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6 reasons every business should implement internet monitoring

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In today’s day and age, having reliable Internet access is vital to the survival of both small and big businesses. However, with its rising usage comes more threats, online scams, and vulnerabilities that can cripple your business. To avoid unforeseen damage caused by the internet, you need to monitor its operations using a tool such as Softactivity.

The premise behind internet monitoring is to help businesses protect their brands and reputations. Further, it can be used to catch employees who are misusing company resources or engaging in other types of cybercrimes.

There are various reasons why a business should implement internet monitoring. If you have not yet done it, this article explains why you should be prioritizing it soon.

Collect Data

Data is vital for your business to understand its position in different areas. Internet monitoring allows you to collect useful business data on both customers and competitors. This information can help to improve your products and services and ultimately create a better customer experience.

For example, by monitoring internet use in your company, you can easily determine how many hours employees work each day, where they go on the Internet, what websites they visit, and more. This information can improve productivity and make your company meet its goals much quicker.

What’s more, you can use data collected to serve as evidence if someone is stealing from the company or doing anything illegal while at work.

Protect Against Harmful Websites

Monitoring tools can also help you identify risky sites that could threaten your network or users’ devices way before they become problems. Today, the web is full of websites that contain malicious code that could potentially infect devices if opened in an email or browser window or downloaded onto a device.

Your employees may not realize that they’re using questionable sites, but their actions can still cause damage to your brand or reputation. You want to protect them from these websites and yourself from liability if an employee inadvertently downloads malware onto company equipment.

Protect Against Data Leakage

Data breaches cost companies a lot of money in lost revenue and reputation damage every year. The same goes for employee theft of sensitive information or intellectual property (IP).

If your employees are allowed unfettered access to the Internet, they could unintentionally reveal confidential information or give away IP that belongs to your company.

Effective internet monitoring software can prevent this by identifying risky websites and blocking them before leaks occur.

Improve Productivity

The most obvious benefit of internet monitoring is that it improves employee productivity. With more accurate data on what people are doing online, managers can better understand how they spend their time, leading to more effective allocation of resources and improved profitability.

For example, if they spend too much time on social media or other websites that aren’t directly related to work, this could be a sign that they’re not as productive as they could be. You may need to take action if this happens frequently, such as limiting the time employees can spend on these sites or giving them more work-related tasks to do instead.

Protect Against Malware and Viruses

Malware is software designed to damage or disable computers and computer systems. On the other hand, viruses are programs that infect computers and replicate themselves by inserting copies of themselves into other programs or files.

Both of these can be used for criminal purposes such as stealing information or disrupting services. By using monitoring tools, you can identify threats quickly and take action to stop them before they cause any damage to your network or data.

Bandwidth Control

The internet is a handy tool for businesses but it can also be costly especially when metered. Business owners need to understand the costs of using the internet, especially when it comes to bandwidth usage.

Most businesses have an internet connection that allows them to use as much bandwidth as possible, leading to high bills and slow business operations. A better option is to install an internet monitoring service that will help you control your bandwidth usage to save money while still getting the work done.


As a business owner, avoiding internet monitoring exposes your business to any potential dangers that we’ve discussed above. This is why you must implement it if you are serious about enhancing security, productivity, and getting more sales.

Security online is only going to continue to grow in importance. As people continue relying more on their smartphones, tablets, and computers to do business, they become more susceptible to cybercriminals on the web.

Businesses of all types will need the right security system to protect them against cybercriminals, and nothing does it better than internet monitoring. 


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