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How to Get a Trustworthy Legal Process Server

Trustworthy Legal Process Serving

When it comes to legal process serving, numerous process servers are eager to accept your case for a fee, but not all are trustworthy. 

To find a reputable agent for service of process, you must first understand how to locate one. Ensuring that you get a professional who provides outstanding service and charges a reasonable fee is important.

You require a trustworthy legal process serving company who will provide outstanding service without charging you additional expenses. 

If you need to get a court order, verify the authenticity of a document, or serve a legal complaint, you may want to know how to get a dedicated legal process server. 

Here’s a list of information that can help you get a trustworthy legal process serving company for your case.

  1. Understand the Legal Process

The legal process server is the individual who delivers legal paperwork to the court (for instance, the California Small Claims Court). These professionals are responsible for serving court papers while sticking to the process server laws. 

A process server must meet the state’s employment requirements and keep abreast of any rule changes. In addition, legal process servers must hold professional accreditations for specific areas of law, such as the NAPPs Services Compliant Accreditation, or be actively pursuing additional education, training, and certifications.

There are different types of legal processes such as procedural law, civil procedure, trial, contract, criminal procedure, dispute resolution and arbitration. It’s vital to ensure the process server is conversant with these law to enable them discharge their duties effectively.

It’d be best to also understand the legal process because you risk causing significant harm to your case if your server doesn’t follow the legal proceedings or serve paperwork to the wrong individual. 

  1. Ask for References

Most professionals providing legal process service lack references. Lack of reference here means they have never entrusted another party with the responsibility of serving documents on their behalf. 

Hence, it’s crucial to ensure you verify the references of the process server you’re considering hiring. Verification is one of the most effective techniques to determine whether they’re trustworthy or not because lots of unverified persons parade themselves as professional process servers. Employing this type of strategy will enable you to separate wheat from chaff.

Consider making inquiry by asking people around you including friends, families and loved ones. Suppose any of your loved ones has utilized the services of a process server in the past, an inquiry into the services they received will to a reasonable extent help you choose the best process serving companies. 

It’s also imperative to verify that they’re registered with the court so that they may register you as a customer if they serve your paperworks. You can request a copy of their registration if registered with the court to be sure.

It’s also advisable to inquire about their work and how they serve documents before proceeding with the hire.

  1. Get a Price Quote

Most legal process servers don’t offer online price quotes, meaning they don’t have rates against which you can compare them. Not offering a price quote is another standard error most process servers make. Before hiring them, consider obtaining a pricing quote from them.

This is the best way for you to see how much the process server charges for their services. Consider contacting the process server, or visit their website to see their rates. 

You must also determine whether the price of having your documents served is worth the effort required. This may seem obvious to some, but many individuals fail to account for the cost of hiring a process server.

It’s also advisable to consider checking the process servers you’re intending to hire in Better Business Bureau (BBB) or Yelp to see what people are saying about them.

You can also try to communicate with different legal process servers and compare the rates that they are offering.

It is advisable to plan a budget in case of unforeseen circumstances. If the rate of the qualified legal process server is within the range of your budget, you can go for the server.

Trustworthy Legal Process Serving

  1. Ask for Proof of Identity and Service

Lack of identity proof is an error most of these professionals make. It’s imperative to ensure that the process server you hire has proper identification. 

Most qualified legal process servers always possess any of the following documents: business license, driver’s license, national identity card or utility bill. If the process server doesn’t have any of these documents, there is a probability that the legal process server is a fake. 

Additionally, investigate evidence of service support. Will their workflow policies guarantee irrefutable evidence of service?

Also consider checking their internet presence or ask them to demonstrate their proof of identity by signing a proof of identification agreement to verify that they’re who they claim to be.

  1. Inquire About Written Contracts

Most legal process servers out there will provide you with a written contract that has their terms and rates. Therefore, not having a written contract is another error most process servers make. Ensure that the process server you hire has a written contract. That way, you’re sure the process server is reputable. 

  1. Hire a Registered Process Server

It’d be best to verify that the process server you choose is court-registered and a member of the state association. Registration shows that they’ve been verified and checked out by the court. 

  1. Avoid Process Servers Who Don’t Deliver Shipments 

Avoid hiring a process server who lacks the authority to deliver your paperwork. An unauthorized process serving might harm your court case. Therefore, when choosing a process server to serve your paperwork, prioritize their authorization.  


There are numerous process servers; however, not all of them are trustworthy, making it challenging when you need to hire one. We hope this information assists you in locating a trustworthy legal process serving company for your court case. Are you looking to hire a trustworthy process server, consider going through this link https://drlegalprocess.com/ to find one.


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