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How to Use the GSAT Web Loading Portal

GSAT Web Loading

The GSAT web loading portal allows you to redeem load credits from your GSAT box. To use this web loading portal, you will need your GSAT box number and the PIN you received via text message. You will also need to fill in a captcha box to complete the web loading process. Once this is complete, a message will be displayed that states that your PIN is successfully loaded.

How to Load GSAT Using GCash

To load GSAT web using GCash, you must have a mobile phone that supports the mobile money system. Then, you must enter your GSAT PIN and mobile number. Once you have these two details, you can load GSAT. In a few taps, you can pay for your GSAT subscription.

After you have completed the payment process, you will receive a text message telling you the GSAT PIN. If you are unable to receive this text, you may need to call GCash’s hotline at (888) 318-2882. You can also contact GCash via email or text message. Once you have your PIN, you can use it to load your GSAT web account.

If you have a prepaid card, you can load GSAT web with GCash by visiting the GSAT website or app. You will need to know your GSAT PIN, box number, and serial number. Once you have those details, you can use the GSAT web loading tool to load your GSAT web account. You can choose from one of the GSAT web packages that best suits your needs. You can also add more than one package to your account to use on different days.

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How to Load GSAT Using GCash from scratch

If you want to load GSAT with GCash, you need to follow a few simple steps. The first step is to get your GSAT PIN code. This will allow you to redeem your load credits. Once you receive your PIN code, visit the GSAT web loading portal and enter it.

Next, you should note down the number of your GSAT web loading box. Once you have this number, you should select the “PAYTV” tab from the load menu. From there, select the GSAT load you wish to redeem and tap on “NEXT.” Once you have entered the required details, review the details and tap on “PAY”. You will receive two text messages confirming your payment.

If you’re not interested in purchasing a GSAT prepaid card, you can still load your account with GCash. GCash is a payment method that is easy to use and allows GSAT subscribers to easily reload their GSAT subscription. You can use the Gcash app to purchase credits and redeem them on the GSAT web loading portal.

How to Redeem Your GSAT PIN

  • To redeem your GSAT PIN on web loading, first of all, you need to have a GCash account.
GSAT Web Loading
  • Using this account, you can load GSAT with your digital PIN.
GSAT Web Loading
  • To do this, open your GCash account and navigate to the PayTV tab.
GSAT Web Loading
  • After entering your GSAT PIN, tap “Next” and select the load that you want to redeem.
GSAT Web Loading
  • After reviewing the payment details, tap “PAY”. You will receive two text messages confirming the successful payment.
GSAT Web Loading

Once you have your GSAT account, you can go to the web loading portal and redeem your purchased load credits. In order to do this, you’ll need your GSAT box number and GSAT PIN (sent to you via SMS). You can also enter your mobile number in the captcha box to confirm that you have the right PIN. After you’ve successfully loaded your PIN, you will be able to see a message that says “Your PIN has been successfully loaded.”

GPINOY and GSAT subscribers can also check their subscription status online. Once you have the GCash account, you can use it to load your GSAT box or buy load credits. If you don’t have a GCash account, you can purchase GSAT load credits online or download the GCash app.

How to Redeem GSAT PIN Using the Web Loading Portal

You can redeem your GSAT PIN using the GSAT web loading portal. To do this, you need to have the box number and the PIN.

GSAT Web Loading

You can also get the PIN by text message. Once you have the PIN, you can load GSAT and receive your load credits.

image 18

To use the GSAT web loading portal, you need to have an active GCash account. You will also need a P50 fee to verify and cash-in your account. Once you’re done with that, you can begin loading credits using the GSAT web loading portal.

In order to redeem your PIN, you must have a valid TV box number. This number is found on the box. If you have more than one set-top box, you can enter both numbers in the web loading portal. Once you’ve entered the number, you will need to enter the PIN and the security code. Wait for a confirmation message. You can also turn on the television and check the subscription status. The box numbers should be visible on the screen.

For you to go GPinoy Box Number

Text to the GPINOY<space>Box Number<space>PIN and send to using 09989751200 or 09178867360.

For your example: GPINOY 7740537012345678 1234567891011121.

How to Know Your GSAT Box Number

You can check the status of your subscription and check your box number by visiting GSAT’s web loading website. You can see whether or not your subscription has expired, as well as the name of the box’s owner and activation date. You can also check if the box is active by turning on the TV.

The GSAT web loading portal lets you redeem purchased load credits for web loading. To access this page, you need your GSAT box number and a unique GSAT PIN, which is sent to you via text message. You may also have to enter your PIN into a captcha box. Once you enter the number correctly, the page should load successfully.

The next step is to find out your GSat box’s serial number. This number is usually printed on the bottom of the IRD box receiver. If you don’t have the box number, you can check the information on the television screen by pressing the “INFO” button on your remote control. You can also look under the box to find your serial number.


What should I do if I didn’t receive the PIN?

There are many ways to retrieve a forgotten PIN, including using your personal banking app. If you forgot your PIN, you can also contact your bank for a PIN reminder. The bank can either send you a PIN reminder in the mail or email it to you.


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