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Sleepgram Pillows Review 2022 – What You Should Know

Sleepgram Pillows Review

Sleepgram Pillows Review – Reasons You Should Replace Your Pillow it may be hurting your sleep, skin, energy and mood.

You have spent 8 hours on your pillow every night which equates to about 2,920 hours in the past year or 122 days! Yet, you probably never thought twice about its importance or how it affects your daily life.

Your pillow affects your day immensely but not many people spend time thinking about it or thoroughly shopping for one. Mattresses, sheets, comforters… you’ll spend countless hours, days or weeks shopping for these items.

But the one you rest your precious face, head and neck on every night most just kind of wing it. We have compiled the top 5 reasons why you should replace your pillow tonight and achieve amazing sleep, blissful mornings and a happier life.

Sleepgram Pillows Reviews

Sleepgram Pillow Review Breakdown (Sleepgram Pillows Review)

The Sleepgram Pillow stands apart with an adjustable plan that permits proprietors to change its immovability level and space. Since it offers adaptability, most sleepers are probably going to lay easily on something like one of the three solidness levels. This might make it a magnificent fit for sleepers who are uncertain of their ideal immovability and those whose inclinations might change over the long haul.

While it’s uncommon to find a pad that succeeds in all presentation classifications, the Sleepgram Pillow procures strong imprints in all cases. These variables influence the solace, solidness, and worth of a pad, and the Sleepgram’s evaluations demonstrate that it ought to perform well in the areas that frequently make the biggest difference to sleepers.

Furthermore, Sleepgram has client cordial strategies, including a 100-day rest preliminary and a lifetime guarantee. Assuming you’re uncertain in the event that the cushion is appropriate for you or you’re worried about sturdiness, these strategies might give you additional genuine serenity.

In general, this pad is areas of strength for a for essentially any sleeper, no matter what their rest position, weight, and individual inclinations.

It May Be Causing Your Blemishes

That is right: the blemishes you can avoid are where your face is getting dirty in the most unsuspecting places. You went to the beach, put on sunscreen, sweat for hours, and now its time to press your face onto your bacteria-sponge of a pillow and call it a night. This is the all-too-common scenario of how a pillow collects dirt, oil, bacteria and dead skin cells that can cause your face and body irritation. The experts out there recommend washing your pillow case as often as 5+ times per month. But even the most vigilant skip washing the pillow often and neglect to notice the dirt, oil, bacteria and other gross things from piling up INSIDE your pillow. Sleepgram, a Los Angeles pillow company recently featured all over the place, is the perfect pillow for cleanliness as they are totally machine washable; but more on that soon.

Sleep gram Pillows Reviews

It Is A Dust Mite Factory (Sleepgram Pillows Reviews)

Dust mites feed off skin cells and are totally invisible to the naked eye. They are relatives of the spider and thrive in warm and humid environments. Body heat and warm breathing makes the pillow one of their favorite homes. Up to 1/3 of a pillow’s weight after 2 years consists of dust mites and their fecal matter! Dust mites can cause allergies, are a common cause of asthma in children, and can even cause facial pressure and swollen skin underneath your eyes. This can all be avoided with a machine washable pillow washing it 1-2 times a month. However, most common pillows such as foam and cheap materials cannot be washed and still maintain their structure. Fortunately, Sleepgram pillows were developed exactly for this and make an outer shell that is fully machine washable while the inside support can stay intact and does not need to be cleaned.

Sleep gram Pillows Reviews 1

No Support

Speaking of support, pillows do not hold their shape forever, after some time the middle of the pillow loses structure. After sweating and breathing, dust mites, and just overall aging it has lost its support beams. Your head and neck need to remain supported all night to ensure a full night’s sleep so it is imperative your pillow is sufficient. This could be causing you to wake up, roll around, and impair your overall sleep quality. It is important to have a pillow with adequate support in order to wake up refreshed and energized every morning.

Everyone wants great sleep, but not enough people take action to improve their sleep. That is why this Sleepgram pillow was created. Now, everyone can see what it is like to sleep on a world class pillow on any budget.

Sleepgram Pillows Review 1


That is right! You should not have a pillow longer than 6-24 months depending on its quality, use, and care. If you are not going to keep and eat a can of tuna in your pantry past the due date, then why keep the filthy pillow you shove your face into for 8 hours night after night? People like to extend the life of a lot of normal household items, but the one you spend 122 days a year on…is NOT one to mess with. Your sleep, energy, face, and neck are way too important to neglect. Buy a Sleepgram pillow and thank us later, they last a very long time. You have 100 nights to try it for a free refund if it does not dramatically improve your sleep.

Who Might Like The Sleepgram Pillow?

  • Combination sleepers or those who like to customize their pillow
  • Shoppers on a budget
  • People who like to easily toss their entire pillow in the washer and dryer

Who Might Not Like The Sleepgram Pillow?

  • Sleepers who prefer the support and pressure relief of memory foam
  • Shoppers who want a pillow that will hold up for years
  • Those who do not want any pillow maintenance; this one should be fluffed consistently

“I just wish I bought a quality pillow earlier, It’s something I use every day 8-9 hours!” – Carleen
You Can Have SO Much Better

No matter how great you think your pillow may be, we are here to tell you that you are probably wrong. A cooler pillow, an adjustable pillow, hypoallergenic, supportive, and washable pillow all while being cheaper than the rest of competition at under $40 each? Yes, Sleepgram pillows are cheaper than all the other name brands and will outperform them as well. If you do not agree you have a full 100 nights to decide for yourself and get a full refund.

“The single best improvement I have made to my sleep in a decade!” – Maryam

In conclusion, I highly suggest anyone to try this for yourself and love ones as it really can work wonders on sleep quality. If you would like to try the Sleepgram pillow follow our exclusive link below for the best price on the web!

Customer Reviews on the Sleepgram Pillows

RACHEL HUBBARD New York “My husband said, as we sunk into the pillows on our new bed that it was ‘like being at a fancy hotel.’ These pillows are fantastic and so comfy I will be taking these with me whenever I travel from now on! Other pillows just aren’t the same!”

JUSTIN ROSWELL New York “This is by far the most amazing pillows I have ever slept on. Perfect softness to thickness because it’s adjustable. Doesn’t go flat, cool and just amazing. Now my wife is trying to steal mine and I think that could be grounds for divorce.

KIMBERLY JOHNSON Los Angeles “When I first heard about Sleepgram I just thought that it was another pillows. I decided to try it out after hearing about how comfortable they were from a friend. Boy, I was not disappointed. I’ll be replacing my kid’s pillows ASAP!”


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