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FamiSafe: This family tracker protects your children from inappropriate use of technology

Famisafe parental control app

Want to track a cell phone? Worried about something your children do online? Famisafe parental control app is something you should look after to check your family activities on internet. Track your children’s activities and guide them.

More and more parents are reluctant to let their children use electronic devices because of the negative consequences they may have. However, technology is not harmful, it is misused. FamiSafe helps all those parents to stay calm while their children use their mobile or tablet.

When technology began to be available to everyone, a current of thought was created that accused it of being negative mainly for the little ones and young people. They accused it of being especially harmful when people isolated themselves for hours, affecting their ability to relate to others. Instead of pointing out the behavior of people, unable to make proper use, the fault was the technology itself.

The reality is that no one doubts that technology has brought very positive things in many ways. We can go on the subway reading on our smartphone, instead of carrying heavy books every day or talk at any time with a family member or friend in the other part of the world.

Concerns with simple solutions

For many parents, it is a headache to think about what their children will be spending their time when they spend hours and hours with their mobile phone, with the computer, or with the tablet. The result, in some cases, of the improper use of technology, is that the time that young people spend with family friends remains, it can cause headaches or visual discomfort (after spending a long time using them) or even that it can affect their performance school due to lack of rest and difficulty in concentration.

In this sense, many parents look for the necessary tools so that their children can use them in a safe and responsible way. And this is where applications like the FamiSafe Parental Control App come in.

FamiSafe is a Parental Control tool designed so that parents can monitor the time and way in which their children use technology, preventing them from using devices such as a tablet or a phone for long hours or consuming inappropriate content. Curious? Just keep reading!

What differential value does FamiSafe provide?

FamiSafe has two differentiating characteristics with respect to the majority of similar applications:

The first is the activity report. Whenever we need it, we can find out first-hand and in detail all the activity registered on the child’s device. From the applications, you have used to your Internet browsing. For example, we will be able to know when the gallery has been accessed, how many videos have been seen on YouTube, if an application has been used, and even take measures such as uninstalling it if it is inappropriate.

The second is location tracking, essential if we need to know where it is and by traditional methods it is unknown. As our children grow, they demand more freedom and autonomy. Nothing has to happen, but if we have lost sight of our son, we will always be calm thanks to this function. After sharing the location, we can receive instant alerts of the location of our children.

Technology for all audiences

FamiSafe has become one of the best options for users, mainly because it is not too intrusive for the child and at the same time allows the adult to have complete control. Some of its characteristics are:

– Screen time: as parents, or adults in charge of a minor, we will be able to know the number of hours that we want the device to be able to be used and the sites that it has visited during its connection to the Internet.

– Application blocking: with which to limit access to certain applications that we may see inappropriate for minors.

– Web filter: Remotely, we can monitor, approve, or limit access to certain sites that we do not consider suitable for a child. In addition, we can also know the history of websites that the minor has visited and, if necessary, limit access at the same time.

– Suspicious photos and texts: it is normal for our children to chat with their friends and acquaintances, but there are dangers derived from conversations with strangers. In this case, we can also monitor images and texts that the minor has received and that may be suspicious.

How FamiSafe works

To start using FamiSafe we will only have to follow three simple steps. The first is to register an account either on the official FamiSafe website or in the mobile application. The second thing we will have to do is download and install the application on both the child’s device and the adult or parent. The third step is to connect the devices and configure what we want to know about the supervision of the use of the devices by our minors.

FamiSafe is available for Android devices, in the App Store, and, as a novelty, also now for the Amazon tablet, Kindle Fire.

FamiSafe can be downloaded from these links:

Google Play  

App Store

Amazon Store

Once it’s downloaded, we can configure the app on our smartphone and our children’s ones.

As for the price, you can take advantage of the offer that best suits your needs, making an annual payment of $59.99, quarterly $19.99, and monthly $9.99.


When viewed from all the features it provides, the three pricing plans above will feel very cheap. Of course, the safety of our children is more valuable than anything. FamiSafe provides a multitude of functions that close any gaps that allow danger to enter. $ 9.99 / month will feel like a bargain!


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