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Guide for Expats on the Requirements for Court Marriage in Dubai

Court Marriage in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is rich with both tradition and history. Destination weddings in UAE are extraordinary events for couples and their loved ones. From majestic sand dunes and some of the most beautiful skyscrapers, you can host any wedding style you wish.

In this article, we’ll break down all the facts on tying the knot for expatriates in Dubai, from the local regulations to the necessary paperwork.

What kinds of weddings are allowed in Dubai for expats?

The UAE law recognizes both religious and court marriages in Dubai. Court marriage in Dubai can be at an approved venue or the Dubai Courts. With religious weddings for expats in Dubai, you can get married by conducting a Muslim, Roman Catholic, Quaker, Anglican, Hindu, Jewish, or Buddhist ceremony. You should check with a marriage attorney in Dubai to help ensure your religious marriage is considered legal and valid under the relevant UAE legislation.

In Dubai and the rest of the Emirates, same-sex couples are prohibited in entering into any type of partnership, including marriage. Homosexuality is still classed in UAE as a grave criminal offence.

How can I have an expat court marriage in Dubai?

The steps outlined below are necessary for court marriage in Dubai Courts for expats.

Step 1: Gather the necessary paperwork.

The legal requirements to get married in Dubai are as follows:

  • Original and copies of authenticated birth certificate (if copy issued isn’t clear, present a transcription copy)
  • Authenticated certificate of no marriage (original and photocopies; entries must be the same as what are reflected in the bride and groom’s birth certificates)
  • Passport copies of the bride and groom
  • Authenticated parental consent affidavit (for contracting parties aged 18 to 21; original and photocopies)
  • Authenticated parental advice affidavit (for contracting parties aged 22 to 25; original and photocopies)
  • Authenticated death certificate of a contracting party’s parents (if applicable; original and photocopies) 
  • Signed affidavit of two male witnesses and passport copies
  • 2 colored passport size pictures of contracting parties to the marriage
  • Personal appearance of contracting parties
  • If the bride is a Muslim-convert but the father isn’t, a No-Objection Letter is required from the bride’s consulate or embassy in UAE
  • Authenticated certificate of finality for annulment and Court’s decision (for widower, widow, or annulled)
  • Authenticated marriage certificate with annotation that marriage is void or annulled
  • Authenticated records of a previous marriage (original and photocopies; for widower, widow, annulled)
  • Authenticated death certificate of a deceased spouse (original and photocopies; for widower or widow)

Step 2: Visit an accredited medical center for the premarital medical test.

The primary purpose of the mandatory premarital medical test for all contracting parties of court marriage in Dubai is to provide information on the couple’s health condition, ensuring the children’s well-being.

Requirements for the premarital medical test include copies of the passport size photos of bride and groom and emirates ID of the bride and groom.

There are two rounds of test:

  • Round 1: weight and height measurement; and blood pressure check
  • Round 2: A blood extraction to check for genetic diseases and STDs (a total of three vials will be extracted from both bride and groom)

Results will be released after three days confidentially. This means a bride and a groom will claim results of the premarital health test separately.

Step 3: Submit the requirements and book an appointment for court marriage in Dubai Courts.

This is the final and the easiest step. Select a date for the court marriage in Dubai and schedule a marriage appointment with a UAE Mazoun (a legal cleric who will officiate a Sharia wedding).

You can choose a wedding inside Dubai Courts anywhere between 8 am to 2 pm or at an approved venue between 2 to 9 pm. Bring all the marriage documents during the day of the court marriage in Dubai.

How can I ensure my court marriage in Dubai is valid?

After the court marriage in Dubai, apply for the Report of Marriage. The requirements include the following:

  • Accomplished form of the Report of Marriage (signed)
  • UAE Ministry/Dept of Foreign Affairs-attested marriage contract (original and photocopies)
  • Passport size photos of the contracting parties (colored and recent)
  • Emirates IDs and passports of the contracting parties (original and photocopies)
  • Other documents that will be requested to determine identity, eligibility, and citizenship for registration of court marriage in Dubai under bride and groom’s marriage laws

Take note: personal appearance for both bride and groom is necessary. When submitting the aforementioned requirements, expect at least a week to claim your Report of Marriage.

With court marriage in Dubai for expats, there are legal matters and paperwork that are mandatory for engaged couples to deal with. To ensure full compliance to UAE marriage laws and a valid expat court marriage, seek the guidance of marriage attorneys in Dubai such as Dubai Court Marriage.


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