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Why Laser Hair Removal is expensive?

Laser Hair Removal

There are different types of hair removal techniques in the market. There are techniques involving high-end tools and standard ones with manual and straightforward processes. Depending on the type of clinic and service, the costs vary. However, the most expensive of them is laser hair removal, although it is the most cost-effective hair removal solution for a long-term result. 

Other hair removal methods, when compared to waxing or shaving, laser hair removal is highly costly. But, its costs add up to its long-lasting result for a long time. You cannot expect a laser permanent hair removal as many people claim to be so. The total cost of a laser permanent hair removal treatment is broken down over a period for multiple laser sessions. Examining your hair growth cycles, you have to get a laser hair removal treatment after every six to eight weeks to get the best result in the end. 

When you start getting a laser hair removal treatment, you should pay up the upfront fees in bulk for all your remaining sessions. This would relatively lower the total costs with discounts. If you pay up every time you enter into a session, the laser hair removal price (激光脫毛價錢) could make you spend more than estimated. Therefore, if you pay in bulk, you get advance bookings and just have to show up when your appointment arrives. You don’t have to take out chunks of money from your pocket every time. 

A few factors sum up the laser permanent hair removal is so expensive. The reasons why you have to pay hundreds of dollars for every laser hair removal session include the following. 

The type of clinic you are visiting. 

The laser hair removal costs also consider the spa or clinic location. If it is located in a very posh area, the price will be high. Still, if the clinic or spa is situated around moderate-income earners or a rural area, they would have to set the laser hair removal price lower than estimated. If the clinic does not adjust its fees and costs, it will be challenging to get customers.  

The laser hair removal price that you are paying depends on the location and the services you are getting. Interested people are willing to pay the high upfront laser hair removal price for quality service and effective results. Regardless, if you compare the benefits of laser hair removal, you would not find the total costs that expensive. 

While alternative hair removal techniques might be of lesser cost, you might not find them satisfactory. If you desire minimal to no ingrown hairs, harsh skin irritations, or razor bumps, you should just go for a laser permanent hair removal as it’s worth the money. 

Inclusion of other business-related costs.

Any service or product costs have various underlying additional expenses lined up. In this case, the clinic, the service provider, has to consider all the related business costs to provide their customers’ laser hair removal service. Such business costs could be the rent for the clinical space, business rates, cost of the products, and other taxes. The final cost of the laser permanent hair removal treatment also involves the expense of the laser technician’s expertise and advice. 

If the clinic does not have trained staff, they would have to hire technicians and aestheticians to operate the tools and conduct the laser hair removal procedure. This could, in turn, increase the total costs. 

Laser hair removal technology or machine is expensive. 

Other than the clinic’s location and other business-related expenses, the high acquisition costs of the high-end laser hair removal tool are the most pricey ones. A professional laser permanent hair removal machine’s price could go up to $70,000 – $100,000 each. Since such devices involve advanced technology, the machine is worth their price. Moreover, different laser hair removal machine functions different laser types. 

These laser types usually are Diode laser, Nd: YAG laser, and Alexandrite laser. Each laser type has different usage and results on the body hairs of a person. The clinic also includes the annual maintenance costs and other medical bills with the total laser hair removal costs. 

The targeted area of your body for laser hair removal treatment. 

A standard process for determining the laser hair removal price is dependent on the targeted area for the procedure. If you want laser hair removal on smaller areas of your body like the chin, underarm, or upper lip, the costs will be lesser. But if the targeted area is large, like legs or full arm, the costs will increase as more tremendous efforts and products will be needed. 

The laser hair removal sessions you might require to permanently destroy the targeted area’s hair follicles account for the total costs. 

Nonetheless, when you go for a laser hair removal session, ensure that you compare every available option to get the quality service and best results yet at an affordable budget. 


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