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Tips and Tricks for YouTube TV in Canada: 15 Settings You Must Know

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a great option for people who want to cut the cord because its base plan comes with 85+ channels, including local stations. The streaming service allows subscribers to keep up with their favorite network shows while also providing additional entertainment and sports content. It’s an excellent service for the whole family’s entertainment since it allows six profiles per account.

But the problem is that YouTube TV is a geo-restricted platform only available in the United States. The US is stingy with its streaming services, and YouTube TV is among the restricted ones. The good news is that you can use a VPN to access YouTube TV in Canada and watch whatever is available.

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Now that you can use YouTube TV in Canada, here are fifteen tips to help you get the most out of your YouTube TV subscription.

  1. Remove Content From Recommendations

The YouTube TV platform works like regular YouTube and gets better the more you stream. You can get rid of shows or channels you don’t want on your home screen by clicking the three dots next to specific content and tapping “Don’t show me this.”

This feature takes the content you choose off your home screen, but you can still find it by using the search function.

  1. Turn Notifications On/Off

You can choose which programs and shows to receive alerts for by selecting “Notify” from the program page or below the video. You will receive an alert when a new show starts airing, which is highly convenient since we always forget when a favorite show is on.

Turn off notifications from the “Notification” settings on your phone or website.

  1. Start Watching from The Beginning

You can watch a program in progress from the beginning, as long as it’s in your library. You’ll have two options when recording a live program: join live or start streaming from the beginning.

The trick here is to always add the program before it starts airing to skip through the ads and access total flexibility.

  1. Record Your YouTube TV Favorites

YouTube TV is a great streaming service with an unlimited DVR storage option. You should take advantage of unlimited storage by recording your favorite shows, movies, and live events.

Recording a YouTube TV program is easy. Click the “Add” option with the plus symbol to start recording new airings straight to your library. Every recording is available on the Library tab, but you should delete older recordings to save space on your device.

  1. Mark As Watched

Use the YouTube TV “Mark as Watched” feature to skip recording shows or seasons you’ve already watched. Do this by clicking the three dots to access the YouTube TV menu, then clicking “Mark as Watched” or “Mark Season as Watched.”  This option is also accessible on mobile devices by long pressing the program.

  1. Clear History

You may want to delete your search and watch history if you don’t have recommendations turned on. This option allows you to delete everything you’ve streamed on YouTube and YouTube TV, and you can delete one-by-one or by date range.

Clear history on the Settings tab, under “Privacy,” then under “Manage Watch History.” You also have the option to pause your watch history, which will affect your recommendations.

  1. Customize Live Guide

Saying the YouTube TV live guide is saturated is an understatement because there are 85+ channels. Since most people watch about ten channels, customizing this section to access your favorites first sounds like a good idea.

Customizing a channel is easy, as you can uncheck it and it won’t show up, or you can reorder a channel by dragging it up or down.

  1. Remove Sports Spoilers

YouTube TV makes it easy for sports fans to follow their favorite teams and leagues, but spoilers can ruin everything. If you record your favorite team’s games, you’ll almost certainly receive spoilers before watching the game, which is a bummer.

However, you can stop spoilers by tapping or clicking on the menu of your team page and selecting “Hide all scores for this team.”

  1. Account Sharing

YouTube TV allows six accounts per household, but there’s a catch: all profiles must live in the same household. The YouTube TV base plan allows for three simultaneous streams, which is enough for most households.

Create separate accounts for different household members so everyone can get their own DVR and, most importantly, recommendations.

  1. Switch Home Area

YouTube TV has a great feature for people who split time between two homes known as “Change Your Home Area.” This allows the main account holder, i.e., the family manager, to change home areas but only twice per year. The option is available from Account Settings, Area, and then Update.

  1. Dark Theme

Switch to the Dark Theme under “Settings” on your profile to experience YouTube with a dark background. This setting is available on your mobile device or web browser.

  1. Change Streaming Quality

You can change the YouTube streaming quality to your desired setting. For example, adjust the video quality down if you’re concerned about data usage or adjust it up if you’re on unlimited Wi-Fi. This option is available when you click the three dots in the video player.

Does YouTube TV have 4K? Yes, YouTube TV has 4K but with limited content, and this feature is available as an add-on from account settings.

  1. Turn On Parental Controls

YouTube TV has plenty of content, and some of it is unsuitable for kids, but YouTube allows users to turn on “V-Y, TV-G, G, and PG only.” This setting filters content according to age, and you should repeat it for every device with a YouTube TV account.

Go to “Settings” on your mobile device or TV set and click “Filter” to apply the selection.

  1. Watch TV Everywhere

YouTube TV subscribers can use their sign-in information to stream TV everywhere, and here’s how this feature works:

  • Go to the website or app for a specific network.
  • Choose YouTube TV as your provider.
  • Enter your email address or username and password.
  • Start watching your favorite shows, programs, etc.
  1. Manage YouTube TV Membership

This setting is only available from the Family Manager account and lets you manage all payment information. Go to YouTube “Settings,” select “Billing,” and select “Update” to the payment method to make changes.

You can make payment changes, add a backup payment method, and even pause and cancel your YouTube TV membership from the “Memberships” tab.

Wrap Up

YouTube TV is an amazing streaming service with lots of content and channels, and these tips will help you customize and fine-tune your account. YouTube TV doesn’t work in Canada, but you can get access with a VPN like ExpressVPN, which delivers the best unblocking and streaming experience.


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