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Old School RuneScape Game Guide: Essential Tips For Players to Level UP Mining in OSRS

Old School RuneScape Game

Because of compelling mechanics and nostalgia factor, Old School RuneScape is still popular for players to play. When playing this game, some players can not find the most efficient ways to level up skills. If you expect to get more ore in this game, you can go to mine. Players who can get a high mining scale will have access to get different kinds of ores. Moreover, if you need other items in the game, you can buy OSRS Gold to select them for your character.

Players can choose to start questing in order to obtain XP for skills. You can try to do quests rather than grinding the skills normally. Your skills will be upgraded quickly. In addition, players can level up to level 10 by accomplishing Doric’s Quest. This quest offers 1300 Mining XP for players in the beginning of the game.

  • Players Can Decide to Complete Best Quests

In order to have a good experience in the game, players can choose to pay a little money to become Members in the game. Because there are a lot of specific quests for players to complete. They can obtain more XP from these quests.

Players can obtain 2425 XP from Plague City.

Players can obtain 2500 XP from The Giant Dwarf.

Players can obtain 3000 XP from Lost Tribe.

Players can obtain 15300 XP from The Digsite.

And there are also other different quests for players to choose. Your skills will be upgraded quickly due to the high XP.

  • Players Can Decide to Use the Best Equipment

Normal players can only use a pickaxe to get the ore in the game, while members can choose to use different kinds of equipment to get the ore fast. The right equipment will accelerate the process of mining in the game.

If players have completed Varrock Diary, they will be rewarded with Varrock armor. It will increase 10% chance of doubling the ore that players are mining. Players can go to Prospector Percy to obtain the Prospector Kit that will offer more XP while mining.

  • Players Can Find Best Ways to Mine

For members in the game, the upgrade of levels is faster than normal players. There are many ways for members to obtain XP. You should decide the right kind of ores to mine in the game.

Before reaching Level 15, you can go to mine Copper and Tin Ore.

You can keep mining Iron Ore until level 75.

You can keep mining Granite until level 99.

When players begin to mine granite, they will be able to obtain more XP in the process of mining.

  • Players Can Go to The Best Mines

Members have chances to go to the large mines to obtain ores efficiently. You can go to the Motherlode Mines to obtain XP to reach level 99.

In order to unlock shortcuts in the area and obtain good awards, players can go to complete quests in the Falador Diary. You need to reach level 70 to get more XP in this area,

Members can go to the Volcanic Mines minigame to obtain XP quickly instead of the quarry. However, you need to reach level 50 to get the chances to take part in this minigame.

So, if you have learned about tips about how to level up through mining, you can try them in the game, and find the best ways to make your mining efficient. Besides upgrading your character, you can also Buy RS Gold to purchase relevant weapons or gear for your character. They will play an important role in the battles against opponents. There are cheap prices about OSRS Gold on z2u.com.


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