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How to make an explainer video for business step by step

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Before we compartmentalize the cycle of the explainer video production let’s describe what an explainer video for business actually is.

This is a tool of communication with the customers and prospects of the products or services your brand provides.

The main marketing messages wrapped into attractive visual effects covered by the pleasant voice in complience with a script is an explainer.  Its task is deliver main marketing massages acquiring viewers’ attention and retaining it through all the length of the video.

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If all is created artistry and proficiently, the tool will help you promote your brand, increase conversion rates, and sell.

Some marketing reports show that 80% of marketers claim a considerable increase of generated leads after integrating an explainer video on their sales funnel.

Production cycle

The whole process can be actually divided into two main parts — technical and creative.

While the technical part demands skills and practicing, the creative demands unlimited fancy, developed figurative thinking which all can be assumed a talent.

The production cycle consists of the following stages:

  • Writing a script. This is stage one and the element that determines what the final product will be like.

The importance of a script is difficult to overestimate as even the most top graphics and voicing by a popular movie star will not resonate with viewers if there is no solid script filling all with the sense.

This stage takes the majority of focus.  For higher efficiency, a script is better to be written by a business owner in cooperation with the product managers and marketers of your company. This is because a company owner or CEO and all his staff are obviously well-informed about the specifics of a product or services to be presented.

To work out a good script you need to know exactly the target audience, its pains and concerns, the suitable tone of voice, and a style inherent to the brand.

The things to be taken into consideration for the scriptwriting — what may freak your prospects out, what confuses them, and what can stimulate them to purchase your products or revises.

All these points are generally detected via a marketing study. And if you haven’t done any, then it might be high time to think over an audience survey.

Of course, there may be some deviations but generally, we recommend keeping the further structuring of an explainer video script

— Brief overview of the product and its mission — say what it is and what it serves for.

— Actualize the issue — mention facts, negative consequences, or risks the problem can lead to

— Present your product or service as a response to the issue — describe how exactly it happens and what are the benefits

— Call viewers to action — suggest them filling a contact form or signing up for a free trial, etc

— Show the trustworthiness — mention a well-known client, an award your firm won, rate of positive feedback, etc

— Show the contacts

Explainer video script tips

— Make it short — stay below the line of 90 seconds

— Don’t beat around the bush — say the main thing at the first 30 seconds

— Set the message applying to the 2nd person  using «You» and «Your»

— No sophisticated technical terms — employ simple familiar to all words and phrases.

— Use a casual tone and stayed focused on the aim you want to reach by a video

— If employing any humor — do not overdo it. Subordinate humor to the selling purposes and not vise verso.

  • The second step is voicing. At this stage, a customer can listen to the audio episodes and pick the voice he likes the best. Or this option can be left up to the studio.

Generally, the voice that matches the script depends on the style, pitch, and tone the customer wants the video to sound like.

The process of the voice recording includes repetitions, recording, and processing the record with the help of the special soft to make the sound clear and balanced.

  • The next step is actually the very creation of an explainer — drawing,  selection of the fonts, shooting video, animating and interconnecting of all the visual elements
  • Then it comes to a fourth step — sound designing. It may include composing or collecting some musical elements, setting specific sound effects, and incorporation the voicing into the whole soundtrack. All this work is done along with the framework of the visual track, so, the last point is to correspond all the visual tracks with the soundtrack.
  • And, when this all is done and checked, there comes a rendering,

Now, when your explainer is ready — launch the broadcasting and track the leads boosting!


As long as there is a wide spectrum of various types of video, like event promo, educational and training videos, etc., we suggest getting acquainted with the explainer video templates which match each direction the best.


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