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What a Transcription Service Can Do For Digital Marketing

Transcription Service

The world has gone digital in everything and business sector is not left behind. The digital technology has contributed a lot in the business sector. It has made things easier and people can now do digital marketing where you can sell your products and services through a laptop or a computer.

With the advanced technology it is possible to do a lot of things through the computer. Customers’ tastes and needs have also changed and they now want advertisements that are simple to understand. Transcription is a business service that coverts speech whether live or recorded into a written or electronic text document. This has made a great impact in the digital marketing in the following ways.

Enhance SEO Visibility

Search engines does not put videos in physical imprint when ranking contents. When uploading a video, you only need the title and meta description to fill with keywords so that search engine an recognize it. It is no possible for such a content to compete with a blog written in several words.

By converting the video into written document and attaching it to your video can increase its visibility by search engine. You only need to also provide relevant keywords to the video so that it can be visible to customers when they search using the keyword. By being visible to SEO, you will expand your market and your content will be seen by a larger audience.

Enhances User Experience

Audiences have different preferences. Some people prefer videos while others prefer reading written content. To reach out to more people which is the target of every business marketing, you need to cater for all. The best way to do that is to offer a transcript alongside the video.

By doing so, you will attract many people with different preferences. You will find some only reading the written content or watching the video while others will read the content and also watch the video. This will even make your existing audience to stay longer on your site while also attracting others. That will increase market for your content.

Increase the Accessibility of your Content

Among your target audience, there are also those who are disabled in different ways. There are such people as the deaf who cannot recognize sound. Some people also can watch video but just don’t like noise and therefore prefer written content

By adding transcript to your marketing strategy, you cater for variety of preferences and capabilities. Every person can access your content ranging from those who cannot read to people with special needs. That helps in expanding your marketing.

Cater for the Readership of your Audience

Videos are not always the perfect way to deliver your content. Also you cannot summarize something in a video and that may not deliver the content you wanted to reach your customers. If the video is too long, it may also cut the patience of your audience.

By attaching a transcript to your video, the message it has is fully delivered to the audience in a format that they can easily understand. Also, written text can allow the readers to skim through the whole text and grasp important information quickly. That will make your content to be seen by many people expanding the market for your business. It is always difficult to skim through a video.

Ease of Use

A good transcription not only benefit the hearing impaired but also help audience get the best out of your content. Online transcription service makes it easier and faster for your audience to find what they are looking for in your content. They achieve that by skimming through the text and grabbing relevant information.

Customers do not always like what keeps them waiting for long. A transcript can help them save time by only grabbing the relevant information rather than having to watch a whole video. The only thing to do is to keep your text as short as possible and have only the relevant information.


Video or audio can send away many customers who do not understand the language used in it. Through transcription, the video or audio can be translated into several languages. That will make your content to reach people of different geographical locations and language groups. It can also cater for cultural differences.


Transcription has positive contributions to digital marketing. If you only depend on videos as your only marketing strategy, the effects mentioned above will help you understand why you also need to consider transcription.


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