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Which are the best copy trading platform in India: Things you need to know

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There is a way for copy trades for people who cannot take the burden in the trading process. It enables you to manage your Forex assets by using well-established trading strategies. Most auto-copy providers enable professional traders to publish their signals directly to a central from their accounts. However, while investing in them, it is essential to research the best copy trading platform in India and learn about the upsides and downsides.

What is the process of copy trading?

The basis of making money is straightforward: traders can deal on their own accounts, attracting others in with their trading performance. The second is a signal subscriber. Customer trades are automatically updated with a short delay, mainly on the investor side.

Information regarding an open transaction is provided to the copy service’s servers and subscribers’ forex brokers.

Advantages of members

The investor’s earnings have nothing to do with how well he or she trades. The most important thing is to select an experienced trader.

It costs money to receive trading signals from a professional. However, it could be a percentage of profits or a set monthly fee. The speculator reveals each payment on its own terms.

Most Commonly Used Independent Services

Participants that have accounts with multiple brokers can utilize independent instruments. Here are some details about the most famous copy trading India services.

●    eToro

The main goal of the eToro broker is social trading. Because this is one of the major dealers, finding a supervisor will be simple.

The platform offers a $100,000 limitless demo account that allows you to enhance the dealer’s and supervisors’ work performance.

Investors can copy in two ways:

  • subscribing to a specific trader’s activities;
  • Collaborate with CopyPortfolios, which are thematic financial instruments that choose solutions based on various criteria.

●    RoboForex

The website is ideal for both experienced and novice traders. Many traders like to deal here because of the broker’s favorable terms. DupliTrade is a platform for copying other traders’ transactions, not a complete trading platform. The well-known Zulutrade and MQL5 seem to be two such systems for copying deals. There is no need to create a separate account for them.

The company has a service called CopyFX that lets you copy trades. This service is much better than similar ones provided by other brokers. For investors in the foreign exchange rate, CopyFX is quite useful. The key benefits are its ease of use and clarity.

●    IC Markets

The company offers a service that allows users to copy the trades of experienced traders. The broker allows the investors to hire a professional trader through a third-party service. You can access the Myfxbook AutoTrade service portal from your Icmarkets account.

●    InstaForex

It is possible to imitate the transactions of successful Forex traders by using the ForexCopy service provided by InstaForex. Everything occurs in real-time, and scaling is used to adjust for variations in deposit volumes or the utilization of multiple traders’ activities on a single subscriber account.

●    FXTM

FXTM Invest is really an innovative service created by the company’s experts that raise sufficient to track the transactions of the greatest traders and copy them to their accounts. Traders, in turn, gain additional funds in the form of commissions for services provided, allowing them to boost their trading volumes considerably.


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