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All you need to know about Bitcoin ATMs


When it comes to your Bitcoin transactions, there are multiple ways of doing that. However, it is obvious that you would always prefer the best and the most secure platform. Do you know that Bitcoin selling and buying process has become a lot easier with the help of Bitcoin ATMs? You might be wondering by now what these Bitcoin Hype are? Is it real? Well, yes!

Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoins for the first time in the market in 2009. After thirteenyears of ruling the market, Bitcoins had become the digital currency on a global level. It would not be astonishing to hear Bitcoins having separate ATMs for carrying out transactions!

Basic knowledge of BTMs

BTMs are pretty similar to ATMs. These are automated teller machines, which Bitcoin traders and investors can use to carry out transactions in the most secure way. The world consists of over 7000 BTMs around different corners of the world. You can find BTMs in various spots like restaurants, cafes, shops, etc., for carrying out immediate transactions by finding the right person to trade with online in the BTMs themselves.

Now you got to learn how to use Bitcoin ATMs for buying BTC:

  • When you start using the BTM, you will come across an option of ‘Buy Bitcoins’
  • Click on the button to select the option
  • Right after that, the BTM might ask for your identifications and many more things to secure your transactions.
  • However, you need not worry about your info as it would never leak due to the high-profile anonymity.
  • Fill in the number of Bitcoins that you want to buy
  • You can then use your debit card or push in the exact amount of cash required into the BTM for processing the transaction
  • Click on the ‘finish’ button to end your transaction.

Now you got to learn how to use Bitcoin ATMs for selling Bitcoins:

  • When you proceed with the transaction on BTM, you will come across the button ‘Sell Bitcoins’
  • you can select the option and click on it.
  • You would get a fresh QR code on the screen, scan the code and proceed with the transaction
  • Put the number of Bitcoins that you want to sell.
  • Once after chosen the right option, you would need to wait a bit to find the right trade for you.
  • Crack the transaction and collect the cash at once!

Why should you choose BTMs?

Who does not like trying on new options? If you are pretty curious about Bitcoin ATMs, then you can find the proper reasons below to try out BTMs now:

  • Convenient method:

People might think that it is tough to use such a delicate machine-like BTM. But in reality, using a Bitcoin ATM is even easier than an ATM. You just need to keep your eyes open to follow the given instructions on the user interface screen and do as say.

  • Security:

The BTM centers are more secure than the volatile cryptocurrency trade markets. Though the machine asks for your identity, it makes sure that no information of yours gets leaked anywhere. The BTM sections have CCTV settings that allow you to keep your virtual assets safe from various offline dangers. The systems are designed so that it does not let people get even an inch bit of information regarding you or your purchase transactions.

  • Trust:

Bitcoin is the massive of all cryptocurrencies which values its customers on every scale, in every possible way. While you carry on with your transactions, Bitcoin online transfers make sure they transfer the amount to the right person via several identity tests. While trying out a new field, it is always essential to have trust and faith in the system. If you trust the Bitcoin trading process despite knowing its volatility factors online, you could easily trust BTM transactions.

  • Send cash

Sending cash is also possible from the machine. You need to sell the bitcoin and put the address of the receiver and the money will go to their account.

You can find bitcoin ATMs in multiple places. The easy user interface and high-security factors make it a much more reliable sector in Bitcoin trading. Talking of trading, you can also invest through Bitcoin Era now for safe and secure Bitcoin transactions! 


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