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How to Donate to Charity Using Cryptocurrency Donation Platforms in 2022


People have always acted on the natural instinct to help the needy. One of the many ways you can do this is by giving out some part of your wealth to charity organizations. Since wealth in 2022 is a lot more complicated than it used to be, cryptocurrency donations are now a thing.

Numerous NGOs committed to rendering selfless service to the needy are always in need of donations. While cash donations still remain the most popular form of assistance to these organizations, many have recently added cryptocurrency to their donation options.

The popularity of decentralized currencies in recent years is the main reason for this gesture. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about donating cryptocurrency to charity in 2022, and notable organizations that accept crypto donations.

How to Donate Bitcoin to Charity

There are several ways to donate Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies to support charity organizations. The method you choose depends on the organization you’re supporting, and what kind of structure they have in place to receive donations.

Here are some of the most common ways to donate cryptocurrencies to relevant nonprofits and charity organizations.

  1. Direct Donations

Most charities that accept cryptocurrency donations have a donation page on their website. You can always go to the donation page, determine how much worth of crypto to donate, and input the necessary details to complete the donation process.

  1. Through Cryptocurrency Donation Platforms

If the charity organization doesn’t have a crypto donation page, you can always use crypto donation platforms. A cryptocurrency donation platform is a network that connects donors and charities, and they fundraise donations that they give out to non-profits that need help.

An advantage donation platforms have over direct donations is that they accept more cryptocurrencies, giving you a better selection of options. If you’re donating to a charity that doesn’t support your cryptocurrency, you can donate through the cryptocurrency organizations that they support.


What Cryptocurrencies Can you Donate to Charity?

The type of cryptocurrency you donate is dependent on the charity organization. While some may only accept trendy ones like Bitcoin or Ethereum, others like Food for Life will allow you to use a wide range of cryptocurrencies to support their cause. You can donate cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Dai, USD Coin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

Advantage of Donating Cryptocurrencies to Charity

People donate for more reasons than just to help or save on taxes. Suppose you’re looking for more reasons to give away some of your cryptocurrencies. However, other significant benefits include saving more on transaction costs, anonymity, and ease of transaction.

  1. Taxes

Donating cryptocurrency to charity will save you money in taxes. You won’t need to pay capital gains tax because you’re giving out from a decentralized source.

For example, if you’re donating $5,000 in fiat currency, you may have to pay up to 20 percent in capital gains tax, which you won’t have to pay if you decide to give away an equivalent amount in charity cryptocurrency donations.

  1. Transaction Cost

Transaction costs may eat up donation amounts if you use a credit or debit card. Financial institutions you work with may deduct part of your donations to cover processing fees, reducing the amount that gets to the charity organization.

Donating cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin through notable cryptocurrency platforms will save you processing fees. Thanks to this solution, you can rest assured that what you choose to donate is what the organization gets.

  1. It Is Easier

Donating cryptocurrency can be easier than using a debit card. Most charities that accept crypto donation have a donation page where you are required to input your donation details, and you will use their specific wallet address or code to finalize your transaction. The organization will send you proof of payment to show that you have successfully donated to support their cause.

  1. Anonymity

You can make charitable cryptocurrency donations that are very hard or impossible to trace. For donors looking to contribute anonymously, crypto might be the way to go. While this anonymity causes some issues, it doesn’t make the donation process less secure.

With the merits of donating cryptocurrency already clear, you may want to learn about some of the top destinations for donations. The following section will discuss the best charities that support cryptocurrency donations right out of the box.

Which Non-Profit Accepts Cryptocurrency Donations

Numerous charities accept cryptocurrency donations. From health charities, environmental charities, animal charities to international charities, you’ll always find a compelling organization that lets you support them through crypto donations.

If you are interested in making your donations to a popular non-profit and provide quality meals and relief materials for the needy, consider donating to Food for Life Global. Food for Life Global is the world’s most prominent food and relief organization that focuses on providing quality vegan meals for people in the 60 countries that they are based.

Food for Life Global distributes two million meals daily and undertakes numerous animal rescue projects. Some of the organization’s affiliates also provide schooling services; you have no worries because your donation is going directly to helping millions of people under the extensive network of Food for Life Global.

You can decide to donate cash or cryptocurrency or even work as a volunteer to help steer towards the organization’s ultimate goal of bringing peace and prosperity to the world through providing quality plant-based meals prepared with loving intention. Donors can make donations by visiting the FFL donation page on the official website.


Donating cash isn’t a bad option. However, donating cryptocurrencies might just be the option today, thanks to the many advantages over fiat currency. The decentralized nature of most cryptocurrencies makes them safer and more secure for huge donations than debit or credit cards.

Crypto donations made to most non-profits are converted to cash and used to undertake necessary humanitarian projects. If you are experiencing difficulties donating to the charity of your choice, you can donate Bitcoins to charity today through a trusted cryptocurrency donation platform.


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