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How to share a load in globe ( Best 4 Methods )

How to share a load in globe

How to share a load in globe : If you have a low balance on your Globe or TM postpaid account, you can share your load with friends and family members. This is especially helpful during times of financial hardship. It helps you avoid the stress that comes with zero-balance loads. You can also share your load with friends or family members who also have Globe or TM postpaid accounts.

What is Share a Load?

Share a load in Globe is a feature that allows subscribers to share their load with other Globe customers. This feature allows users to send a text message with their prepaid mobile number and the amount of load they want to share. They can also use the USSD code *143# to request a load from a friend or family member.

After sending the load, the recipient will receive a confirmation text from Globe. They will need to reply with a “YES” within five minutes in order for the transaction to proceed. Once the transaction is completed, the recipient will receive a Pasaload, which has a specified duration of validity. The load will also be protected by a PIN so that only authorized persons can send it.

Once the user has registered, they can send the PIN code to another person to send the load. This PIN Code can be a 4 character PIN code or a four-character PIN clue. The recipient must reply “YES” within five minutes or the transaction will be rejected. The recipient will then receive a PIN code from Globe via text.

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How do I use Share A Load?

Share A Load is a feature of Globe prepaid that lets you share your load with your friends and family. This is a great way to help your loved ones during tough times. If your balance is low, you can share it with other Globe prepaid subscribers to avoid having a zero balance.

To use Share A Load, simply log in to your Globe account, or register to use the service. Once you’re logged in, tap on ‘Share A Load’ and enter the 11-digit mobile number of the person you wish to share a load with. Next, enter the amount of load that you want to share. You can then confirm your transaction.

To share a load, you’ll need a phone with a GSM modem or a GSM network. The phone must have a load indicator. If it’s not showing the load icon, tap the “SIM toolkit” icon. You can also select a different service from the same menu, such as CallTextSvcs.

how to share a load in globe

If you’re a Globe postpaid subscriber, you can share a load with your friends and family. This service helps you save money on data by sharing data plans among all your devices, without draining your phone’s battery. Moreover, you can send a load for as little as Php 2 per transaction. Just remember that a load is only valid for a specific period, so be careful when sending it.

First, you’ll need a Globe account. If you don’t have one yet, you can register for one. After signing up, select the “Share-A-Load” option. Then, enter your recipient’s 11-digit mobile number, the amount of load you want to send, and confirm the transaction. You’ll receive a confirmation text message once the transaction is successful.

how to share a load in globe

You can also use the myGlobe application or the USSD code to share a load. Just make sure that you have enough balance in your Globe or TM SIM card before you use it. You can also call the Globe Help and Support team for further assistance.

How to Share A Load in Globe and TM

The Share-A-Load feature is available on Globe and TM mobile phones. It allows postpaid users to transfer a load to another subscriber. The recipient must use the load within the validity period or it will be forfeited. The duration of a shared load depends on the amount shared. Postpaid subscribers can also send and receive a load through text messages.

To share a load on Globe and TM, users must first have an active Globe or TM mobile account. Then, they must enter the number of the person to whom they want to send a load. The recipient must have an active mobile phone with sufficient balance.

Using the Share-A-Load feature is a simple process. Subscribers can send a load using their prepaid number by sending the amount of data to the recipient’s prepaid number. They can send as much as P150 through Globe or TM. Users must reply with a yes within five minutes to send the load.

How to Share a Load in Globe and TM via Text

To share a load with your Globe or TM contacts, you can text them the amount and a four-digit PIN. You can also use this option to transfer MBs and promos. After you send the text, you will be asked if you want to continue with the transaction. If you agree, the transaction will be done. You can also send a text message to change your PIN.

First, you need to have a prepaid load. This is not difficult. Share a load with your friends and loved ones. You can share a load of P1 to P500. The load validity period increases with the amount you share. The recipient must use the shared load within the validity period to avoid forfeiting the remaining amount. If you send a text message asking for a load, you must make sure that you have enough load in your own phone to make a successful load share. You can check your load balance by sending a text message to BAL222 or by dialing *143#.

Once you have your PIN and a prepaid load, you can start sharing the load with your Globe and TM subscribers. You can also share a load with your loved ones during rainy days or nights. The process is as simple as sending a text message. The transaction fee is P1 per successful process. The amount you spend sharing a load will be added to your monthly bill.

How much will I be charged for using Share A Load?

You can transfer loads between two Globe postpaid customers or two prepaid subscribers using Globe’s share a load service. To do so, you must send a text message with the amount you want to transfer and the four-digit PIN. You will be asked if you want to proceed and confirm the transaction. You can also do this by dialing *143#.

Once you have entered the PIN, you will receive a validation message. You must reply “YES” within five minutes to complete the transaction. You will then be charged P1 for each successful transaction. The Pasaload you receive will be valid for a certain amount of time, depending on how much money was sent. The recipient will also be required to enter a PIN code to protect their Pasaload so that unauthorized people cannot share the load.

Another great feature of Globe Share a Load service is its secure transactions. The PIN code acts like a password, so no one can steal your prepaid load. Another benefit of sharing a load with Globe is that you can share the load amount with friends and family, even if they are not Globe subscribers. This way, you can transfer nearly any amount, up to P150.

What is the validity period for Share A Load?

Share A Load is a service provided by Globe that allows prepaid customers to transfer loads, data, and promos to other Globe subscribers. You can use this service up to five times in a single transaction. You can do this through text messages by dialing *143# or through your SIM menu.

You can check the validity of Share A Load by checking your phone’s SIM menu. This menu is usually found under your phone’s SIM toolkit or main interface. The Share A Load menu can also be found under PrepaidSvcs or ShareALoad.

Globe share-a-load transactions are valid for three days, fifteen days, thirty days, 45 days, 60 days, and 75 days. It is also worth noting that you have to enter a PIN each time you want to share a load. This is done to prevent unwanted individuals from sharing your load. In addition, you’ll be charged P1 for each successful transaction.

What if I forget my MPIN?

If you have a prepaid load on Globe, you can easily share it with other subscribers using the share a load facility. The PIN must be entered properly or the sharing will be blocked. You can also change your MPIN by dialing *143# or by going to MyAccount, Share-A-Load/Promo/MB and clicking on Change Share PIN. After completing the steps, you should receive a text message asking for a new share PIN. You should then follow the instructions to change the PIN. If you are unable to reset your MPIN, you can also call the customer support numbers TM or 211.

If you are a Globe pasaload user, you should know how to set your MPIN. You can do this by texting SMS TRANSACTION REG with a four to ten-character PIN Clue and paying P1 to complete the transaction. If you forget your PIN, you can also retrieve it by sending a text message that says ‘Forgot your MPIN’ to 2916. Alternatively, you can text GET MPIN Clue to 2916 or ‘Forgot My MPIN?’ to 2916. The same process works for your birthday. Using the SMS recovery feature is easy. You can also access MyAccount or Share-A-Load and set up your PIN there.


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