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5 AI innovations to watch out for in 2021

The fuel for the development of artificial intelligence is the human drive of leading a lazier life. Artificial intelligence is primarily designed to serve humanity in a modest way. Playing roles of assistants for increasing efficiency and reducing human errors. After the devastation of covid19, the new world has become more data-dependent and this turned out to be an additional source of motivation for developing AI technologies. Artificial intelligence is expected to affect in a greatly positive way in the coming years and awareness regarding its progress is the key to inviting changes in life for the better. This article will try to cover the most advanced Artificial intelligence innovations for providing food for thought to an enthusiast.  

Automated cars of tesla

Cars are becoming more affordable by the hour. The advanced engines and spares of our time are granting more power and confidence to the drivers. The human error factor is however standing strong in the form of road accidents. Tesla’s solution for this issue is self-driving cars. The company produces artificially intelligent four-wheelers able to learn how to drive gradually by analyzing human inputs. And perfects the driving capabilities by superior tech packed in it. These cars can make decisions with the help of medium-range 360 degree visual and numerous sensors. In a busy street, it can map the traffic pattern and cruise at a safe speed for avoiding unwanted hazards. Due to the error-free nature, these cars are arguably safer in terms of decision making and emotionless driving.

Alexa by amazon

Alexa is not your regular virtual assistant. Unlike the virtual assistant, we experience everyday Alexa doesn’t require an up-close and personal interaction with the user. Most virtual assistants are limited by their host device, and there is a very narrow room for innovation in terms of learning and execution. But Alexa is limited by what the user has in their house or workspace. Alexa finds out what the user needs and even makes purchases based on the information. Alexa can read audiobooks and play the music of choice like a sensible lifeform. 


Pandora is an AI-powered online music player. The artificial intelligence of Pandora learns what the listener likes to hear the most and the responses they provide for a particular audio track. The AI analyses all the aspects of a song throughout the audible frequency range and finds out the instruments and sounds used in making a song. Additionally, the AI is able to understand the lyrics and genre of a particular song and make recommendations based on the users’ liking. Due to the massive accuracy of Pandora, the users of the music player receive suggestions of new music which they are likely to relate to. This not only satisfies a listener but also the musicians who sing and play for food by extending their reach to the right kind of audience.


Doubtnut is an Indian Edu-tech startup. The venture is based on their artificially intelligent application which can solve any mathematical and logical problem. The application packs impressive machine learning capability and adeptness of extreme computation. The fascinating aspect of this service is the redundancy of typing in problems in the UI. The advanced patterns and written language detection systems can extract a problem from a picture of the problem written by the user. It even recognizes diagrams and graphic problems with the help of an amazing AI.


Moley is perhaps the most innovative and useful AI innovation on this list. It is an Artificially intelligent robotic kitchen able to cook a large number of cuisines and even specific recipes by renowned chefs from all over the world. The increasing complexity of life allows very little time in the kitchen. Moley is emerging using this particular need as a fuel. As the robotic kitchen satisfies one of the basic three instincts of life the future of Moley seems bright and everlasting.

Needless to say, this list is definitely not an exhaustive one. The purpose is to lead an enthusiast towards an extensive investigation in order to find inspiration for becoming a part of the AI industry. However, the recommendation for someone willing to contribute will be to look for AI and machine learning courses in order to develop some necessary skills. 

Power and adeptness do not come overnight, hard work and the right investments in terms of time and money is important. Given the trend of AI dependency and devastation caused by the pandemic skill development regarding AI and ML might turn mundane careers into something astonishing.


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