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How Many Shrek Movies Are There?

How Many Shrek Movies Are There

The question is how many Shrek movies are there? A whole lot, actually. The film took nearly three years to produce and the movie itself has earned more than five hundred million dollars in the worldwide box office. Because of its popularity, a sequel was inevitable, but just how many was never revealed until now. This article reveals exactly how many films, or revisions, there were in the making of Shrek.

According to the official site, Shrek is basically about a green ogre named Donkey and a talking green donkey, named Lord Farquaad. There are four movies, which start with Shrek (yes, the first one is called Shrek) and end with Princess Fiona. The first movie, Shrek (working title), sees Fiona living with the evil King Donkey, who’s intent on destroying her fairy godmother’s garden and taking over the kingdom. The second film, Princess Fiona and the Golden Duke, see Fiona and her father working to help the Duke get rid of a dragon who threatens to kill the king.

how many shrek movies are there

These two movies are followed by Shrek (the third movie) starring Eddie Murphy, Princess Fiona, and Lord Farquaad. Farquaad falls in love with Princess Fiona and he wishes to marry her, but she doesn’t want to marry someone from the ‘dark side’. In order to prevent this, the three of them team up and go on an epic journey across the Land of Make Believe. The original plot of Shrek involves the foursome traveling through the forest to save the beautiful Princess Fiona, who has been kidnapped by the evil Lord Farquaad.

Types of Sequels in Shrek :

There are three sequels to Shrek. The fourth movie is The Princess and the Frog, which picked up after where the first movie left off. Farquaad now has transformed into the evil ogre Shrek, and Princess Fiona must help him take back the princess before he takes her to the “land of the dead”. This time, however, they have to rescue the Narnia Ring from the clutches of the evil Lord Farquaad along with their new friend, Donkey.

No list of Shrek movies would be complete without listing the excellent documentary, Aginous, or the brilliant and entertaining comedy, Home for the Cutie. Cameron Diaz plays the title role of Donkey, a lovable donkey that has to endure life in a cruel facility for people with developmental disabilities. While at home, he befriends a sweet young girl named Ariel, who happens to be the mother to a young boy named Michael (Diaz), who also suffers from a disability.

In Aginous, Cameron Diaz plays the role of Shrek, the kindhearted prince who tries to help those in need. Meanwhile, Diaz plays the heartless villain Lord Farquaad, who rules the magical land of Fiona. The storyline and acting are both great. This movie is not as funny as Shrek (The Lord of the Rings) but it is just as good and much more entertaining. I would recommend Aginous to anyone who likes animated films, especially those with great story lines, and great acting.

Home for the Cutie is another wonderful movie starring Diaz and Mike Myers as Shrek and Princess Fiona. This movie is not as funny as Shrek but it is just as entertaining and I give props to director John Moore for turning the comic strip into a live action film. It also has one of the best opening sequences ever filmed. Home for the Cutie also stars Dennis Hopper and Eddie Murphy as Donkey and the ever annoying donkey, respectively.

If you want to see how many Shrek movies are there, I suggest you start with Shrek (the first one) and move on to the others, one after the other. While some people like to watch just one movie with their friends, I prefer to view them all. Watching them all allows me to discover different characters and scenes, some I know for their humor, some for their visual beauty, and others for their plot. There are many genres of funny movies, and Shrek is among my favorites. In fact, when I’m done watching one movie, I have so many more ideas in my head that I can’t think of any other movie that I haven’t seen.

How many Shrek movies are there?

At the time of this writing, I have yet to see the second movie in the series, titled The Princess and the Frog. Although it’s not exactly a comedy, it’s still a good one. As far as comedies go, this one ranks up there with the very best.

For a simple, but entertaining, character, Shrek is one of the best franchises ever created by DreamWorks Animation and its parent company, Disney. How many Shrek movies are there? As long as I keep track of them, I’ll never forget Shrek’s arrival on our little video screen!


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