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FamilyGuard Pro Review 2022 – Monitor Your Home 24/7

FamilyGuard Pro Review

FamilyGuard Pro Review – Protect your home even when you’re in vacation mode with these helpful tips.

You’re probably a responsible homeowner who turns off all the lights before you leave the house, right? And you triple-check to make sure every door and window is locked? Well, even if you are, there is still a possibility that a thief may trespass onto your property while your home is unattended.

Whether you live in a three-storey home, an apartment, or even a college dorm, there are safety measures you should consider before leaving your belongings unattended.

FamilyGuard Pro Review

These simple tricks and hacks could be the difference between a warm homecoming or a devastating blow to your bank account.

1. Make Your House Look Occupied

I know saving energy is important, but if you’re going to be out for a short period of time, consider leaving one of your lights on to make it look like someone is at home. Or you could put in a timer for your light, but it may be costly. I wouldn’t go to the extremes like Weekend at Bernie’s, but the point is to not tempt thieves.

2. Don’t Allow Mail to Build Up

Having a pile of mail in front of your door is a sure sign that you’re not home. You can make arrangements with your post office to hold off on delivering mail, or have a trusted neighbor keep it safe until you get home. They’ll probably steal a few flyers or the latest issues of your favorite magazines, but that’s a risk worth taking.

3. Deactivate Your Garage

One of the entries to your home you may forget about is the garage. If you deactivate the garage from opening and closing, it makes it difficult for thieves to enter. They’ll have to make a lot of noise and commotion trying to open it.

4. Get a Home Security System

This is the most obvious and helpful tip of all! Get a home security system! There are many on the market, and depending on your needs, they could cost you thousands. Some systems require installation by professionals and others require you to remember keypad codes for entry. These are great for big homes and businesses with many different people constantly entering the premises.

FamilyGuard Pro Review


  • Model – HD Panoramic Wireless 360° Cam
  • Angle of View – 78°
  • Image Sensor – 1/2.8″ SONY CMOS sensor with IR Cut filter
  • Mount Type – MTV mount (Interchangeable Lens)
  • Video Resolution – 1920*1080
  • Max. User Access – 10 users
  • S/N Ratio – <50dB
  • Smartphone – iPhone, iPad, Android
  • Max. IR LEDs Length – 12 pieces x F5: IR Range: 10 Meters
  • SD Card slot – Max 32GB
  • Day/Night – Auto / Color / B&W

Features of the FamilyGuard Pro (FamilyGuard Pro Review)


The FamilyGuard Pro is an indoor security system designed to keep a watchful eye on your home and belongings when you’re away. Get alerts sent straight to your phone and record hours of surveillance footage!


Talk to your family when you’re away from home or check up on your business with live-streaming and two-way audio.


The FamilyGuard Pro provides pan & tilt, night vision, and motion detection for full monitoring capabilities.


Unlike other security systems, the FamilyGuard Pro requires minimal setup and can be strategically-placed around your home or business.

FamilyGuard Pro Reviews

An indoor security framework that is worked to guarantee you have legitimate sight of everything inside your home. You might actually utilize it to screen your kids or your pets when you are making the rounds earning enough to pay the rent.

Livestream: You get the capacity to livestream whatever is occurring inside your home. Be it a theft, or essentially being utilized to screen your kids or your pets, or you spouse besides.

Two-way sound: You additionally get the capacity to impart back to the arrangement. Possibly, you could advise your significant other to quit eating treats after you find him in the act.

Distant dish and slant: The 360-degree pivot permits you full perspective on the room the gadget is kept in. In addition to the fact that it rotates can shift all over.

Night vision: No matter if the lights are killed. You can in any case see everything as clear as the day with its night vision abilities.

Movement discovery: If you are out an extended get-away, you unquestionably would require something that would keep out the criminals. Family Guard Pro additionally accompanies a movement identification administration. When turned on, it cautions you on your cell phone and sounds an alert at whatever point it distinguishes a break.

1080p chronicles: The great camera gives fresh and clear pictures of whatever the gadget sees.

Looks extraordinary: It goes incredible with the stylistic layout.

FamilyGuard Pro

Pros of the FamilyGuard Pro (FamilyGuard Pro Reviews)

  1. Easy to set up
  2. Live preview
  3. Two way audio
  4. Remotely control camera
  5. Night vision
  6. Motion detection
  7. High definition video

Cons of the FamilyGuard Pro

  1. Not very durable; make sure it is placed beyond reach to avoid it falling

FamilyGuard Pro Review – Not All Security Systems Are Made Equal!

Did you know that the average time for a burglar to break into a home is 57 seconds? Did you know that some burglars still attempt to break into homes even when they see a security camera present? That’s because cameras only watch things happen, they don’t prevent anything.

Out of all the security systems that we’ve tested, we found one that does an amazing job of startling thieves as they enter a home.

This innovative system will alert you when there’s unexpected movement in your home and has two-way audio, so you can communicate with the trespassers. This is a non-violent and effective way for you to give them a warning before you decide to call the authorities.

FamilyGuard Pro

Save Thousands With FamilyGuard Pro (FamilyGuard Pro Review)

Aside from the obvious reasons to get a home security system, you could also save thousands on homeowner’s insurance premiums. Being a responsible home owner could not only save your belongings but save you money. It’s about time you get rewarded for making smart choices!

The next time you’re planning a vacation or if you’re unsure if it’s safe to leave your home unattended, just remember these important tips that could save you the headache and stress of filing a police report. Or even worse, not being able to replace priceless sentimental valuables.

Customer Reviews on the Family Guard Pro

Helen P. – I wanted to keep an eye on the inventory in my store, but didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a security system. This is a great cam for the price and has insanely high quality features. Very happy with my purchase.

James Y. – I don’t know why this cam is so cheap. It works better than the other at home security cams that I have had before. So happy I found this.

Steph D. – Bought this because someone kept stealing my mail and packages. I caught him on my cam one day and was able to call the authorities to catch him in time! Thank god for this thing!

Danielle H. – I need to travel a lot for work, so this thing was an immediate buy when I saw that it had two-way audio and live streaming. Great way to make sure everything is in order at home.

Angus D. – Bought this to keep an eye on my small office. It’s a great addition to any space to make sure that it’s safe at all times! Have yet to try it at night yet, but will update when I do.

FamilyGuard Pro Review

A watchful eye on my playful pups!

I have two puppies at home that are constantly tearing my furniture apart. When I’m at work I use the two-way audio feature to tell them to ‘stop!’. They both get really startled and focus on other things rather than eating my couch cushions.

All about my business

I often leave my office for out-of-town trips. I have about 10 employees and although I trust them, it helps to have peace of mind when I can’t be there.

Not home for the holidays

Best home security system I’ve tried so far. It has pan tilt so you get a full scope of what’s happening around your home. I even got a huge discount on my insurance premiums just for having it.

Final Verdict on the Family Guard Pro

When it comes to home security systems, they are either really expensive or do not provide an ounce of quality. They often lack basic requirements like a good camera, or allowing you access to the feed.

Well, this is why we bring Family Guard Pro to your notice. It is an incredible device that allows you a perfect view of the inside of your home. It is an invaluable tool that can not only protect your home but also allows you to keep a check on your children or even pets. 10/10 must buy; great features.


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