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Why Are Paystub Generators Better?

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Paystub generators are an incredibly useful tool that a lot of companies and businesses have been turning to, but why are they so much better than just creating the paystubs yourself? It might seem like producing a pay stub is not that hard and that a generator could be risky, but that is very far from the truth.

There are a lot of inherent advantages to using a generator, especially in a business with either a lot of employees or no dedicated accounting and HR team. But what are they, and why should you consider using a generator for pay stubs? 

Here are some key reasons why they are simply a better option than doing it all by yourself.


One of the biggest issues you can have with finance records is inconsistent designs, details, or layouts. If your accounting experts can’t easily compare different records due to them being completely different in terms of layout and contents, then it can make the whole process harder.

Small things, like minor changes to certain fields or additional fields for more information, are not a problem. However, completely changing the way that tax calculations are handled or reworking a pay stub to make it less clear can often lead to major money-related mistakes.

It is often a good idea to try and keep your records as consistent as possible, and generators make that very easy. With the right settings, you can create a pay stub online with the exact same layout and arrangement every single time, making them extremely easy to compare in your records.

At a smaller level, consistent designs can also be important for representing your company well. This can have practical benefits by making it clear that all of the records are part of your company’s business operations, but it can also be important if you use outsourced accounting that handles other businesses too.

Remember that you should come up with a standardized way of using a generator. Have a template or basic idea that all of your accounting employees use, even if it is just a basic order of which fields should go where. With this, you can get excellent stubs every time with minimal effort.


One of the biggest advantages of online generators is that they remove human error. As long as all of the data is correct and added to the generator in the correct way, your accounting specialists will not make mistakes involving tax information or details about an employee’s hours worked.

By using a generator, you cut out a large part of the room for error, meaning that your employees have less to worry about and can focus more on getting the information correct in the first place. With less risk of mistakes, you can feel more confident in your financial records.

On top of that, there are the added benefits of a generator always doing things in the same way. This means that there will not be differences between different accounting employees, so tax calculations are not going to be handled differently from pay stub to pay stub.

Using a generator properly allows you to create pay stubs in the same way for months or years at a time, all while minimizing the risk of anything going wrong. Even if you need to expand your pay stubs or add more details, you can simply adjust the information that you are putting into the generator.


As you might expect, a generator can be a lot faster than a person trying to create pay stubs on their own. While they still need to gather and input the right information in the right places, the process of creating the pay stubs is a lot faster and far less time-consuming.

In practical terms, this means that your accounting or HR teams can be freed up to do other things, rather than spending hours working on pay stubs that are only going to be used once each. They can focus on more important work related to tax or your core business operations, making it easier to put the key things first.

A faster accounting and record-making process is also beneficial for employees. It means that even larger companies can have their pay stubs ready to hand over on payday, instead of some employees receiving their pay stubs  a day late because there was not enough time to finish them all ahead of time.

On top of that, a generator can make everything a lot simpler, allowing regular employees to act as accounting staff when needed. This could be helpful if you are understaffed or are not large enough to hire an accounting team yet, but still, need pay stubs in bulk.


Pay stubs need to be flexible to account for a lot of different factors, including things like employees who work unusual hours or who have specific benefits and payment requirements. This often means that you will want pay stubs that can have extra fields added with ease.

Generators make this fairly easy, providing you with the option of adding more fields either in the generator itself or improving the finished pay stubs with small adjustments and tweaks. No matter how you decide to do this, it can be a lot faster than making each stub manually.

Thanks to the lack of human error in a generator, it will also only include the information that you decide to include. If you leave a piece of irrelevant information out, there will not be empty fields or left-over text to remove and adjust on each pay stub.

Of course, even if your pay stubs can stay the same for years without needing to change, generators are still a very effective tool. They allow you to auto-generate pay stubs for any situation, get high-quality results, and ensure that each one is easy to compare with the last.

If you are interested in using a pay stub generator, at least try looking over your available options, then consider experimenting with one. Generators can be helpful for both large-scale pay stub generation and smaller-scale, and last-minute pay stub creation if you have no dedicated accountant.


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