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How To Live A Healthy Life In 21st Century?

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“Follow some rules, if you want to stay healthy! Don’t eat after 6 pm, start every morning with a run, and have a fish day once a week!” If the basic truths of an active life bore you, you might like the following news.

 Some of them are hopelessly outdated, others have found a better alternative, and still, others have been completely mistaken! How to live correctly in the 21st century – we will guide you in this article.

Outdated Healthy Lifestyle Rules & New Approaches

Here is the list of some outdated healthy lifestyle rules you can quit and follow their new alternatives for a better life.

1.      If You Want To Feel Great – Sleep 8 Hours A Day

For a vigorous morning and an active day, full sleep is the main condition. A person who has not slept enough cannot work properly. Everything seems to fall out of his hands, and he thinks only about resting on a soft pillow. How much sleep do you need for health?

It used to be thought that an 8-hour night’s rest was optimal, but recent data from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) disproved this recommendation. Instead, it turns out that 7 hours in the arms of Morpheus are enough for an active life and well-being. But no matter what scientists say, real healthy lifestyle followers know that the amount of sleep may vary according to an individual’s lifestyle.

New Approach:

The new approach is that the minimum time for sleep varies according to an individual’s lifestyle. However, it is believed that healthy individuals require 7-9 hours of sleep to function properly. This time is enough to make you feel good without compromising your immune system.

2.      Moderate Consumption of Alcohol Is Healthy

Many people believe that the harm or benefit of alcohol depends on its dosage. However, moderate alcohol consumption can reduce the likelihood of developing serious health problems and can be actually beneficial.

However, with the increased alcohol-related health problems, experts recommended quitting alcohol. Even in states like Mississippi, where alcohol abuse was relatively lower than in other states of the US, the number of alcohol-related deaths increased.

This is because alcohol is highly addictive, which leads to abuse and addiction. The only way to eliminate this problem is to get help from rehab centers. So if you are suffering from addiction, you can find several rehabs in Mississippi to get alcohol addiction treatment.   

New Approach:

People in the twenty-first century have become quite fitness and health-conscious and believe that the only way to avoid alcohol-related problems is to quit its consumption. This is the reasons millennial are choosing an alcohol-free lifestyle.

3.      Start The Morning With Gymnastics, And Then Go For A Run

Morning jogging gives strength and sets the tone for the whole day, but not everyone can tune in to it. For example, if a person considers himself an “owl,” then waking up at dawn is a problem for him. But this is not necessary!

Scientists have proven that running is useful at any time of the day and concluded that lacing up sneakers in the morning is not as safe as previously thought! The body needs time to wake up! The sharp rise of even healthy people can cause headache pain, malaise, and cardiac arrhythmia; what to speak of those who have health problems?

New Approach:

The best jogging time for most people is the interval between afternoon tea and lunch. At this time, the body has enough energy to perform physical activity, and at the same time, there is no heaviness in the abdomen, which can occur even after a light snack.

4.      Eat Strictly According To The Schedule

We have always heard that one must eat food on the same schedule daily. But if the schedule suggested by the doctors always seemed too strict to you, you can safely refuse it. The best for today, according to scientists and doctors, is the fractional nutrition system. It is recommended to please the body with fresh nutrients at regular intervals 5-6 times a day.

New Approach:

“You don’t have to force yourself to eat if you’re not hungry,” says Elizabeth Somer, nutritionist and author. Even if you are forced to eat on time, for example, during your work break, be indulgent to yourself and eat only when the stomach will tell you “it’s the time!” You need to eat food when you are hungry.

5.      For A Pearly Smile, Brush Your Teeth After Eating

Brushing your teeth after every meal is not as relevant today as it was several decades ago. Mayo Clinic experts urge all adherents of a healthy lifestyle to moderate their ardor. The fact is that sour food is often present in the diet of a modern person. 

These are citruses, dishes with the addition of vinegar, various pickles, and marinades. The acids in these foods have the ability to erode tooth enamel, which is exacerbated by brushing your teeth after eating. In addition, brushing your teeth too often will thin the enamel and can injure your gums.

New Approach:

The gold standard of dental care today is brushing twice a day, morning and evening, and rinsing your mouth after every meal.

6.      Every Thursday, Have A Fish Day

In those days, when this rule was relevant, there were no complaints about seafood quality. Most of the fish that ended up in stores were cod, catfish, salmon, and tuna. Today, foreign players are also sharing their catch in the US market, and the quality of their seafood is sometimes in doubt.

And if we consider the concern of scientists about the deterioration of human health due to the use of cultured fish, the rule: seafood – every Thursday, can turn into sad consequences.

New Approach:

Scientists from Harvard University have published a report calling for special attention, not to the quantity of fish consumed but to its quality. So, according to experts, if 100 thousand people eat salmon steaks twice a week for seventy years, then cancer will cause the death of 24 of them.

In this article, we mentioned some outdated healthy lifestyle rules which you can safely refuse. We also provided a new healthy way of living in the 21st century to help you improve your lifestyle.


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