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The Honor Selfie Stick sets you apart

Honor Selfie Stick

It takes more than the best smartphone possible to take the right photos. The most bizarre photos and videos require the right selfie stick so you can capture everything remotely.

Even if you have no previous experience with selfie bars, it’s worth spending a few hours reading this article to make sure you know more about the details.

There are many colors

First, selfie sticks come in many vibrant colors. This will make you even more excited about using it, because selfie sticks are the best gift for teenagers. And we all know that teenagers love colors. The selfie stick comes in bright colors that guarantee your ability to present it to your closest friends and be cool.

Made of high quality materials

The selfie stick is made only of high quality materials. The combination of stainless steel and plastic is clearer here. The basic material is stainless steel, which covers the center of the rod. This offers exceptional strength and durability even in the wind. Not to mention protecting him from hitting the ground.

Another material is soft plastic and rubber. This makes the selfie stick easy to touch and hold. At the same time, the plastic material is not waterproof, so that no rain prevents you from taking the best photos with friends. Universal grip on smartphone

Holding your smartphone is related to where you place your smartphone to make sure it attaches to the selfie stick. Jack is versatile and can be used on all smartphones regardless of their brand. The holder is safer to keep your smartphone safe and will never allow it to slide out despite gusts of wind.

Expand to the highest dimension

The selfiestick can also be extended to almost 70 cm. This is enough for tall people who have a peripheral view of their surroundings and receive the best possible photos and videos from their friends. After taking photos, you can quickly restore the selfie stick to its original size and make sure you wear it carefully.

Compact and portable

What happens to your selfie stick if you don’t carry it with you often? It’s just in your closet and another nonsense you have in the bedroom. However, this selfie stick is more compact and portable. It comes with a soft suitcase in which you can place it and be ready to take it anywhere. Not to mention that when you pull the selfie stick, it is only 10 cm, which you can easily place in your pocket while walking.

Adjustable head

Finally, the adjustable head is probably the best feature of this selfie stick. You can rotate your head up to 270 degrees to get all the angles you want. Because of this, you can cover all photo and video designs and become the most reputable person in your business.

This selfie stick is made of lightweight materials that will last a lifetime. It is always better to cover and release the selfie stick in his suitcase if you want to take a video or photo.


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