we all were quite afraid of online payments, but nowadays it’s a normal habit due to which, a boost is seen in the OTA industry. The Online Travel Agencies(OTA), if you want to book an airline ticket you can easily search for the cheapest on the internet. where you get the most affordable prices directly as a customer. which leads to competitive pricing in the industry which in turn leads it to be a growth driver.


The company has kept a good financial track record, the company has been profitable since its inception From 2018 till 2020, it is the only OTA that has been profitable. During COVID, the company took on initiatives to reduce cost which impacted its net profit margin. Before COVID, the net profit margin was 19% which rose to 38% post covid from which you can understand that the company reduced costs to increase profitability.

Technically Advancement :

Next, the company is technically advanced and has invested in its tech and analytics capabilities from which they collected insights and improved customer experience. The next pro can be considered a wide distribution network, the company has a presence in every sub-sector easymytrip ipo allotment status. It has a B2C model wherein customers can directly book tickets, then the offline agent network is also very good B2B and B2C from where the company generates a good amount of revenue. The company has also penetrated B2E segment and are thinking of moving forward with it.

Brand Name – Easymy trip ipo

The next being the brand name, EaseMy Trip is a well-renowned name and a CRISIL report showed that the marketing cost of the company is very low. Easymytrip IPO Allotment Status Meaning the company has made a renowned brand name even after making fewer expenses. The number of people visiting the company’s website is important for an online company whereas if I say about the visits on EaseMy Trip’s website, it has seen 51% CAGR from 2018-20 from where you can understand how the company has built a name in such a short span of time Friends before investing you should know the cons and risks of the company too easymytrip ipo allotment status.

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Con’s Applying in Easymytrip IPO :

Now I’ll move onto the second part where I will tell you the cons and risks of the company.

  • The first major con can be the stiff competition in the industry where the company operates because there are other players who have a brand name and customer base which gives the company stiff competition.
  • If I speak about railway ticket booking, IRCTC has a monopoly in that and the company may face problems while acquiring the market share.
  • The company wants to expand into hotel booking and want to increase its revenues but earlier hotels were interested in a tie-up with OTA’s but a reversal of trend is seen because the big hotel brands are now focusing on their own websites wherein customers directly book due to which a small investment risk can be seen and have to see that how the company plans to expand in the hotel segment.

Holiday Packages Business :

After this, let’s speak about the holiday packages where the company is looking to expand. Friends whenever packages are talked about, the role of TTA’s is important Tourism Trust Associations to help you through your package in any place If we talk about the recent time, TTAs still have dominance in that market segment easymytrip ipo allotment status.

It would be interesting to see that how the company alters its local infrastructure and penetrates this sector because more than penetration the repetition by the customer is more important. So the company might have to invest more and this can be known in the coming time only. Many people from the urban sector have moved towards the OTA sector but still, there is a problem seen in tier 2 and tier 3 cities in perception easymytrip ipo allotment status. Because people miss the personal touch due to which the importance of TTAs is seen more. So these are the challenges the company might face and let’s see how they deal with them.

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Easymytrip ipo Industry :

The industry in which the company operates is a cyclic industry meaning if anything happens negatively, the whole industry suffers a bad impact for example, COVID, from which the companies took time to come out of and the tourism sector still has not fully recovered. The valuation can be said a little expensive because the PE of the company is 58 which is higher than the industry easymytrip ipo allotment status.

Easymytrip IPO Dates :

Let’s now talk about the important dates and numbers before you bid for this IPO. The IPO will open on March 8th and you can bid till the 10th March 2021and it will be listed on 19th March on both BSE and NSE. To bid for one lot you need to bid for a minimum of 80 shares and the price band is kept from Rs 186 to Rs 187 The total IPO size is 510 Cr and the whole is an offer for sale meaning the promoters want to sell all of the stakes easymytrip ipo allotment status.

EaseMy Trip’s IPO Company Overview :

EaseMy Trip’s IPO Insights about the company, the industry will help you make a decision for investing. First I will talk about the company’s business. Let’s start Easy Trip planners were established in 2008 and is an online travel agency that provides services like flight booking, railway booking. They have been profitable since inception and have been profitable throughout 2018, 19 and 20.

