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Why dropped object netting is important in your construction site?

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Have you ever visited a construction site before and after its completion? You must have noticed varieties of nettings covering different objects and equipment on the site if you have. Netting is a pivotal element for a safe and efficient working process for the construction industry. If any mishap happens on the site, it would slow down the whole construction work and demotivate the workers.

The primary reason for nettings on a construction site is both prevention and protection. The use of nets on objects at a high altitude prevents them from falling and protects the workers from being hit by the falling objects. Nettings in construction sites prevent accidents against falling objects and debris. Dropped object nettings give the workers a sense of safety in the construction environment and confidence to work effectively.

Safety Netting

Safety netting, often termed debris netting has critical usage in construction sites and demolition projects. This essential element reduces the risk of potential hazards to the workers. Construction workers use different safety nettings or dropped object netting on site.

These safety nets can be seen as mesh nets covering objects like dropped tools, cinder blocks, bricks, steel, etc., from falling. There are also big safety nets to prevent falling debris from spreading to surrounding areas. As much as dropped tools would cause harm to people with contact, the falling debris is also as deathly and injurious when falling on the ground.

They could cause considerate damage to the people or parked cars nearby without the safety nettings surrounded. That is why demolition personnel and construction workers use dropped object netting to ensure the safety of their fellow workers and bystanders. Because in a construction site, safety and minor damage are of much importance.

Aside from preventing severe damage due to falling objects, the safety nets also protect the object from severe damage. This, in turn, reduces the replacement costs for the workers on site.

Importance of Dropped Object Netting on Construction Site

Considering the possibility of dropped objects from an elevated height on construction sites, the construction industry used dropped object prevention netting, an essential activity. That is a proactive approach by the workers to make safety a priority on a construction site. Safety nettings are made to prevent accidents due to falling objects.

When working at a height, the primary concern of the workers is safety. use of personal protective items prevents any significant accidents. However, one cannot be forever sure of the consequences of dropping objects from a height. That is why safety nettings are crucial on construction sites.

Even if an object falls after installing the safety net, the impact of the fall will be reduced. That will slow down the falling thing and balance the fall. Moreover, depending on the position of the objects on a construction site, the angle of the safety nets also varies. That is to say, there are different safety nettings for different use.

Horizontal safety netting

Horizontal safety netting or perimeter netting is used to prevent debris from scattering and hitting the workers during construction. The dropped object protection netting ensures the falling of stray bricks, concrete debris, or hand tools do not hit the bystanders or workers on the ground. It is more critical if the construction site is on a parking lot or a busy street.

Vertical safety netting

The most effective and cheap safety procedure that construction site installs is vertical safety netting. It is the simplest method to contain falling tools and debris. Vertical safety nets are easy to apply and relocate as per the situation’s needs. This type of net is installed using additional compatible cables as per the object’s height.

Installation of safety nets has specific conditions like vertical safety nets must be installed below 30 ft of the work surface for personnel protection. That being said, netting on construction sites is an ideal defense from dropped objects and falls.

Other alternatives to safety netting on a construction site

Fall protection equipment

It is indeed helpful to use safety netting or dropped object netting on construction sites. However, even with the maximum installation of safety nets around the construction area, workers and other personnel on the site must take other safety requirements without fail. What of even with safety netting, stray bricks fall out? While the nets will reduce the impact of the falling object, the workers also should find ways to protect themselves from that impact in the first place. They should take steps to avoid even the minute scale damage to their body. For instance, they can be personal protective equipment like face shields and hats or even reflective clothes.

The primary purpose of safety nets on construction sites is to prevent and protect against unwanted accidents.


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