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Procedure for reporting technical issues in Online Gaming Forums

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Online gaming forums are a place where members often learn how to improve their skills and the quality of their gaming experience. The security team of any game you play is constantly working to address reports of a range of technical issues that are often brought to their attention by community members. The following is a procedure for reporting technical issues in online gaming forums.

  • What to Do First?

At any time that you see a technical issue with the game forums, whether it is due to an error message or some fault, do not simply post about the issue in the public forum thread, but instead, use the forum’s private messaging system (PM) function to contact an administrator or moderator directly. You can easily message the issue by the PM function available at many platforms like F95Zone Website.

  • Contact the Administrator

If you cannot find an administrator or moderator using PM within the game, you can also try contacting customer support via email. Always provide as much detail as possible, including your location and preferred language, so that we can more efficiently resolve your report. You must include the following information in your email:

  • Your full name and email address
  • The date and hour of when you encountered the issue, as well as how many times you encountered the issue
  • The error message or fault you encountered: if necessary, attach a screenshot of the error message or fault.

Use Private Message System to Contact Customer Support

Once a report has been submitted via email or PM, do not reopen it so that the developers can follow up on your report more quickly. Incorrect spelling of a word in response may cause delays to being resolved by the team. Instead, wait for customer support to contact you before reopening a report. If an administrator cannot resolve an issue within two hours, you should contact the upper authorities.

  • Updated Information

We ask for your patience and understanding as we work through reports that forum community members have submitted. All administrators and moderators will be notified when a request is received via PM to follow up on requests in an effective manner. Forum administrators will always be the first to receive updates to reports they submit via PM. If you cannot receive further updates, don’t hesitate to contact customer support via email or forum PM to ensure that your report has been forwarded to our development team. Many reputed platforms like F95 Zone take such issues very seriously and resolve them effectively.


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