According to a CRISIL report, this company is the sole company that has been profitable in context to net profit margin The company has a robust offline business with 55000 travel agency tie-ups. The company started out as B2B2C business model, meaning the travel agents would book tickets through them for customers this continued till 2010, but after that, as middle-class income rose and demand for their business rose due to which in 2011, the company stepped into the B2C model and has acquired a good market share Easymytrip IPO Allotment Status.

In 2013, the company ventured into B2E model and started coordinating directly with enterprises for their services Repeat transactions by customers is very important for B2C models It all depends on whether the same customer returns and repeats the transactions or not For Easy Trip Planners, that number is 85.6% which is very robust and strong.

Post-Covid Company Performance :

Now speaking about COVID and how the company came out of it because this industry had a major impact of it As soon as businesses started opening up, this company took some measures to reduce costs For example, the company tried to automate rescheduling and cancellations and the company invested in their tech to have bots for a better customer experience.

Other than this, they implemented WFH policy, did some salary deductions, and tried cutting on rentals Now is the time to discuss the future planning’s of the company, they are planning on targeting hotel booking and packages because of the good margins and wants to adopt a good market share in their portfolio Secondly, they want to expand their B2B business in tier 2 and 3 areas with their offline network. Thirdly, they want to expand their cross-selling and want to build a brand name Let us now see the revenue generated from each segment The company’s total revenue was Rs.991 million and 98% of it comes from air passage i.e., airline booking.

If we see 2019, the revenue drops to Rs 911 million and still, 97% is air passage but the hotel package share of the company rises from 1.65% to 2.67% and the revenue of this in 2019 is 5.04% so you can understand the focus of the company is on hotel packages because of the high margins I am not talking about 2020 because it would not be an apple to apple comparison.

Easymytrip IPO Company Industry :

Let’s now speak about the industry, its growth rate, and future growth India’s tourism spending in 2019, comes on the 10th rank but we see it as a % of GDP, it has dropped from 8.1% to 6.1% A growth of 5.4% CAGR can be seen from the years 2014 to 2019 and the reason behind it was growth in people’s income and the easy availability of transportation. Let’s now see the domestic passenger traffic Easymytrip IPO Allotment Status, there has been significant growth from 2009 till 2020 and this information has been taken from DGCA and was a research report of CRISIL and the interesting number is the compounding growth rate of 5-6% till 2025 Let’s now speak about the impact of COVID on the industry as a whole. Due to COVID, 121 million people lost their jobs in this industry and a hit of $3.4 trillion was seen in the world GDP It is expected that the job loss number would rise from 121 to 190 million.

Online Ticket Booking Companies :

Let’s now talk about the online travel agency companies who are involved in the business of ticket and hotel booking. The booking volumes from OTA’s are expected to grow with 1-2% CAGR till FY 2023 The revenue gave 20-22% CAGR from 2015 to 2020 from which you will understand the growth of the industry in the past few years To understand the revenue of the whole OTA segment, we have to know the revenue from sub-segments. The largest share being air ticketing of 53% followed by hotel booking of 38% and rest from bus, cruise bookings Easymytrip IPO Allotment Status.

The interesting fact is that Easy Trip Planners have a market share of 97% in air ticketing hence they want to penetrate the hotel booking segment because there is a lot of scope . Now if we try understanding the customer categories in OTA sector and where the revenue comes from The biggest chunk of revenue comes from B2C of 55-65% followed by B2E of 20-30% and B2B2C of 9-10% And with the growing use of mobile applications, people download them only after looking at their ratings.

Different Applications :

Now let’s see the different applications which provide the same services and what are their ratings Along with EaseMy Trip, there is makemy trip, yatra, goibibo and skyscanner According to Feb 2021 ratings, EaseMy Trip has the highest rating of 4.7 followed by SkyScanner at 4.5, Yatra at 4.2 and Makemy trip and goibibo at 4.1 Rating and reviews of EaseMy trip is the least at 62000 whereas makemytrip and yatra have the same in lacs Let’s now talk about some important financial parameters.

Their ROE is 29% which is a good number, the PE at which the company is planning to list is 58 The company is debt free and the net profit margin is of 38% which is very robust Net profit margin is the % profit left after subtracting all expenses from revenue and 38% is rarely seen, hence a good number Easymytrip IPO Allotment Status.


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