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How To Backup Files In QuickBooks

How to backup files in QuickBooks

Quickbooks desktop software helps your business handle small issues like invoices to big ones filing taxes and accounts. With no surprise, QuickBooks errors are still a common problem users face and even losing files and data in QuickBooks often proves to be a disaster for many. 

Backing up data in QuickBooks is still the best thing you can do for your clients whether your client is in any trouble or your employee wants to go through some old files, backing up data and company QuickBooks file can save you from a lot of trouble.

In this blog, you will get to know more about how to backup files in Quickbooks.

Why you need to backup your data Quickbooks

There are many reasons why you need to backup your data files daily. Also if you want to take control of your data and files then backing it up is vital. 

You will need to keep everything in your control rather than waiting for intuit to fix it.

If there’s anything wrong with your client’s data or files, you will be answerable to them even without any fault of yours. In this instance, you will have to find a way to solve your clients’ struggle and keep control of all the data and files.

How to backup Quickbooks company file

You can backup your company file using these steps listed below:

  • Open QuickBooks, File > switch to single-user mode.
  • Head over to the File menu and select the backup company.
  • Then click on create a local backup.
  • Click on local backup and hit next on the appeared window.
  • Click Browse and choose the location where you want your saved file (best to store it online or in a hard drive).
  • Set the number of reminders you want which is completely optional, under the online local and backup section.
  • When you’re done, hit ok.
  • Then save it now and click the Next button.

Quickbooks creates a single backup for your file when you follow all these steps. 

How to restore a backup in Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is a magical antidote for many business problems whether it’s backing up files or accounting data, scheduling automatic back-ups or doing one-time manual backups.

Let’s address all its features. Starting from restoring a backup.

  • Head over to Company operates under the file menu.
  • Select restore from backup and click next.
  • Mention the location you wish to restore from:
  1. If you wish to restore from the local hard drive then choose to restore under default backups.
  2. Select a backup file from the list.
  3. If you want to restore from a removable media, choose the Browse to alternate backup file option.
  4. Lastly, hit next and close the window.

Quickbooks proves helpful to automate backups manually and even schedule it. In this next segment, we’re going to talk about the same thing.

How to automate and manually schedule backups in Quickbooks

Saving time isn’t hard when you’re a Quickbooks user. Automating backups helps you to maintain a schedule while your data is automatically backed up within 10-15 minutes of adding a company file.

Make sure you’re connected to your QuickBooks Workforce Advanced company and also Online Backup and Restore app through it.

Here’s how you can automate backups:

  • First thing first, back up as an admin while signing in to the Quickbooks Online advanced company.
  • Click on Backup company under the settings menu.
  • Choose to Add a company option.
  • Go for your desired company you want to connect to.
  • Click on enable backup while following the prompts on the screen.

Steps to Manual backups:

  • Choose a backup company option under the settings option.
  • After that, Click the backup 
  • Choose the company you want to manually backup after selecting new manual backup.
  • Choose Incremental, Complete or full option under the Backup type dropdown.
  • Hit request backup option.

These were the steps you can follow to save your time and automate backups for your valuable clients or customers in QuickBooks.


A backup of your file is a short compressed copy of your file located outside your company data folder. This blog was written to make the path easy for backing up your data and files in QuickBooks. Hope this helps.


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