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EBook Design Tips – How to Make Awesome Looking EBooks

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Books are the most common medium of entertainment and here we got you the ebook design tips . Whether it’s for recreational purposes or to seek knowledge, books cover various subjects and cater to different genres of ebook design tips. Over the last decade as technology has streamlined many aspects of our lives. They have morphed books into a digital form called ‘ebooks.’

What Are E-Books?

Ebooks are electronic books converted to a digital form for digital devices such as computers, screens, or any mobile device. However, an ebook has many different characteristics that make it what it is. 

Ebooks are Non-Editable: Ebooks are accessed and shared by several people. The text’s uniformity cannot be compromised, so ebooks cannot be changed or edited, especially by the user.

Ebooks Adjust to Your Screen: Whether you use the same ebook on your phone or your laptop. The text always fits your screen. The chapter and image resize to adjust your screen’s dimensions with the same format and break between chapters and words.

Why Are Ebooks So Popular?

Ebooks are steadily getting more popular than paper checks. Recent statistical market studies show that Ebooks have cultivated a significant profit amongst customers. Why are they so popular? Here are a handful of reasons as to why.

  • Ebooks Are Accessible: Users only require an active internet connection to purchase ebooks. The user can be anywhere in the world and can immediately use their ebook design tips after purchase.
  • It Is Eco-Friendly: Ebooks are the most sustainable product of the future. They massively cut back on deforestation and paper making as well as printing. The books are quickly digitally deleted once they’re no longer needed and never come in contact with the environment.
  • They are Handy: Ebooks come with a built-in audio feature that allows users to play and listen to their books while performing other tasks or want to hear and not read. Making it super convenient and maximizing productivity.

As potentially intriguing as this whole endeavor sounds, it poses the question. Who is responsible for making an ebook the way it is. Enter the ebook designer. These professionals take great care in designing and creating an ebook from scratch. Ensuring they’re available in multiple formats.

In What Formats Are Ebooks Available?

There are five formats for ebooks:

  • TXT (.txt): TXT is a plain text file. These can only show texts and do not entertain any other media such as images or videos.
  • EPUB (.ePub): EPUB is an electronic publication. This format is quite formidable. It is compatible with laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The image and the text are easily compressible to fit your screen but have fixed layouts.
  • MOBI (.mobi):  MOBI files are known as Mobipocket ebook files. They are only popular with low-bandwidth devices and are steadily discontinuing from being used as a file type.
  • AZW (.azw): These are kindle files and use the MOBI format but can only get accessed by kindle readers.
  • PDF (.pdf): This is a portable document format. It has a fixed layout and can easily be shared and downloaded.

Now that you understand an ebook’s essentials, it is a simple step towards designing an ebook.

Tips For Designing E-Books:

While designing a tablet-friendly book, there are some small techniques you should keep in mind: Here are the ebook design tips for you

  • Make The E-Book More Visual-Oriented: Refrain from cluttering texts instead of choosing images or flow charts to explain the text.
  • The Text Should Be Visible: While choosing a suitable font, the font size matters equally. Pick a font that is not too large nor too small and is perfect for reading without straining the eyes. Also, adjust the line-height of your text so that the text flows in uniformity.
  • The Text Should Be Able To Shift Between Different Modes: Users engage with their ebooks in landscape and portrait modes. Your ebook should be compatible to accommodate both. Portrait modes are the default format followed by many traditional ebook designers. It allows users to scroll down the device. On the other hand, landscape mode lets users swipe across the screen and is optimal for viewing images and graphs as they appear brighter and vivid.
  • Use Scaled Vector Graphs (SVGs) As Icons: Tablets have a different resolution and pixel density than laptops. That’s why poorly formatted images appear blurry. SVGs ensure the icons are optimizable for usage and viewing on tablets. They give icons a clear and sharp picture while you view your ebook on your tablet.
  • Use Presentation Software: Presentation Software is packing with tools and fonts that work well with images and contain various fonts and colors. It makes your content look more attractive and appealing.
  • Stick To A Theme: You may customize an ebook for a client in the future with various themes. While designing an ebook in general, you may stick to one theme. That is, pick one size for the body, one size for the headings, one color for the page, and so forth, making your ebook more structured and organized.
  • Change The Flow: Though you’re restricting yourself to one theme, play around with image placement and font placement. Swap their places as your ebook progresses, sometimes putting the image first, followed by text or text first followed by the image. A break in the flow would prevent the ebook from becoming monotonous and bleak and would keep the reader engaged.
  • Use Templates. The best way to design a book cover and a chapter section page is using templates. The templates for both should be handled differently and should be as creative as possible. Templates give your ebook a more enticing look, and using the science of colors, attracts readers to engage with your book.
  • Keep Your Data Page and Text Page Separate: Never overfill the contents on one page alone. Use a separate page for all your graphs and extensive data and a page different for your text. Cluttered pages are hard to follow and often off-putting. When the information is structured and spread carefully throughout, it becomes easier to follow the flow.

There you have it, a comfortable and simplified guide on designing your ebook. Once you nail down a style and find the best format for yourself, creating ebooks should be no problem for you at all. Before you know it, your creative juices are flowing, and you’re enjoying designing one ebook after another.

Skill Set For The Future:

Learning and designing your ebook is pivotal for the future as paperbacks are taking a backseat. Whether you wish to publish your material or design an ebook for someone else, this skill is slowly wedging its place in the job market. You should add this one skill set to your resume in a swiftly demanding world with various tools and techniques from the population.


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