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Avery 5160 Template for Google Docs: Making Labels Has Never Been Easier

Avery 5160 Template

There are various items sold under the well-known Avery brand by Avery Products Corporation, a prominent maker of printable labels, name tags, business cards, and dividers across the globe.

Using the label creation add-on in Google Docs, you can create and print labels. So, here you are with an excellent Avery 5160 template Google Docs add-on. There are free templates to create, tweak, and print projects offered by the firm. You can use the Avery 5160 label template Google Docs, one of the most exceptional options for creating documents and printing them.

Create Labels in Google Docs by Using the Label Maker

Like an app store, various developers develop different applications for users to improve the platform. For example, you can use Avery 5160 template for Google Docs to create and print labels in the following way:

  1. Open a new document. In Google Docs, click the + symbol to open a blank doc.
  2. Download an add-on to create and design labels. Installing the plugin allows you to go to the next stage without going back.
  3. Make sure to refresh your document once you’ve installed the extension.
  4. Open Create and Design Labels by clicking the add-ons option in the top menu.
  5. Pick a template. Make and design labels with this add-on by selecting a template from the “create and design labels” sidebar menu. Look through the various templates and choose the one that best suits your needs.
  6. Edit. In the first cell of the paper, you may format and type text. Reproducing cells may be found all over the surface of a label. Don’t add merging fields as you would do with new fields in an email list. If you’re adding an address, provide both the city where you’re based and the return address.
  7. Print. The finished paperwork and labels are ready to go. Once you’ve done that, go to the File > Print option. The print conversation ad should be 100%. Hence, the margin should be set to 0. As a result, you might need to make page size adjustments. For example, Avery’s US letter 5160 requires a letter-sized format.

Using the add-on for creating and designing labels in Google Docs makes the process easy, like ABC. After you’ve printed your labels, you can stick them with staples if necessary. You can also use the tool to form labels in Google Sheets using the same add-on.

Where to Get Avery 5160 Template Google Docs?

Do you want to print labels from your Google account? Personalized labels are simple to create with Avery 5160 template Google Docs by Foxy Labels. They offer hundreds of templates for printing on labels from many vendors, including Avery.

It’s possible to apply Avery template 5160 for Google Docs directly from Workspace (G Suite). Use Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Drive, and Chromebooks to do mail merges instead of Excel or Word. So, create and print your labels with Avery 5160 template by Foxy Labels fast and free.


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