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Understanding CCNP Collaboration Certification

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Within the fast paced and highly competitive environment there has been a never ending demand for building high end collaboration and network between organizations to ease down waste of time and yield high productivity at work places. There are several companies who have paid attention into this demand and are now providing network based team collaborative tools, out of which CISC O is a prominent player globally. Due to its serious reputation in the market CISCO has self designed certification programs to get more and more professionals to handle this sudden surge in networking and collaboration. Here are the findings you could find useful if you are looking for obtaining a certificate in CCNP Collaboration.

What is Collaborative Technology

CT (Collaborative Technology) is very important for growing business and already large organization handling multiple tasks. This technology eases the complicated and time taking sharing and accessing of documents. CT is a very easy and user-friendly technology where teams can work collectectively without even leaving their desks. Common daily activities such as file sharing, document synchronization, whiteboards, instant messaging and even video conferencing. All these daily activities are very important and imagine employees leaving desks to do or ask these tasks with their colleagues of seniors. A collaboration technology is a safe environment that helps communication across teams and different levels of hierarchy seamlessly, saves time, cost whilst increasing productivity and hence increase in ROI.

Why CCNP Collaboration Certification

Once you have completed this certification, which is an eight hours of lab exam, you will be able to effectively optimize complex enterprise collaboration solutions, by doing proper planning, designing, implementing and operating the entire enterprise. Network engineers looking for up scaling their present jobs would find this extremely beneficial.

How to prepare for CCNP Collaboration Certification

There are ways you could pass CCNP 350- 801 CLCOR exam in first go, provided you have strategized your preparations and are ready to do the hard work, If you invest time and energy properly, it shall certainly yield benefits for you upon test completion. There are online companies who have a strong training methodology in place such as Spoto. The website offers real practice tests with questions and answers. They also have professional tutor teams to assist learners and ensure that they clear in first attempt itself.

Getting CCNP Collaboration Certified

CCNP is among the most sought after certification in the IT when we talk about networking and collaborative technology. Furthermore, when a top IT company such has CISCO is issuing it; its value definitely goes up real high. This certification is known to be little tougher than CCNA. This is evident as in CCNP collaboration certification covers more intense areas as compared to CCNA. CCNP certification has been designed and conducted by CISCO to validate network professional’s ability to troubleshoot LAN and WAN network issues. This certification is valid for three years and you will be required to get recertified.

More about CCNP Collaboration Certification

There are no formal prerequisites for joining CCNP and CCNA certifications, neither do you need to have a CCNA certification to be eligible for CCNP exam. But a good preparation with updated practice tests, professional tutor guidance and keeping abreast with the latest updates in CCNP QAs occasionally is the key to clear the exam effortlessly. You will need to clear two exams before you are awarded that CCNP collaboration certification. The best part is you can also customize your certification, to enhance your technical area of specialization. Out of the two Cisco Certification CCNP is a higher certification.

How Exams are conducted

These Exams are online and you can give them either from or office is your choice. All you need to do is a system check test, by downloading OnVUE online proctoring software much ahead to ensure your system will perform with CISCO software, also you will need to check if your system at home of office meets the minimum system requirements prescribed. While you are taking this exam, the proctor will monitor and a video recording is continuously done and during this period you will have no privacy at all, as it will record your background, you face, voice everything. This is done to ensure no tampering is done with Pearson VUE’sand subcontractor’s software, also if the proctor recognizes any third party the exam is terminated instantly.


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