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How to change background in google meet

How to change background in google meet
How to change background in google meet

HOW TO CHANGE GOOGLE IN MEET BACKGROUND ? Earlier before the explosion of COVID in March 2020 life time-bounds rapid and the population revolved around their work responsibilities be it job, business, teaching, studying, or any kind of extracurricular activities. Everything used to be so timer-bound that people barely had time for self-care and household.

But as the going assert  “everything in excess is dangerous” yes heard it right all our negligence, turned to be hazardous for the entire mankind.

With the surging impact of COVID in the world, things didn’t stop, everything continued on its own, and the nation got used to it. The exact was with technology, earlier senior generation were not so tech enthusiasts but due to pandemics they too discovered how to use technology as time never halts for anyone.

In the outbreak of using technology Google meet, zoom, skype calling proved to be a blessing in disguise. And you may be lookingto know HOW TO CHANGE GOOGLE IN MEET BACKGROUND in calls or meetings instantly.

Now let’s move to the online realm era where work takes the place from home and all the official meetings are turned in  ( official but not so official ) kind of meetings. People crouching in the gratification of their dwellings heed all kinds of meetings. Google and zoom were the biggest assisting hands.

Let’s skip to the good part

While using Google meet or zoom we have to keep distinct notions in our mind that is how to log in, how to let the participants join the meetings, and how long the meeting will continue along with several people joining it. We came across very new tasks this year. At one end where the manual gathering took place, now virtual gatherings take place.

Without any additional delay let’s talk about it one such assisting app that is Google meet


Google meet ( formerly known as Hangouts meet) is a software communication service developed by Google. It is a robust web conferencing software for video conferencing. Google meet is a platform based on providing a stage for formal video conferencing. It allows companies registered on G-suite to join video calls and webinars by simply visiting the Google meet app Google meet lend an unpaid version that can be excessed by all G-mail Account holders.

There’s a slight difference between Google meet and Hangouts though both are products of Google.

  • Google meet has a capacity of 100 participants at a time for an unpaid version wherein paid version can have a capacity of up to 250 participants.
  • Similarly on the other hand Hangouts has a capacity of 10 participants at a time.
  • Both hangout and Google meet can be excessed through Gmail accounts.


We commonly face the issue of a clear background while attending any official meetings so here’s an easy way to learn how to change the background of Google meets, step by step. Where we learn HOW TO CHANGE GOOGLE MEET BACKGROUND easily.

  1. Join the meeting using the meeting link with your Gmail I’d if you are a student.
  2. If joining meeting any other official meetings join it by using the I’d detail or the joining code provided by the same company.

If want to change the background before a meeting follow the given steps

  • Unlock the Google meet app to enter the meeting using the meeting code or precisely by using the link delivered by the company or the host.
  • Before joining you will be able to see the effect icon ✨ something like this is on the camera view.
  • Instantly press the icon and select any of the provided backgrounds you like.
How to change background in google meet

Among the options, there are:-

  • Slightly blur alternative.
  • Completely blur substitute background option
  • You are here also furnished with an option to upload background of your own choice from the gallery.
  • Then you can see a pre-upload background option
  • Now Along with the background option, 2 more options are style and filter alternatives available.
  • As you open the style icon there you can see many styles available.
  • Choose whatever suits you or the meeting best.
  • The same is with the filter option. As you explore it you can have a look for the same.
  • Now choose any of the existing or upload any one background from your gallery.
  • If you want to remove the background choose the no effect option is available on the last left corner.
  • Tap and join the meeting
  • Have a distraction-free meeting.

Steps to change Google meet background during the meeting

  • The same setup goes in this case also.
  • Tap on your self-view, you will find an effects icon ✨something like this.

Tap on the effect option now you can see different types of options available

  • Slightly blur option.
  • Completely blur option
  •  To upload your choice-based background export the image from the gallery.
  • Pre-uploaded background alternative.
  • If you scroll further to the right side you will find 2 other substitutes.
  • That is the style and filter option.
  • As you tap the style options a drawer of different styles will reflect on your screen.
  • The same goes with the filter option as you tap on the filter option a series of a variety of filters appears on your screen.
  • Choose the most suitable one according to your meeting arrangement.
  • I want to wipe out the background then select the no effect selection available on the left corner.
  • Enjoy your distraction-free meeting.

Points to keep in mind while attending a meeting

  1. Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  2. You have a distraction-free surrounding.
  3. You use good quality headphones or a microphone
  4. Make sure your phone, laptop, iPad, or any other technologies you are using is charged.
  5. Check out the duration of the meetings, beforehand
  6. Lastly, keep your phone silent before entering any meeting.


We have explained in detail about How to change background in google meet wit different methods and techniques.


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