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Adopting OWASP Compliance For Your Software Development Projects


The OWASP aims to improve the security of web and mobile applications across the world. As a developer, you can get access to a number of applications and tools along with learning guides to plan and develop a secure web application.

The biggest advantage of using OWASP projects is that all the tools and documents are community-driven and open source in nature. In this manner, you can get professional guidance from the community and use it to develop the best applications for your business.

Make the best use of OWASP Wiki

You can learn the best techniques by accessing the resources available at OWASP Wiki. This is backed by the top security experts of the world and you can gain access to nearly two decades of research material. The ethical hackers of the community have gathered several vulnerabilities from various organisations and thousands of applications across the world. This is done to share the knowledge of threats and vulnerabilities to the developer community. In this manner, developers can learn from the strategies and develop countermeasures to secure the applications in the long run.

Developers can also get proper training by accessing the applications provided by the community. In this manner, you will be able to reduce the risk associated with your code and also improve the security of the applications.

Benefits of OWASP top 10

The community publishes content that aims to raise the awareness of application security among the developer community. It identifies the important risks that are most relevant to organisations. Every developer can learn from the community and make the applications secure by developing suitable strategies to handle the top 10 security risks across the internet. Let us try to understand some of the top security risks associated with web and mobile applications.

How do attackers gain access to passwords?

Most common people wonder how attackers are able to gain access to secure passwords on web and mobile applications. This happens when user authentication and management is not handled properly. Developers should pay attention to this aspect while designing the application and ensure that attackers are not able to gain access to the passwords and session tokens of the common users. In most cases, attackers assume the Identity of other users by exploiting the flaws in the user authentication system.

Special protection for financial and healthcare applications

If you are developing an application related to the financial and healthcare services, you need to be extra careful as this involves sensitive information about the customers. In most cases, attackers target such applications as they can gain valuable information with regards to the financial transactions of the users. It is often observed that breaches in the financial application can lead to identity theft and credit card fraud. Apart from that, when attackers gain sensitive information about the financial details of the customers, they can also use it for other criminal activities in the long run.

In the same manner, when the Healthcare applications are compromised, it would reveal the sensitive information about the patient’s health condition in the public domain. This can damage the reputation of your client and also of your business within no time. Several companies even face lawsuits and other legal problems when their applications are breached by attackers. For this reason, it is always important to ensure high security for sensitive data in your applications.

Managing authenticated users permissions level

Even when you are dealing with authenticated users, it is important to provide suitable permission levels according to the security guidelines issued by the OWASP. In some cases, when proper restrictions are not imposed on the authenticated users in your applications, they may be able to gain access to other users accounts and this can lead to leakage of sensitive data. Attackers can enter your applications as authenticated users and try to exploit the permissions of other users accounts. They can even modify user data and use it for malicious activities.

Always use reliable components

When you are developing a web or mobile application, you should understand that the application is only as secure as the components you are using to develop the application. If you are using a component that has some vulnerabilities, attackers can use such loopholes and exploit the entire application in the future. For this reason, it is essential to choose trusted components from reliable sources while developing web applications.

Simple ways to make your web applications more secure

You need to give importance to using the right kind of resources while developing web applications. Always choose the components from reliable sources and provide suitable permissions for accessing the sensitive data. In this manner, user authentication problems can be resolved to a large extent and attackers will not be able to compromise on the application security.

You need to understand that attackers can try to exploit the application through different ways and they can even reverse engineer the program to get access to the source code. Once they are able to understand the complete logic of your application, it becomes easy for them to engineer the Attacks at the right places.

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Apart from the threat of data leakage, the application can also be compromised with regards to various aspects by the attackers. In some cases, attackers may even gain control of your application and modify the code to insert malicious programs. In this manner, the attackers will be able to gain access to the computers and smartphones of your users. As a developer, you have to take care of all these vulnerabilities and design secure applications for the benefit of your company and customers.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to thoroughly understand the top threats mentioned by the owasp community. In this regard, you will be able to fine-tune the applications to deliver the best performance and avoid security threats in the long run. This will also help you to improve the overall performance of your application by choosing the right components.


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