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All About Different Types of Awards Materials

blank acrylic awards

It is indeed daunting that in recent days, choosing awards material available alone could give almost any party much to ponder about, with the sheer number of choices available. To take that into account, it may be a clever idea to read about the differences between the various content options. A little study in this regard will help educate any particular personalised blank acrylic awards to make the best decisions.

Compared with other types of honours, custom glass are very common and surprisingly inexpensive, particularly in the business world. They can be striking to look classy as wood on a shelf, but they are typically bulky and give them a literal added recipient weight.

Glass custom awards

Of course, glass is one of many materials which can be shaped or graved and which bear this distinctive transparency, but among similar options, it is less obvious than most types of crystal.

Acrylic custom awards

Acrylic provides the same clarity as glass or crystal, but has far fewer breakage opportunities. Acrylic is actually half the weight and 17 times as strong, and also much lighter. It is impact and non-impact resistant to sun or salt. Blank acrylic awards are also in culture and available at wholesale from different online retailers.

Acrylic is a polymer, a material that is a multi-element substance. Acrylic is an extremely durable material that can be machined and laminated to match various shapes and sizes and can also be painted to your specifications. Acrylic weather still is fine, maintaining its clearness over the years, when exposed to the light, without colour or breaks down for long periods.

Crystal custom awards

Crystal is a heavy substance widely used for tombs and activities in businesses. With crystal materials you can print and engrave, cemetery, sandblast, etch and more! You should add dependencies. Bases. Crystal blocks are available in a number of different pre-cut shapes that can be tailored to your style.

Crystal is an easy, cost efficient and flexible option for your award requirements. Since crystal awards come in different precise shapes and sizes, the lowest overall cost and the shorter lead time of all our prizes choices are normally guaranteed. Crystal awards may be entirely customised to the given theme.

Metal custom awards

As the awards can be slender or thick, casted in various shapes and high-glossy finishes, metal can be customised to a high degree. Metal is some of the most coveted rewards in the world, including Oscars and Grammys metal cast. Metal awards typically reflect a range of design flexibility to customers using aluminium or steel as several layers are multidimensional. Together with other materials or to construct an unforgettable prize.

Plaque custom awards

Sheets may be made from any substance, although a great deal of material that seems to be made of acrylic hanging on the walls. Plaques made of wood, metal or stone that truly stand out from the crowd are able to have an added dimension.


In addition, after close contact with the manufacturer on the idea before blank acrylic awards or plaques for development, those associations will be allowed to sign off on proposed mack-ups. These initiatives can range from cooperation and inspiration in existing models, to entirely original ideas.


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