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7 reasons you should be using more low-code tools in 2022

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The popularity of low-code app development is growing with every passing day, and for a good reason. It is now easier than ever for people with limited knowledge and experience in coding to build apps for both web and mobile.

Features like process flow, drag and drop objects, and visual tools make it possible for anyone to develop a usable app regardless of their technical ability or experience. This explains why more and more businesses are now turning to low-code tools like Powerapps Studio for their app development needs.

Are you ready to join the bandwagon? Here are seven reasons why you should be using low code tools in 2022 and beyond.

Faster app development

Using low code tools comes with countless benefits and top on this list is speed. According to John Reymer of Forrester, these tools make it possible to develop apps up to ten times faster compared to traditional methods.

The drag and drop functionality, logic, data models, and prebuilt user interfaces make it possible to build cross-platform apps pretty fast.

Further, low code tools have easy-to-implement APIs meaning you do not have to use a lot of time trying to understand them.

Finally, these tools’ connectors integrate easily with most third-party apps that are already used by integrators thereby making them even more powerful.

Enhanced customer experience

The age-old mantra ‘customer is king’ is true for every business. Low code app development tools will enable your customers to interact with your business in a personalized way at a low budget.

Automated refactoring, easy-to-setup chat boxes, and prebuilt templates – all of which can be developed using low-code tools – ensure that your customers are engaged at all times.

This way, your customers don’t have to relearn or duplicate steps across different forms of engagement.


The use of traditional methods of app development means having to hire highly skilled developers which can be costly and almost impossible, especially for start-ups. With low code app development tools, junior developers and tech enthusiasts can develop apps with ease.

On the other hand, skilled developers can use these tools to supplement their existing stack and complete projects faster or focus on more complex aspects of programming.


According to a report by Forrester, the average cost of developing an app using low code tools can go down by up to 74% compared to using legacy methods.

Low code tools are cost-effective alternatives, especially for new businesses that may not have the budget to hire highly skilled developers with coding experience.

Less pressure on IT teams

Using low code tools in organizations will translate to reduced pressure on IT teams in organizations. This way, IT teams can focus on enhancing user experiences as opposed to technical tasks that can be automated.

As a result, this helps to increase their productivity and company security while enabling faster creation of value.

Improved risk management

If your business relies on fixed legacy technology, making even the smallest of changes could prove very difficult not to mention expensive. Relying solely on your IT department to update core processes and the way your employees document things could further make change almost impossible.

Luckily, you can avoid this by implementing low code tools to develop apps that make changing or amending processes easier whenever the need arises.

These tools allow your business to implement changes without altering existing databases or writing a lot of new codes, all while amending or adding risk assessment sub-processes as required.

Ultimately, your business is able to manage risk with little or no help from IT teams, implement new processes faster, identify more risk incidents and put up measures to manage them correctly.

Faster transformation

We are living in a digital world where transformation is happening every single day. For your business to survive in this fast-evolving scene, adaptability to change is crucial.

Low code tools remove the complexity of building effective modern business apps and enable your company to respond to the ever-evolving business conditions quickly.


Now is a good time to start using low-code tools to streamline your business processes and improve profits. A good place to start is Microsoft’s suite of low-code tools like Powerapps Studio which lets you build apps for your business without needing a lot of money or skills.

Other options worth considering include Salesforce Platform, Zoho Creator, and Quickbase to name just a few.

So if you are ready to take your business automation to the next level, there’s really no excuse not to do it now. Good luck!


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