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Jobs after MBA- Life changing Mba Careers-1

1 Jobs after MBA | Life changing MBA Careers

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Jobs after Mba, When you spend more than Rs 100,000, you would be concerned about what you get in return, in addition to the knowledge. For most MBA students, the big draw is a career change that pays well. Let’s take a quick look at some career options after an MBA in 4 popular specializations:





We left management consulting and investment banking for another day. What Industries Offer Rewarding Careers for MBA’s? What are the job descriptions and salaries? What are the top companies recruiting MBA grads? 


Let’s start with marketing. Businesses need marketing managers in good times and bad. They are the ones who get business and income for the company. While nothing is guaranteed in a recession, good marketers are likely to be the last to get laid off. Here are some industries you can target: And job titles – Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll do in these jobs Career advancement and salary for Marketing MBA’s depend on your ability to innovate. 

For example, an entrepreneurial marketing manager can rise through the ranks to become a product development manager and even a vice president of marketing or CEO. Some of the most popular companies in the US include: Here is a list of the best high schools to earn an MBA in marketing:

  1. IIM-B
  2. Alliance university
  3. IIM-Shillong


An MBA in finance can provide you with the opportunity to specialize in the following fields. The magic words “finance” and “management” can open up career opportunities in any given field. in various sectors, including these: Here is a sample list of job titles available after an MBA in Finance Corporate Finance is all about ensuring that funds are available for a company’s business activities

Here’s what finance professionals are expected to do: Here’s how much you can expect to earn jobs at in finance. Here is a list of the best finance schools. 

  1. FMS delhi
  2. IIM-Lucknow
  3. XLRI-jamshedpur

Operations Management

Operations management originated in the manufacturing industry with Henry Ford’s assembly line for car manufacturing. Today, it is a valuable specialization in all industries, including new age sectors such as telecommunications, information technology, and e-commerce.

While not as glamorous as the other majors, operations management is becoming more popular with aspiring high school students. The number of jobs in the field has increased, and so has the competition. Job titles include the following. As the name suggests, Operations Managers ensure smooth implementation of all key processes and projects in-house MBA in Operations graduates are typically hired to handle these responsibilities. The world has many experts who understand technology, but not enough who understand technology and business.

Technology-Jobs after Mba

Here you will enter with your technical specialization. An MBA in Technology can take you to a nearby industry that relies on technology to maintain its wheels. With experience, MBAs in Technology become information system managers, systems analysts and chief technology officers.

Technology managers keep pace with rapidly evolving technology developments and innovations. Understand products and services and follow new trends that will thrive in the market In many schools, the MBA program covers the business implications of emerging technologies such as AI and cryptocurrencies.

Here are some of the most important if you are planning an international career in any of these fields, we can help you with the first big step. Entering a top university. Send us an email for a personal and secure discussion. And don’t forget to read beyond The MBA Hype. Goodbye. for the time being


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