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Most Common Types of VPNs in 2022


VPNs have become all the rage in the year 2022. With remote working as a continuing norm, the need for robust security measures is increasing each day. People are looking for ways to manage the data across various networks. A VPN offers the most viable method of keeping your data safe without installing multiple antiviruses or security systems. According to Statista, the second most cited reason for employing a virtual private network was to maintain anonymity while browsing the web.

What Is A VPN?

A virtual private network allows a private network to overlap the boundaries of a public network to create a protected network. Even when a user is working on a public network, the internet will recognize its activity as if the user is working on a private network. A VPN hides the IP address of a user to protect it against hackers and third-party users. According to Forbes, a VPN helps remote workers protect valuable business assets.

VPNs offer an affordable safety measure against cybersecurity threats. Each type of VPN is suited to a different type of setup. The VPN used by a multinational company does not suit a remote worker. Similarly, a free VPN service or a low-budget VPN cannot cover the requirements of a huge enterprise. 

Before you buy a VPN, you need to know the difference between VPN service and the technology used to serve different users. Read on to find out more:

VPN Services

The private connection between a network and its endpoint is called a VPN service. These services are provided by network providers to help you access miscellaneous sources of data in a matter of minutes.  

VPN Technology

The VPN protocol which is used to encrypt and hide your web activity over the internet is referred to as VPN technology. Multiple VPN technologies can be used to secure your data across multiple thresholds. 

Types Of VPN

There are various types of VPN in the market but you have to be careful about choosing the right one. You are using a virtual IP address to access the internet. 

Learn more about the different types of VPNs by taking a look at the following:

Remote Access VPN

A remote-access VPN connects your device to a secure remote server to get full access to a private network. Most commercial VPN services allow you to use their network to hide your IP address. As a result, your activity is hidden and you can get access to all types of websites or applications that are not available in your region. You can also hide your location and browse through international markets or data sources for a diverse experience. 

Site-to-Site VPN

Site-to-SIte provides access to the resources of other employees or members of the same company. It allows users to communicate with each other without putting the company’s resources at risk. Most organizations use site-to-site VPNs to promote collaborations among their employees and create new projects with the help of innovative ideas shared over a secure network. 

The site-to-site VPN connects people within the internal network of a company called intranet site-to-site VPN as well as shares data between two different companies called extranet site-to-site VPN. It requires high-tech machines and the latest technology but offers long-term results. 

Types OF VPNs Based On Their Application

The following types of VPNs are based on their application and terms of use:

Business Oriented VPN

This VPN is used to provide virtual private network settings to large business hubs or international companies. These types of VPN services include the process of installing,  initiating a VPN connection, and handling  VPN connections for companies 

Multi-protocol VPN

In a multi-protocol VPN, the service provider will offer you various encryption services including SSL/TLS encryption, proprietary protocol, and protocols to bypass censorship as you work through different resources. This type of VPN helps you get access to all types of resources in a short amount of time. 

Single-protocol VPNs

Single-protocol VPNs use a single protocol for all online activities. Most single protocol; VPNs are based on Open VPN as an open-source VPN as it provides safe access to various resources just for you. 

No-Logging VPNs

A no-logging VPN means that your data will not be monitored or saved by the service provider. You will have complete privacy and the network provided will offer you a virtual private network without recording your online activity. It protects your identity on the internet and you can rest assured that your activity is not tracked by third-party users. 

A no-logging VPN saves you from lateral infiltration or hacking activities and also protects you from fraudulent service providers. You can also use a VPN service provider in case of a security breach if you have a no-logging VPN. 

Premium VPNs

Premium VPNs offer robust security measures against cyber threats. It offers a combination of security and performance by a team of professionals. Customer service is always available to help you out in case of a glitch. You can also get extra features such as split tunneling, obfuscation for challenging VPN blocks, and anti-DDoS servers with a premium VPN service. 

Budget VPN 

A budget VPN does not offer timely customer service. It hides your IP address and offers you the most vital services based on your budget. You won’t be able to get any extra features with a budget VPN but it is still a great way to work on various networks without making your data vulnerable.

Free VPNs

A free VPN offers a temporary solution to cyber threats. If you don’t want to buy a VPN for the long term and test the validity of the service, you can get a free VPN. It offers an opportunity to test drive a commercial VPN service and if you are satisfied with its performance you can buy the premium package. 


VPNs provide complete security in terms of end-to-end encryption of data. You don’t have to worry about a security breach especially if you run a huge company. It provides you with the freedom to work freely and provides privileged access to the internet. It hides your online activity and creates a safe space for you and your employees. The best thing about a VPN is that it can also be used for pleasure. If you want to spend time working on an individual project, you can use a remote access VPN to keep your browsing activities a secret.  


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