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How to Craft Social Media Content That Works

How to Craft Social Media Content

If you type into Google the phrase ‘digital marketing methods’, one option that will show up each and every time is social media. There are many reasons why this is the case. The main one, however, is due to its effectiveness.

A successful social media strategy is one that has the ability to significantly boost a brand’s visibility. It’s also one that doesn’t necessarily require a huge budget or resources to make a reality. With a few carefully constructed posts, you can get a huge number of eyeballs on your brand. A single viral post has the ability to generate impression numbers that extend into six or even seven-figure territory. 

Yet, for that to be possible, it’s essential you know how to produce high-quality social media content. Even if you stick to a daily schedule and engage with your audience, your social media posts won’t produce the results you hope for if the content is lacking.

To help, below is a starter guide on how to craft social media content that works.

Pick your social media channels

Before anything else, it’s imperative you decide on the social media channels to use for promoting your business. Yes, it would be nice to try and incorporate every type of social media into your strategy. However, this isn’t viable – particularly when accounting for the vast number of social media platforms out there today.

It’s not just Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The social media world also accounts for video sharing sites, live streaming, discussion forums, blogs, social messaging, and so much more. To get a greater idea, Sprout Social lists 14 types of social media you should know about.

As for which of these social media channels to select, this is dependent on your resources and content strategy. Always try and be realistic. Stretch yourself too thin, and your social media content will be lacking across the board.

Know your audience

To put together a successful content strategy, you need the right foundation in place. That foundation is achieved with market research. Before crafting content that hits the mark, you have to understand the target – aka your audience.

There are various ways to learn from your customers. You can see what comments and reviews are left by them under your social media posts, products, and so on. You can send out a mass email requesting that customers complete a short feedback survey. There are also numerous research tools you can utilize to gain insight into your audience.

Regarding the latter, you can gain an insight into your social media statistics. By seeing which posts are receiving the most impressions, views, clicks, conversions, etc., you gain a better understanding of what type of content works, what content shows promise, and what content should be sent permanently to the scrapheap.

Another research tool to add to your repertoire is Google Trends. With this tool, you are able to learn about what people are currently searching for. You can then build your content strategy around the latest trends, knowing these are in-demand and hot topics that will produce results.

Make it visual

Text posts can hit it big on the likes of Twitter and Facebook. There’s no denying that. However, it is always wise to try and incorporate visual media into your content when possible. It’s no secret that visual performs better than text. Incredibly, it is said the human brain is 60,000 times faster at processing images than text.

With this stat in mind and knowing how people rapidly scroll through their social media feeds, it makes a lot of sense to primarily go with videos and images for your content. When producing visual posts, think about the different dimensions for each platform. You want to share your content across all social accounts, yes, but it’s vital they are optimized each time they’re posted.

Originality is best

It is stating the obvious. However, you should be trying to inject as much originality into your content as possible. Assuming it’s high-quality, unique content will generally outperform any other type of content.

There’s just one problem: original content is difficult to produce.

Trying to go with a unique take on a subject is challenging. Yet it doesn’t have to be too outlandish or out there. Even if you manage to add a slice of humor or a high-quality graphic, for instance, this can be enough to elevate it from the ordinary to the original.

Supplement with reposted content

Even the best social media marketing strategies won’t go all-out with unique ideas. They will typically supplement this with additional content, the type they have found elsewhere across the web.

You shouldn’t be scared to do the same. From articles about industry news to relevant memes, this type of content can still be valuable for your audience. There’s also the added advantage that it takes a fraction of the time to produce compared to original posts.

Avoid the pitfalls

When trying to build your social media following and trust levels, there are certain content types that are strict no-go areas. If you fall down any of these pitfalls, you’ll come back up with fewer followers than you had previously.

Firstly, remove any thought of publishing content that’s irrelevant to your brand and industry. You might find something humorous or interesting and feel it’s worth sharing, but it’s best to take the perspective your audience simply won’t care for this content – and in the majority of cases, that’s correct.

It is also recommended you avoid going with posts that discuss social issues and politics. Even if you feel strongly about certain political issues, a silent stance is best – otherwise, you could be upsetting up to half of your audience in one fell swoop.

Promotional posts are also something to consider. While an advertising post here and there is fine, you must steer clear of a deluge of promotional content. Your audience won’t see any value – or point – in following your social feeds if they’re just hit with adverts over and over again.


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