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10 Common Reasons Why Car Accidents Happen

Car accident reasons

Getting in an auto accident will lead to many unwanted consequences, which include major injuries, loss of wages, and more. Better to do everything possible and avoid a car accident in the first place!

Whether severe or minor, accidents will drastically change someone’s life. They will result in the loss of wages, suffering and pain, and permanent disabilities in some cases. But, there is nothing to worry about, hiring New York City injury attorney will help you to understand the major causes of auto accidents, and help you to take preventative measures for the car accidents. Let us look at some common reasons that can accidents happen:

  1. Distracted Driving

This kind of driving has become a huge threat and is a leading cause of car accidents for the past some years. Stay attentive when you’re driving and avoid any kind of distraction. When you are driving, make sure you do not take any calls, do texting, eating, reading, grooming or applying makeup, and chatting when sitting behind, this can distract the driver.

  • Running Red Signals 

When you are driving a vehicle, red indicates stop & not doing so leads to car accidents. The drivers running over red lights generally have a higher risk of causing wrongful death as they cause side-impact collisions over high speeds. In order, to avoid a car accident, first look both ways for any oncoming cars when you approach the green light. 

  • Speeding 

Getting late to the work, struggling with the traffic, or unintentionally driving above the specified speed limit are some major causes of speeding-related car accidents. 

  • Reckless Driving

Speeding over the given limit, changing lanes fast, or acting aggressive on roads will lead to horrible accidents. It’s very important to take a little time & stay calm when driving to avoid any needless accidents that are caused by carelessness.

  • Drunk Driving

If you are drunk, you lose your ability to focus & function rightly and can be very dangerous if operating any vehicle. Drunk driving causes many car accidents daily, even when they’re the top causes, which can easily be avoided. Make sure to have the designated driver in case you go out & drink.

  • Rain

You cannot avoid driving when it is raining. Rain, however, can change the road conditions just by reducing the traction, reducing visibility, increasing slipping, as well as hiding potholes. Suppose pulling over & waiting for the rain to get over & drier conditions is not the option, you must drive when exercising caution.

  • Teenage Drivers

Teenagers do not have experience of dealing in unsafe conditions & that naïveté can result in accidents. Suppose you have teens, ensure they have had the defensive driving course, don’t permit phone use when driving, and limit passengers they will take with them. Always maintain low speeds & do not hesitate in giving way to anybody behind you who might think you’re wasting time. 

  • Poor Weather & Road Conditions

One major cause of car accidents is poor weather & road conditions. In a few cases, these are primary sources of crashes, which might have not happened. In some situations, lack of visibility and bumpy roads will add to this problem given here. Drivers experiencing road rage will be angered more by the excessive potholes and poorly-marked zones. 

  • Unsafe and fast lane changes

Another cause of car accidents is unsafe lane changes. It’s dangerous for a driver to change the lanes fast and without signaling. The poor weather & slick roads can contribute to the hazardous lane shifts.

  1. Bad Maintained Car 

Your vehicle is a high-performance machine and takes lots of punishment due to its daily use. Although you drive only to work & back, your car wear and tear will lead to the accident. You must take proper care of your car and reduce its risk of maintenance issues triggering the wreck. 

Final Words 

Unfortunately, even after plenty of awareness & educational programs, people fail to follow the rules and fall victim of car accidents. Suppose you or your loved ones were ever injured because of the car accident, you must contact the car accident, injury attorney. The professional and experienced lawyers will help you to get the right compensation that you deserve.


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