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BUSINESS NAME: It takes energy, passion, and creativity when opting for a unique and catchy business name. We are living in a startup and idea pitching era where every day new businesses pop up and fade away. You are planning to start a new business, you have come up with a target market, and you are set with the business proposal as well. But what about the name that will represent your start-up to the potential customers? Choosing a unique, eye-catching, and levelheaded business name is a daunting task. This article will walk you through all the available options, hacks, and smart cuts to come up with a business name as quickly as possible.  

Some business names become word of mouth and people recognize them quickly. A good business name will depict and speak greatly of your business tone and vision in just one word. The name must be fetching, memorable, and aligned with the feelings of your business. You can play around with naming tools and pay naming agencies. But the actual spirit in your business will be blown by your creativity and self-work. Below are 10 ways to know “how to come up with a business name?”

If you’d prefer to go through an easy step-by-step process instead, check out Media Heroes’ article on How To Come Up With A Business Name. It includes downloadable worksheets that you can work through.

Why not your family Name?

Your family name could be a great business name if you are going to open a family owned business. People often name their businesses after their parents and grandparents to whom they want to dedicate the foundation. Ever heard of Emily Richards the largest chocolate maker in the UK? It was entitled after the founder’s name. Next time the question “how to come up with a business name?” ping in your mind, keep your family name at the top of the names list. The world’s largest sport costumes and gears selling company Adidas was named after the founder Adolf Dassler having the nickname Adi. He merged his nickname with his family name and came up with the world-renowned sports apparel brand name.

Say yes to Acronyms

The business naming world is stocked with acronyms. Take the examples of P&G (Procter and Gamble), BBC (British broadcast company), and AOL (America online). These types of business names depict a much bigger picture of the corporate and are easy to remember. Just assemble your idea and line up the first letters you may come up with a unique, spirited, and feisty business name within minutes.

Merge your product and USP (unique selling point)

Burger King, Pizza California, Broadway Pizza, and Manhattan bites are some name examples that merged their product and unique selling point/origin (where their recipe comes from). If you are thinking of having a name that depicts its uniqueness try having a merged business name.

Markdown your mythical inspiration in form of words

You all are familiar with Nike a Greek Goddess name but now remembered as a sports apparel brand. If you have any of your childhood mythical stories and want to incorporate your inspiration in business, naming after them is the best idea. Companies like Oracle and Mars took the same journey of inspiration and named their business after mythical figures from literature.

Try non-native language

Most of the times food startups come up with the exotic names of their origin merged with the recipe. Take the example of China Town where you can find almost every type of Chinese cuisine under one building. Merging the product and its unique selling point can make potential customers remember your shop and show up again. Non-native words make your business seem exotic and imported.

Use symbols and numbers

Symbolic representations have been in use since time knows. A name like a hashtag quickly reminds of the symbol hash and is easy to remember. You can also play with different symbols and numbers to come with a great and peculiar business name. Next time you pop up with the question “how to come up with a business name?” try playing with symbols.

Do not go for congested business names

Amazon was once a DVD selling an online business and now it is the world’s largest retail marketplace. Always keep in mind that your business is to grow and expand to different walks of industries and therefore, choosing a name may impact your future growth. Do not rely on too specific and congested business names rather choose a broad and multitasking name.

Conduct a trademark research

You must have made a list of name ideas by now. But wait! First research for trademark. Before finalizing any business name search and find out if the trademark is available and not booked before. Getting a trademark and service mark will be the most important thing while registering your business name on the state level. The legal documentation of any business is backed up by the name and trademark.

Check if the domain name is available

Every business is an online business now. There is no doubt that one day you are going to purchase a website after your business name or maybe you are already starting up an online store. Conducting domain name research is as crucial as having a business name is. It takes buckets of money to take your business name domain from any other domain owner and it’s safe to have it purchased right away.

Get the feedback after choosing a name

Run your list thorugh the family members, friends, and business partners and let the most voted name be the final one. Getting feedback for your selection is a great way of evaluating and assessing whether people tend to like the name and cling to their memories.

Are you satisfied?

Being happy with your business name is the number one priority and foremost precedence.  Always choose and opt for a business name that makes you happy, contented, and enthusiastic about your business. Also, you may not get a chance to change your business name every now and then. Business name registration and licensing take a bucket of dollars to be registered therefore, it is a wise idea to name a business keeping the long run in view. 

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